Stephen Colbert Fights War on Christmas, With Santa & Guns


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The day is nearly upon us, when we all wake up early in the morning to exchange gifts and enjoy the company of loved ones. If you have kids, you might be waking up multiple times during the night because it technically is "Christmas morning". In recent years, Christmas has been a hot debate among many. "Merry Christmas" has been replaced with "Happy Holidays", trying to include everyone's choice of celebration during this time of year.

There are generally two camps when discussing this issue. One side makes the argument we need to include all forms of celebration and not let others feel left out, while the other side says they should lighten up. South Park has tackled this issue in one of my favorite episodes; masterfully stating that if we take out everything about this time of year which could potentially offend someone then we're left with nothing.

Stephen Colbert, another Comedy Central staple has now voiced his opinion on the subject, the only way he knows how - with comedy, guns, and clips from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Enjoy.

Expanding on the video, I made a visit to the Scottsdale Arizona Gun Club website, to see if there's more to the website and how they plan on getting into the spirit of the season. I wasn't disappointed.

Here you can see the full ad for the "Holiday Picture With Santa & His Machine Guns!" special. Where you and your family can get a photo with Santa with a plethora of various guns. Personally, I'd want the mounted machine gun in my photo.

Santa & Guns

Not only can you get a photo taken with Santa, and an assault rifle, but they have a 12 Days of Christmas sale as well. Where you can get that special loved one their very own "Machine Gun Adventure".

12 Days of Christmas Guns

I hope everyone reading this has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Hopefully you wake up on the morning of December 25th and receive everything you want, with some egg-nog and fun times with family as well. For those who are looking for that last minute gift idea for me, a grenade launcher attached M16 would really put me in the holiday spirit.