Sketchers Settlement: Company to Pay FTC $40 Million Over Ads

    May 16, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Sketchers settlement is going to cost the company an impressive $40 million dollars. I suppose that’s what you get when you attempt to trick consumers into thinking they can get a round rump like the one found on Kim Kardashian’s backside by simply walking around in a pair of overpriced sneakers. If it was really that easy, everybody and their one-legged grandmother would be hobbling around the planet with this stuff strapped to their feet.

The Federal Trade Commission recently found that Sketchers USA Inc. had misrepresented their product to the American public by claiming that their Shape-Ups would help individuals lose weight while toning their posteriors by simply strolling around the mall. The same thing happened to Reebok last year; the company was forced to pay nearly $25 million for stating that their EasyTone sneakers would help folks find the waistline they lost years ago.

According to the FTC, Sketchers claimed that scientific studies proved their Shape-Ups could help people increase their “muscle activation” by several impressive degrees by wearing the product every single day. Not surprisingly, this was pretty far from the truth. Sketchers, of course, is disputing the claims.

It’s also worth noting that Sketchers is allowing duped customers to refund their misguided purchases. So if you’ve got a pair of Shape-Ups in the closet collecting dust, perhaps it’s time to brush them off and stroll down to the store you bought them from. Hey, you might just lose some weight in the process.

Wait a minute, does this mean that Shape-ups don’t work? So much for getting in shape without setting foot in a gym.
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My mom just asked me if I got some sketcher shape ups -______-
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HA! Skechers is getting sued for those shape ups shoes because the studies were fake, 40 million.
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Still getting chks from them, Kim? $SKX RT @TMZ: Kardashian-Skechers Got My A$$ In Order http://t.co/kNtyIfrF http://t.co/wQqQcK3h
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Good news: If you bought Sketchers “Shape-Ups” you’re due a refund. Bad news: There is no refund for the shame of buying them.
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  • David R

    What a bunch of crap, I am a disabled Veteran and I have a TBI, Traumatic Brain Disorder, I have Seizures on a constant Basis, I was told to get a Great pair of Shoes, Sketchers Particularly, and do a lot of walking in my neighborhood. To find out that it was just a BULL SHEIT story, well that boosts my confidence real damn good!

  • Fred P. Akins

    I’ve been wearing Sketchers for the last four years, they are the only shoes that I wear and find that since wearing them I cannot go back to regular shoes as they hurt my feet and legs and cause me to walk in a way that now injures my back. I have had Guillain Barre Syndrome since 1991 and am trying to regain muscle in my legs but due to the false claims I find that they may have prevented my ability to regain muscle and some of the muscle has gone completely dormant with little to no ability left to regenerate. I also have the loss of two disc’s in my lower back and am hoping that the new injuries are not due to the sketchers, who do I contact in order to get in on the law suit?

  • http://ameriloansearch.com/ Lindsey Tarren

    As for me, I like the fact that Skechers denied it did anything wrong, though in a statement, the company said it decided to settle in order to avoid protracted legal proceedings. Of course, Skechers could not ignore the exorbitant cost and endless distraction of several years spent defending multiple lawsuits in multiple courts across the country. While they believe they could have prevailed in each of these cases, to do so would have imposed unreasonable burdens on the company regardless of the outcome.

  • http://yahoo Ms. Moseley

    these shoes gave me bunions and swollen feet so I gave them to the shelter

  • http://yahoo Ms. Moseley

    these shoes gave me bunions and swollen feet, so I gave them to the mission

  • http://smittydjc1@msn.com JoAnn M Smith

    I bought 3 pair of the sketchers tone up sandals I too was told they will help your feet feel better and shape up the behind. The comfort is not the issue, the behind is. No tone up from the sandals ever happened! Tone up while you walk???

  • http://sketcherssettlement.com Christy Turner

    I am very upset that this is all bs telling people that there good for getting in shape. I bought mine Almost a year ago and woundered why i was not getting any benefit from them. I would like to receive what refund I am due to receive. have proof of my purchase and will be waiting to hear back about this. Christy Turner

  • Pam

    I can’t even sell them in a yardsale! My foot dr. told me that they shorten the back leg muscles and he didn’t recommend them. After walking in them a month daily for 2 miles each day, I developed plantars facitis in my heels, which is very painful. It took some investigating, but I finally found the website and applied for my refund. Will be lucky if received w/in 2 years. After that, who knows.

  • aec

    duh!!!!!!!!!!!!! there’s one born every minute………