Strip Searched During Exam: Canada High School Has Some Explaining To Do

    May 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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With technology growing every day, many things are becoming a lot easier. Finding a nearby restaurant on your smartphone, for example. Or, cheating on a test. For that reason, a Canada high school issued statements to parents recently after school staff conducted a strip-search to find a missing cell phone.

The incident happened during Cap-Jeunesse High School’s final exams; each student had been instructed to hand over their phones to the teacher before class to prevent cheating. When one of the phones went missing, teachers thought it prudent to make the students strip down in an effort to find it.

“They put us in a small room,” an unnamed girl said. “(They said) ‘take off your bra, then raise your arms.’ They even tapped us on the back.”

The school board didn’t comment on whether the teachers responsible will face disciplinary action, but said an investigation is ongoing and released a statement.

“It was a disproportionate action under the circumstances,” spokeswoman Nadyne Brochu said. “These are not measures that are recommended by either the school or the school board. In the heat of the action, the decision seemed the best. Once officials heard what had happened, they immediately contacted the students’ parents to explain the situation.”

  • edward kubicki

    all they had to do was line the students up and call that cell phone number to see where the ring was coming from

    • http://yahoo David Tremaine

      That’s what I would have done just line up the students and call the number

    • Ken

      Cell phones have mute. Which any kid going into school with there cellphone on would do….

    • K-DAWG

      That woulda been to easy edward……LOL

  • Ron

    One more strip: strip the ignorant teacher of their teaching certificate and ‘bare’ the door to them.

  • http://yahoo Dean Murphy

    I will never question my children. I will question the teacher 1st because of reports like this 1.Yes, There are crazy people that slip through the crack’s, & I know my children VERY WELL. I’m w/ RON ,”Strip them of there right to even be around children”

    • Tim

      Sadly, every parent think their kid is an angel…very, very few are. That is the problem…

      • j


  • doug richards


  • http://www.bowsbymaude.com maude

    Unfortunately, you often hear about things like this happening. Why on earth didn’t the teacher just call the police rather than doing something like that? I also wonder if any students refused to submit to it.