Star Wars Episode VII To Begin Filming In January

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Star Wars Episode VII To Begin Filming In January
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Without revealing, well, anything else about the upcoming sequel to Return of the Jedi, director-to-be J.J. Abrams did inform the audience at the Produced By Conference that the newest installment to the Star Wars saga–again, none of that prequel nonsense–will begin shooting in 2014. Fresh off the successful Star Trek Into Darkness, it’s easy to see Abrams is eager to start filming his vision of the universe created by George Lucas.

During his speaking engagement, Abrams said, “I think that the thing is so big and so massive to so many people that the key to moving forward is honoring but not revering what went before.” That, however, was about all the he was willing to say about Episode VII. It should be noted that Abrams will be the fourth director who is allowed to play in Lucas’ universe. Aside from Empire Strikes Back and the aforementioned Return, the other five installments were directed, for better or worse, by Lucas himself. Furthermore, this will be the first Star Wars movie that does not have a Lucas-penned story driving the action. While he did retain some level of input when he sold the franchise to Disney, the newest Star Wars movie is being written by Michael Arndt, who is known for his Toy Story 3, Brave, and Little Miss Sunshine (among others) writing/screenplay fame.

The next episode will be shot in London, which, according to Abrams, was decided before he was brought on to direct.

For those of you looking for clues concerning the direction the new Star Wars will be going in, they are still incredible sparse and composed primarily of rumors. So far, there have been no official casting announcements, regardless of what members of the original cast say. With that in mind, I’ll let Harrison Ford take it from here:

What are you expecting from the first non-George Lucas-driven Star Wars movie since Return of the Jedi, which, might I remind you, came out in 1983? To help spur your imagination, here are a couple of awesome fan-made posters for the upcoming episode:



Lead image courtesy here. Poster courtesies here and here.

Star Wars Episode VII To Begin Filming In January
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  • http://funwithanerd.com Stephen Foster

    I wonder if he will screw up and dumb down this franchise, like he did Star Trek?

  • Dave

    Depends where they take the next step towards. They could easily screw this up.

  • http://TheRedMieni.blogspot.com Mark

    Yeah Stephen, because the last four movies set such a high bar to drop from.

  • otel

    with all love and respect , i think this is OVERKILL regardless of who is involved in the project. don’t need another “star wars” any more than the latest spiderman or superman.

    • Bill

      Not to be too radical or blow your mind with something really drastic as a reaction to such a thing, but maybe, just maybe, now I’m not saying this is the best or the only solution here, just going out on a limb, okay? But how about this: don’t go to see it.

      Now I know that seems really insane and earth shattering. I know. Because the more constructive choice is to complain and go around telling everyone how much we don’t need another Star Wars film. I understand that. But I’m just suggesting, as radical as it sounds, that an alternate reaction might be to just not go and see it.

      Call me crazy.

      • d

        You are so NOT crazy, and I am with you. If only we the people exercised the power we have things would be so different, for the owners of this madhouse only understand one thing MONEY, you mess with that and voila! you have their undivided attention. So enough with the retreads, repeats, remakes, sequels, etc, yesterday is gone for a reason, let the past remain where it is. How about the brilliant ones of Hwood try something NEW for a change if that’s even possible.

  • Dave

    Star Wars’ connection to MK-Ultra along with the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland is just a little too creepy considering what’s going on with Obama Administration right now. Don’t think I’ll be wasting money on this one. Wouldn’t want to come out of the theater as a brainwashed, goose-stepping zucchini or something. I’d only watch it wearing an aluminum foil hat.

    • Douglas

      Are you even a fan!?! That was a rhetorical question…you don’t have to answer. It’ll only waste your time.

      • devon

        Lol. Freakin government

    • Rudolph Morgan

      OOH PULLLEEZ! Keep your Obama Hatered at home. Don’t just stay home! Stay down in your mothers basement Goober!

  • michael

    u know he will.

  • vmedina

    sad how people just cant enjoy a good movie franchise anymore. First give someone the opportunity.

  • david

    Give the clone wars animated series a proper finale. then work on mickey mousing another trilogy.

  • http://www.oneindust.com wong

    I think the new star wars will be overly done. with so many mess fighting! I guess all mess up.

  • rebeltigersteeler

    “Dear God: Please help JJ to fix Star Wars, and please, PLEASE dont let it include any more villians NAMED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!!!”

  • Nikki

    Its just movies people. Lower your expectations. They are not going to change your life or make you see God. Its just entertainment. If you think you can do a better job, invest millions of your own money and direct them yourself..STOP COMPLAINING..

  • Jon

    So you are telling me that the writer has written such greats as Toy Story 3, Little Miss Sunshine and Brave? This guy sounds like a great fit to write a Star Wars movie.

    I will give him a shot but if I leave the place singing “You got a friend in me” I will never watch Star Wars again.

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