Skyrim Mash-Up Pack Coming To Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition


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It's been almost two years since Skyrim came out and devoured what little free time you had. Now you find the game a little boring though, and you don't go back to it as much anymore. Unfortunately, there won't be any more DLC released for it, but you can soon experience Skyrim in an entirely new way in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

At Minecon 2013, Mojang and Besthesda jointly announced that Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition would be getting what they The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mash-up pack. As its name implies, it's a conversion pack for Minecraft that changes the textures and character models to look more like the world of Skyrim.

That's not all either as the pack will contain much more. Here's what the official release has to say:

Developed by 4J Studios, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” Mash-Up features an exclusive Skyrim-themed texture set, 40 character skins, themed menus and user interface, craftable items, and more than 20 iconic selections from “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” original game soundtrack. The comprehensive pack also includes a stunning pre-made world, recreating the memorable areas of Whiterun, Riverwood, and Bleak Falls Barrow.

The most appealing part of this pack is that it contains a pre-made world that looks to recreate Skyrim in Minecraft. There have surely been projects that have already aimed to do so, but what could be more fun than deconstructing the world of Skyrim in everybody's favorite brick laying simulator?

Unfortunately, there's no release date for the pack just yet. It will be playable this weekend at Minecon in Orlando, Florida though.

[Image: playxbla]