3D Printers Can Make Your Valentine's Day A Little Sweeter

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How do you show your undying love to your significant other on Valentine's Day? Do you cook a nice meal to enjoy between the both of you? Or do you go out to see a movie? Perhaps you'll make a 3D printed chocolate model of your face for them to nibble on.

Wait, what?

Indeed, Japan, the country that essentially has two Valentine's Days, has cooked up another way for couples to celebrate their love. FabCafe has joined forces with KS Design Lab to offer 3D printed chocolate faces to couples on Valentine's Day.

So, how doe this all work? A person first gets a full 3D body scan, and their face is then recreated in 3D modeling software. From there, it prints silicon molds of faces which are then filled with chocolate. Once dry, the chocolate comes out in the shape of their face. It's endearingly creepy, but hey, at least it's not another 3D printed fetus.

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