Simon Cowell Gets Lost in Search of Colonic

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Simon Cowell got a bit mixed up recently when he entered a reflexology center seeking a different sort of treatment--a colonic. Yes, the X Factor mogul and former American Idol judge regularly has his insides flushed out via a hose-like device inserted in his--well, you get the picture. How lovely for the person who gets to administer such a procedure--eyeballing Simon Cowell's nether regions as they stick the tube in for a good cleansing.

The people in the reflexology center apparently snickered a bit before pointing Cowell in the right direction--which was apparently just a couple of doors down.

"Am I in the right place for a colonic?" Cowell reportedly asked, with a source adding, “He took a look around, checking out the foot maps. Staff disguised snickers when he then asked about his colonic appointment.”

“One quietly pointed out he was in a reflexology clinic and the place he needed was up the road," a source adds. The staff likely enjoyed a few more laughs at poor Simon's expense as he walked over to the proper establishment.

He left and enjoyed a few other 'treatments' at the spa where he received his colonic. Simon apparently enjoyed a hand waxing (do you suppose he has exceedingly hairy knuckles?) and a--wait for it--sheep placenta facial. Yes, you read that correctly. How disgusting does that sound? Of course for someone who regularly undergoes the flushing out of his bottom by an 'expert' it's probably not so far off the spectrum.

Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman are parents to a four-month old baby boy named Eric. Cowell supposedly doesn't change diapers. Do you suppose that parenting stipulation--and his love of colonics--indicates a serious fear of fecal matter? Are there more serious issues at hand (or behind, as the case may be) here?

Hopefully all of Simon Cowell's problems have been flushed out and waxed off for the moment and he is feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Some people really do swear by the health benefits of colonics. And then other people--well, they like to snicker along with the staff at the reflexology spa and imagine--if only for a few seconds--how one must look when undergoing such a procedure.

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