T-Mobile’s Nationwide Unlimited 4G Data Plan Launches Today

    September 5, 2012
    Zach Walton
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T-Mobile announced last month that they would be introducing an unlimited 4G data plan across the country to consumers tired of paying for tiered data from the big guys. It was supposed to be available on September 5 and T-Mobile has stayed true to their word.

T-Mobile announced today that their Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan is now available to customers at their stores or online. It should be a big boost to T-Mobile’s business after consumers have become increasingly fed up with Verizon and AT&T only increasing the prices of their plans.

“Since our inception, we’ve always strived to shake up the industry with plans, network capabilities, and innovative products and services for our customers,” said Brad Duea, senior vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “Today’s release of our Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan continues our tradition of bold moves that enhance the customer experience and change the way wireless is done.”

To convince people to make the switch, T-Mobile is offering a free (after rebate) HTC One S to all who sign a two-year contract. Offering a free HTC One S is a pretty tempting offer when you consider it’s one of the best Android handsets on the market. It will also be getting an upgrade to Jelly Bean later this year.

Even with the offer of the free HTC One S, it doesn’t excuse the elephant in the room – no iPhone 5. The iPhone 4 and 4S were just recently made compatible with T-Mobile’s network, but that requires customers buy an unlocked iPhone at full price. Not being able to offer a subsidized iPhone 5 alongside their unlimited 4G plan might hurt T-Mobile in the long run.

Regardless, T-Mobile has become a good guy of sorts among mobile carriers. Offering an unlimited 4G data plan only further cements that image. It still might not be enough to convince people to switch over from carriers that do offer the iPhone and will be selling the iPhone 5 day one.

  • Edwin Vargas

    I think T-Mobile took to long to do right by it’s customers. All my family and some friends left T-Mobile leaving me paying $6.99 mobile to mobile for nothing and eventually I to have to leave T-Mobile my self. I love the old T-Mobile and didn’t care about the 2 year contract because T-Mobile was a very respected company to me and all my family and friends it was a good ride. But maybe you can stop the rest of my 195 friends from leaving you. Thanks T-Mobile

  • Don

    I am an AT&T user. I’d switch if T-Mobile was truly unlimited. If the hotspot was unlimilted, then it would be worth the switch for me:(

  • rachael

    Who cares about iPhones lol. Throttled processing power and a battery that is sealed in.. I’ll have none of that thank you. gs3 ftw! :-)

  • Vito Orona

    TMobile has horrible customer service! Buutt anywaysi happy with tmobile letting existing customers switch to the truly unlimited at no cost but why not allow tethering. Even if you limit the actually tethering to 5gs. WE ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR THE INTERNET AND WE PAID FOR THE PHONE DEVICE. IF THE PHONE IS CAPABLE THEN WHY NOT LET US USE WHAT WE ALREADY PAY FOR?!!! I JUST DONT GET ITTT

  • T-Mo User

    I don’t buy this nonsense. My account still says that my unlimited 4g (which I’ve had since last September) is capped out for high-speed usage @ 2 GB, which I’ve easily gone over almost every month. They downgrade you to what feels like less than 2G speeds.. many things won’t work anymore after that. How can you call that crap “high-speed” if you cant even check your Facebook once you hit the 2GB wall? Why don’t you stop with your advertising gimmicks T-Mobile and do something that actually matters instead of polishing a turd and saying “ooo hey look everyone, it’s shiny”.

  • lee family

    Review your T-Mobile contract with your lawyer if possible.
    They refuse to stop monthly charges for internet usage on 2 phones that we no longer have. Phones were purchased Dec. 2010; contract was for 2 years, which is December 2012, correct? I called today to confirm the unused internet charges will be removed from monthly bill and they tell me they will remain through March 2014 (because I changed my contract to unlimited minutes in March 2012). HUH? We aren’t using those services,there was no mention they will continue to charge for monthly internet usage on phones that we no longer own when I upped our minutes and renewed the contract. Absolutely unscrupulous. As much as I hate to lose the $200 per phone line, I am canceling early so I may be done with these crooks. Also, the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy Blazer is roughly 6 hours. If you should be so unfortunate to purchase one of these dogs, get extra chargers, home, car and for the road. Don’t bother purchasing apps that allow you to watch movie/read books/etc. The battery won’t allow you to get through the movie and if you’re on a plane, etc without a charger, you’re screwed. May as well use a land line.

  • Jose

    TMO you listening? Make this unlimited 4G tether and wifi for 1. I would like a 7″ screen phone so I don’t have to carry both and give me easy access to the sim card so I can swap it to a smaller phone if I’m going out to diner or about town. M-F 9-5 I want a true 7″ tablet phone that can run for 24 hours straight GPS, calling, and screen full blast. I don’t care about weight give me the battery life. Don’t give me bloatware that I can’t remove. If I don’t use it I want i gone, even the TMO stuff. If people delete your software it sucks. Make it good and they won’t.

  • rick

    Hey all you people complaining about the WiFi hotspot. Don’t let them charge you to use a feature that is built in to your phone. I called those fools up and told them I would cancel after 6 years if they tried to charge me for a feature that is part of my $500 phone. And guess what they dropped that charge like a bad habit and I use the WiFi tether all the time. Don’t take abuse from them.

  • Chad H

    Unlimited “4G”…yada yada.. it still means NOTHING to many of us, for those that T-Mobile has been saying for years that “we’ll be getting 4G to your area very soon”. Yea right, NOT! I left T-Mobile 2 years ago because AT&T and Verizon had 3G in my area, was sick of T-Mobile’s 2G, and Verizon had unlimited 4G at the time.

    Now it’s true Verizon has been trying to take away what it gave us, and charging more for newer customers to get LESS service. Fortunately I’m grandfathered in on the unlimited 4G with them and will only buy used phones/full price in order to keep from losing my unlimited data. TMobile was cheaper, but I guess you get what you pay for and despite the crap going on with the other carriers, they STILL offer a better deal when T-Mobile effectively offers only 2G. That’s right, forget 4G exists. “TMobile offers unlimited 2G service!!” That’s the reality for many despite their annoying claims to the contrary.

  • Mike

    What happened to truth in advertising? The only provider that offers unlimited 4g is Sprint, but you need to sign a contract. Well. Clear also offers it without a contract, but coverage isn’t that good. I’m thinking about opening my own carrier and doing it right. Anyone know where I can get funding? What a crock of shit!

  • Kev

    I switched from the T-mobile $50 plan to the SimpleMobile $50 plan and am getting ~ 6MBs download speeds in Silicon Valley (Tmobile’s network, HTC One X). However, Alaska seems to have seceeded from the union, and “nationwide” seems not to cover chunks of the coast.