Scout Willis Arrested For Underage Drinking In NYC

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If my dad was an action star known for his withering stare, I certainly wouldn't be pushing my luck with the law. But that's just what Scout Willis, daughter of Demi and Bruce, did when she was busted for underage drinking in New York City on Monday when police spotted her with an open beer in Union Square. She admitted she had purchased it with a fake I.D. and was charged with two misdemeanors: criminal impersonation and being in violation of the open container law.

Scout, who is just shy of legal age, has followed in her family's silver-screen footsteps with small roles in a few films, but has yet to make a big name for herself. She has, however, begun to cause a stir in the music world. A search for her on YouTube brings up several videos, some amateur and some with lovely production value. One of the videos was done with former stepdad Ashton Kutcher on guitar. It's titled, appropriately, "My Sober".

The girl can wail, as evidenced by the bottom video, and does a much better job of it than her daddy. Sorry, Brucie. I still love you, but stick to jumping off tall things and shooting bad guys.

Scout Willis was arrested for drinking with a fake ID but in her defense if I had those parents I'd pretend to be someone else too.
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Will Scout Willis pls tell us where she got Murree Beer in New York? WHERE?
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