Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber: Not Back Together, Source Says

    January 11, 2014
    Chad Sweely
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Recently, the pop music media has been crazy with the news that pop icons Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may be reconciling and rekindling the fire of their old relationship; however, new information confirms that the pop icons are not getting back together as the media may have thought.

Despite the various rumors currently circling the Internet of the two pop icons spending time in a classy RV in Santa Cruz, California, an unnamed source tells E! Online that the camping trip did not take place and that “Selena and Justin are not back together.” According to E! Online, the camping trip rumors were started by Gossip Cop. The unnamed source tells E! Online the following statement:

“Selena and Justin have not gone on any trips together. They have not left town together.”

Even though the source communicates the above statement to E! Online this past Thursday (January 9th), various other happenings have been spotted on the Internet this past week that may suggest otherwise. One of these happenings is a sighting of Bieber and Gomez riding Segways together near Bieber’s California home on Thursday, January 2nd.

Another happening that may fuel more rumors of the pop icons rekindling their relationship is a picture that was recently published on Instagram (shown below) from Bieber’s account of Gomez leaning over Bieber, wrapping her arm around him from behind, and looking adoringly at him. With this in mind, a picture can speak a thousand words, especially to the media and fans loyal to both Bieber and Gomez.

With all of the recent happenings from Gomez and Bieber, it is untelling what the status of their relationship is; however, we do now know that the supposed camping trip did not take place. What do you think is happening with Gomez and Bieber? Please feel free to leave your reactions below in this post’s comments section.

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  • carissa

    if they r back together i hope its genuine … and maybe he’ll be better she broke his heart “and now i guess he’s on crack” . (movie ref.) meaning hes gone mad like crazy mad …

    but hes good when hes with her .


  • sarah

    I think Selena is smart enough to leave Justin and move on from him .
    Justin on the other hand is a fool and well let say a drug user and he leave this crap and leave selena alone she is my role modol I look up to her Justin is a fat and I hate him he should get back with the model Brabera and drop selena she should fouse on her music and more acting roles and a new cd well Justin if you are out there and settle like a man I will beat you up and leave this crap with my girl

  • Portia

    I pray they come back together coz they are perfect for each other

  • Milahluvsyou_

    I hope they are not back together Selena’s to good and justin be fresh crazy he be tatted up I think he should stay single

  • Bieberloverrr

    It breaks my heart everytime I see him with someone who already broke his heart. How if they split again? And broke Justin’s heart again and again? Beliebers just wanna see him happy cause when he smile, we smile <3 love you Justin!

  • Bieberloverrr

    BELIEBERS will always love JUSTIN

  • Bieberloverrr

    I ship Justin and Caitlin = JAITLIN <3

  • Shawn

    why’d they’d break up. lucky me me my girl. how can they kiss each other!!!

  • Shawn

    Just coz I was not der

  • Shawn

    See me Known too. I don’t know what but it is. Try my patience if you can in ALL Aspects…

  • Shawn

    u’d always have my back gurl

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    good job,thank u

  • Mack

    They wont get back together. They said they’re gonna be friends so end of

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    I enjoy it a lot,have a funny time.

  • MRS BIEBER 1904

    I hope they dont get back together because its selena who made him cry and broke his heart and laughed at him about it in an interview so i think this is just going to make him worse and also because of the peolple he is hanging out with ( P.S. i dont mean scooter,usher or his crew and good friends) so i dont want them to get back together and just be single.