Snoop Dogg Wants You To Be His Intern

    December 21, 2013
    Rachel Kolman
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Snoop Dogg is just looking out for the kids. In a recent promotional video, Snoop Dogg released his latest campaign: the chance to work for the Dogg himself for a day. All you need to enter is to make a small donation to Snoop Dogg’s charity, The Snoop Youth Football League, and you may be chosen to be flown out to Los Angeles and be an “intern” for 24 hours. And doesn’t everyone want that on their resume?

The campaign, sponsored by Prizeo, was designed to raise awareness for Snoop’s charity. The Snoop Football League is a 501c3 non-profit that gives inner city kids the chance to participate in a football league and to “lean the values of teamwork, discipline, dedication, and self respect.”

So what exactly do the duties as an intern for Snoop Dogg entail? Well, as the Dogg puts it in the video, “We’ll do some fun sh*t, you know, eat some Roscoes chicken and waffles.” The official contest page says, “You’ll get a look inside the Snoop world and help get some work done – maybe on the set of GGN Hood News, or backstage with DJ Snoopadelic.” Not sure what other “recreational” activities Snoop Dogg has planned for his one-day intern, but Snoop claims, “I’ll make sure you have a dope time with me in L.A.”

You can donate to the cause here on Prizeo’s website. The promotion runs until January 31st, so there’s plenty of time to get donations in. The official rules also state that you may bring a guest and will receive a two night stay in a luxury hotel (ARV: $600), which sweetens the deal. Plus the more you donate, the greater your chances of winning. However, the website’s leaderboard shows donations already made of up to $500, so if you really want to be Snoop’s intern, you’re going to have to open up that wallet.

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  • George

    Why would I donate to this degenerate drug user. I might as well put affiliation with scumbags on my resume…..No one I knows looks up to this guy

    • Matt

      you’re not donating to him, idiot, but to a charity. He’s just trying to give an incentive to donate. Obviously you have a beef about giving to charity.

    • Ryan

      George, I’m sure your personal relationship with Snoop makes you qualified for such an opinion. You are likely to respond referring to his stance on marijuana. George, I do not know you but perhaps you enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two on occasion… or at least “associate” with people who do. Furthermore, I’m sure you are aware of how marijuana became illegal in the first place and alcohol did not. Also, I am positive you are aware of what negative effects are associated with these respected substances. Then again, if you did, you probably would have chosen to keep quiet on this one.
      Inner city kids have who to stand up for them? Inner city kids have who to educate them and give them a chance to get out of those conditions? When someone, whether you agree with their personality or lifestyle, decides to help others in a way most are unwilling, you decide to insult and cast negative light on their effort? OK, then I guess we will see you helping them since Snoop is such a degenerate for trying to do so.

      • john60

        This dude Ryan is a troll,gotta be or a 10 yr old

    • Melanie

      George, you clearly are not even qualified to be his intern…you cannot read articles in their entirety; nor can you grasp basic concepts of donating to charity, or someone doing something positive for society. you’re a hater, and you have some serious issues. like, you must be a sociopath or something. who the hell cares what you think. idiot.

    • http://yahoo sheetrocker


    • dgkd

      its not for hum dumb ass

  • TNW

    Tigers may not be able to change their stripes, but reformed street thugs have hearts and can change their ways. George, i’m sure in your time (maybe even now) you have puffed on a joint or two, and consumed a vast amount of alcohol. We’re human, and we’ve all had our share of dumb moments, but geez dude! You need to get the let out! Snoop’s doing something for the kids on a more positive level. I’d rather see the kids on the football field doing something that will keep them out of prison, or another cold body waiting to be put in a grave.

  • jay

    Shut up GEORGE!!!!!

  • http://www.daoneandonly.net Bobby Miker

    yeah that’s what i’m talking about internet bashing keep it coming y’all more drama for your mama (lol) whoever this guy george is i say he is a rascist cunt and futhermore i’m a old school snoop dogg fan and i gotta say he is trying to promote an album just like beyonce so i wouldn’t be judging anybody who they are or what they went thru the past but it was a long time ago get over it. i like how he went in the beginning of the video saying his name “snoop dogg” better than “snoop lion” this is the snoop dogg i like right here not rastafian but the o.g. (original gangsta) version of snoop dogg. if he is doing his charity for a donation to the snoop dogg football league it is official that he might be going back to his roots and s##t so you never know. but anyways i never been to rosco chicken and waffle’s but i’ve been to ihop and denny’s so if if was one of those diner’s he picked i’ve would of been his intern but to dispite it all i have no interest in the donation but i will still follow him on his website and follow him on his facebook and twitter account by showing some love for the d-o- double g. and to george up who said that snoop dogg is a degenate drug dealer needs to shut the f**k up and leave the past along and just move on. so what if snoop dogg did drugs in the past and was locked up in jail during his rap career but he survived and he has a wife and kids now so for you to say he is a degenerate drug dealer you must be smoking crack man. and like i said before not to judge anybody but this guy george must be a “rascist” and i’m not going go with his skin or color but the way he said it. so all i’m going have to say is this “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” learn about somebody’s history and past before you start calling somebody a “degenarate drug dealer” a$$hole.

  • jj

    Snoop’s the coolest