Subway Employees Instagram Penis on Bread, Frozen Pee in a Bottle

By: Josh Wolford - July 23, 2013

Two Subway employees who posted incredibly gross photos of themselves on Instagram have been terminated.

One photo shows an employee holding a bottle of frozen urine alongside the caption “Today at work I froze my pee.” And the other photo shows another employee putting his penis on an unbaked loaf of Subway bread. The photos have since been deleted, but luckily we have screenshots:

According to The Huffington Post, our footlong fondler claims that he would never do anything like this to actual bread that people were going to eat, and that he did this at home:

“I would never do that at work – it was at home,” he said. “This isn’t something I’d ever do at Subway. It was totally a joke.”

Nevertheless, Subway has responded to the situation in a Facebook comment:

“This isolated incident is not representative of SUBWAY Sandwich Artists. These actions are not tolerated and the store owner took immediate action to terminate the two employees involved,” they said.

Both the employee who froze his pee and the one who put his junk on the bread have been fired from their respective Subway restaurant.

You would think that people would understand that you can’t upload photos of you putting your dick on food and keep your job – but I guess some things are pretty hard to understand. At least we have a new gold standard for gross restaurant behavior. This incident well surpasses our KFC mashed potato-licker and our Taco Bell taco-licker of recent infamy.

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  • Name

    Well that is all just kind of weird.

  • Andy Drinkwater

    “Two Subway employees who posted incredibly gross photos of themselves on Instagram have been terminated.”

    What, they we’re killed by a robot from the future???

    Or did they have their employment terminated? 😉


    • Josh Wolford

      The former. Definitely robots.

  • Doyle Jones

    Subway, may go the way of other fast food restaurants of the past, where their employees “exhibited” similar exploits. Subway wasn’t the “first” restaurant on history.

  • Alyssa

    Yeah that pic was taken at home, you know cause everyone has those red baking forms at home, and silver counters…

  • Carlos Danger

    This is the best bread-related dick story I’ve heard this week. Unfortunately, I heard that Weed Priest is in exile in a Russian airport. Now he’s cramming his baby-maker into Cinnabons.

  • Poop

    Ohhhhh can he pee on me