‘Stoning Adulterers’ May Become Afghan Punishment

    November 25, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Warning: Graphic Content in Video Below.

Against public outcry (both inside and outside of Afghanistan) governmental representatives for the country are considering reinstating a punishment that many would like to see relegated to the history books under topics such as “cruel and unusual punishments” and “tortures of the past” in spite of the fact that other countries practice these forms of punishment. Afghanistan is now reviewing propositions to bring stoning back as a form of punishment for adulterers.

According to the Asia director for Human Rights Watch, Brad Adams, “It is absolutely shocking that 12 years after the fall of the Taliban government, the Karzai administration might bring back stoning as a punishment.”

While many people in developed, civilized countries will admit that the inhumane option to stone another person does sound “shocking” this is only one of the possibilities. Unfortunately, other potential options sound nearly as Medieval as stoning, such as flogging.


The Guardian claims that public stoning may be considered and references a globally-undisclosed draft abstracted from an Afghan legal document that proposes penal revisions, which are presently being reviewed by the ministry of justice. Article 21 of the document states, “Men and women who commit adultery shall be punished based on the circumstances to one of the following punishments: lashing, stoning [to death].”

Many see the recent considerations as barbaric and steps of a society regressing to more primitive time periods.

Brad Adams said, “President Karzai needs to demonstrate at least a basic commitment to human rights and reject this proposal out of hand.” However, deeper concerns have arisen about wasted resources originating from continued military efforts from outside countries (such as the United States) to instill a peaceful regime in Afghanistan since 2001. Public disgust is being vocalized in the midst of these recent penal propositions that seek to use physical tortures as methods for punishing crimes.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]
  • Don

    I am getting a request for a comment on stoning Afghan adulterers.
    Jesus did not have an adulterer stoned. Do these people think they are better than Jesus. How are they better? They seem like losers to most people so in man’s eyes they don’t seem better. Do they think of themselves as better? Are they having faith that their country will be better if they have faith in stoning? Do they teach children to be adulterers and then stone them? Do they know what they are teaching?

  • http://Yahoo Jim Fedullo

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    • Observerwwtdd


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  • Christ Would Be Proud

    Yep, Christ would be so proud of the human race. After 2,000 years, we are doing the same things.

    Bravo America. This is what you fought for. Twelve years of fighting. The really crazy thing is not one of the hijackers on 9/11 came from Afghanistan or Iraq. What is even crazier is 7 of the hijackers are still alive and 3 others died after 9/11.

    God, this country has been living a lie for over a decade now and all the fighting we did has not amounted to anything. Literally, nothing has changed and everything has gotten worse.

    Bravo America. Bravo.

    • johnny

      2000 years? Dumb christian. lol.

  • @Christ Would Be Proud

    America will buy anything. 95% of the world knows Oswald did not kill Kennedy, but Americans still cling to the idea that he did. It is laughable.

    Parade route changed.
    Secret Service told to stand down.
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    Americans will buy anything.

  • Sylvia Ellerbe

    Are they stoning, no matter how barbaric, both sexes? See, there is this story in the bible about townspeople bringing this woman to Jesus ’cause they caught her in the ‘very act.’ Now, as Jesus was writing in the dust, maybe he was wondering who they pulled her off of or from under, ’cause the other party HAD to be either fornicating or doing some adultery. See, we’re talking about an area of the world where a brother may kill his sister for getting pregnant without being married, but remain a good friend to the man who impregnated her. Strange culture.

  • Al

    I have to laugh at you christians quoting your bible, and what Jesus did. These are not christians and do not beleive in Jesus or God as we know Him,I think the humiliation to the families and relitives, stoning would be effective. The atrocities Americans impose on each other and the lack of real justice, I think we need to review the rights of criminals. It costs,from what I believe $100,00 a year to keep one person incarcerated. I say, serial killers, dope dealers, you know, the people in prison still running their illegal business, well either rights to phones, sex and everything away and start putting them to death, save Americans billions a year.

    • @Al

      I rarely say this to people Al, but you are an idiot. Nothing but a stupid, idiot.

      The information you are telling people about is just plain wrong.

      Al, I could follow you around for a day and arrest you for something that would land you in prison. This I promise you.

      Have no fear though, people like you find out just how wrong they are the hard way. Those that can not give mercy will never receive it.

    • @Al

      Under the patriot act, what you just wrote could be considered a domestic threat. You are advocating violence. That by the way is a felony. Doubt what I say? I work in a prison and see every case that comes across my desk. If someone pushed the issue with you, the could arrest you and search your home and lord know what they might find there. You could very easily find your way to prison. Don’t tell me about prison either. I work there and what you wrote is wrong. I agree with the other person who responded to your comment. You are an idiot.

    • Ricardo

      Who turned on the computer this am for you and got you on the internet? Your 3 year old? “Let he who is without sin..cast the first stone” you bunch of hypocrites! Never mind that you relate this to Christian thinking..it’s just common sense and decency.. I sincerly hope you are not a American.. If you are move to that part of the world and live amoung the people and their customs that you endorse and applaud.. I’m sure that people close to you have told you what and who you are. They are right.

  • Dewayne

    GOD Please guide this message. We desperately need you!!!!

  • Ricardo

    “Let he who is without sin..cast the first stone” you bunch of hypocrites!