Objet Announces Its Largest 3D Printer Yet

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Objet, maker of fine 3D printers, is at Euromold 2012 this week to show off its latest innovations in 3D printing. The company started off big with the announcement of the Objet1000, it's largest 3D printer yet.

The Objet1000's name already indicates that it must be pretty big, but the 1000 in its name is the actual build volume of the printer. It has a 1000 x 800 x 500 mm build volume that will allow creators and industry specialists to create anything and everything. Objet says that the printer will be most useful in in making 1:1 scale models of cars, airplanes, household appliances and much more.

The Objet1000 is big, but it's also a fully functioning Connex printer to boot. That means that it can use over 120 materials, and print up to 14 materials into a single model.

There's no price just yet, but you can expect it to be in line with Objet's previous industry 3D printers. This thing is going to be expensive, but those who can afford one are going to produce some fantastic stuff. Objet themselves will also most assuredly show off some impressive models being built with the device.

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