Shia LaBeouf Captured On Video In Barfight

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Shia LaBeouf announced recently that he's retiring from the public eye after several scandals involving accusations that he plagiarized his short film, "", from a graphic novel by Daniel Clowes; however, the actor was caught on video Thursday night in a bar brawl with a man who allegedly insulted his girlfriend's mother.

LaBeouf was in a bar in London, where he's filming a movie with Brad Pitt, when an altercation ensued and LaBeouf headbutted the guy. And this isn't the first time the actor has gotten into a public fight; late last year he was allegedly accosted by a stranger in the streets of London after he filmed a drunk girl vomiting after a night of partying and was kicked in the balls.

LaBeouf announced via Twitter that he's "retiring" due to all the scandals he's faced in recent month but thanked his supporters.


His last Twitter post was on January 13.

Amanda Crum
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