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Scrabble Gets with the Times, Adds Selfie, Hashtag, and Mixtape

It’s been about a decade since the Scrabble dictionary received a major update. But when the fifth edition of the The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary comes out on Wednesday, it’ll allow you to play your favorite new kewl internets words – as well as words you’ve been dying to play since 1988. “The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary now includes favorite …

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Bree Walker, Former KGTV Anchor, Arrested For DUI

Bree Walker is a well-known radio talk show host and TV news anchor from Oakland, California, and has been active within the radio and TV media in San Diego, New York City, and Los Angeles. Walker is also known for being the first American network news anchor with Ectrodactyly (according to USA Today). Explained by WebMD, Ectrodactyly is a ” …

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‘Weird Science’ Star Kelly LeBrock Arrested

Kelly LeBrock, former wife of martial arts expert Steven Seagal, as well as of Pantene shampoo’s “don’t hate because I’m beautiful” infamy, was arrested in Santa Barbara, California on November 30 for suspicion of driving under the influence. LeBrock was arrested after failing a field sobriety test. A California Highway Patrol officer spotted LeBrock driving erratically – the actress was …

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Watch Michael Biehn Talk About Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a love letter to the 80s. The game features the neon lights, out of place ninja cyborgs and larger-than-life battles that made the action movies of the 80s so memorable. It’s only fitting then that one of the most iconic actors of the 80s plays the leading role. In the latest trailer for Blood …

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Does Anybody Even Care About He-Man Anymore?

I was an on-and-off again He-Man fan growing up. I was born after the original series stopped airing, but reruns on Cartoon Network ensured that I was up to date on all the adventures. The show was definitely fun to watch, but it just wasn’t as good as other shows designed to sell toys. Now He-Man is making a comeback, …

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How Do Today’s Teens Compare To Their ’80s Counterparts? [Infographic]

I let nostalgia take over yesterday, when I posted some Encyclopedia Britannica commercials from the ’80s and ’90s. Those poor kids were always having to walk to the library, just to get information for school reports. One of my favorite lines from the commercials comes when the kid enumerates the many new devices his parents bought him: “They bought me …

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