Sandy Exposes Ship Buried In Sand For Decades

    November 16, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Hurricane Sandy left miles of devastation in her wake, destroying homes, vehicles, property, and several lives before it finally moved on. But sometimes, even the most destructive storms can uncover rare treats, and Sandy was no exception.

The weathered hull of a ship, believed to be the wreckage of the Bessie White, has appeared half-buried in a sand dune which eroded over 70 feet during the storm. The ship is so damaged it’s difficult to discern its origin for sure, but experts believe it’s the same one which ran ashore in the early ’20s after heavy fog turned it off track. All the crew members escaped alive, but the ship went on its own path and was eventually salvaged for the tons of coal it carried. The skeleton, however, remains on the beach of Fire Island in New York, where experts hope to study it before the tide takes it under again.

“There’s so little of it left we may not be not be able to determine which ship it actually is, but we may be able to learn more about its age,” spokesperson for Davis Park Paula Valentine said. “It’s just a rare treat to see something exposed.”

Image: Cheryl Hapke

  • david w.

    are you sure it didnt carry whiskey for one of the local speakeasies

  • Miranda K

    This story is not entirely true… Yes the ship exists…. But you didn’t do your research. It lies in Fort Morgan, AL. And has been exposed by several hurricanes over the years… Not in New York and NOT by Sandy.

    • bri

      This is NOT the same ship as the one in AL. Look at the pics of both again.

    • L

      They’re two completely different ships.

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    i sure wish the american people would expose the KENYAN.

    • Normal Person

      You exposed yourself as an idiot

      • Bob

        Normal Person – You are a kool-aid drinking idiot. Wise up!

        • Realist

          I agree with Normal Person here.
          Apparently Kool Aid is for normal people

        • Romney’s Bright Idea

          Bob if you dont like it self deport yourself.

        • Josh

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      • Judith

        Hmmm. Who is the Kenyan? Do you mean the AMERICAN? What the hell does your question have to do with the issue here? What is wrong with you???

        • bernie

          It the boat. The Kenyan come on the boat. Could be the same boat. We all come on the boat. Nothin wrong wid me. Wats wrong wid yew?

    • Jonathan

      Unfortunately the ship seems not to hold much historical value. It may be best to annotate it location in the local records and salvage a small piece for a local museum.
      As for Mr. Rocket, it takes real rage to make a story that has nothing to do with politics into a political (and racial) hate fest. The election is over and like or not the results are what they are. Save the rhetoric for the FOX NEWS and Neo Nazi websites and leave these types of stories alone for those with the mental capacity and moral fortitude to process and reply.

      • jonathan

        At least fox post all comments.They do not block the ones they do not like,even if they are against fox. All of the major media blocks what they dont like. Including face book. Face book is good only for regular messages. They only post their stunted views.

      • jonathan

        Although my name is jonathan do not confuse me with this person.

        • jonathan

          It should be obvious which is which. I LIKE FOX. If you want to see every ones comments then go to fox.

    • http://twitter john dunkle

      You gat that right! And they will expose him eventually. I just hope it’s not too late for the country. God Bless Donald Trump!

      • Salle

        Dunkle is a complete red necked/meth infested idiot. Extreme intelligence to be able to turn a story into politics. GO AWAY.

        • jonathan

          Apparently you are idiots. For 2 reasons: Turning this into a political slug fest. 2 The electoral college decides who will be the POTUS. So! He was declared winner before all votes were cast. ABOLISH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE! Oh! If any of his administration makes a mistake then they have a problem with him. Petraeusn said it was obvious from the begining of the attck on bengazi it was a terrorist attack,but just talk talk talk like in Iran. OH! By the way it was not my intention to discuss politics,but both sides had to start it. Again! ABOLISH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE.

          • Beverly

            Obama won electoral and popular vote!

        • Bryan

          Im a Redkneck, Salle what i can not seem to figure out is why you would use that as a derogatory word seems to me that you may have issue with ones race, creed, color, religion and or social and financial status. You may have some personal issues that need to be worked out with a professional or a Pastor at your local church.

      • shawn

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  • James

    Maybe its the Ark!!

    • Nicole


  • Charles

    I lived near Fire Island and lots of cargo ships ran ground this is not new.

  • dixie luttchens

    I fINK it is really neet. any thing NOT politics is a breath of fresh air.

  • Randy

    The Bessie White , not to be confused with Betty White , who was already a radio star in 1921 ….

    • dude

      By show of likes who confused Bessie with Betty?

  • http://YAHOO Liz

    This is cool-history in 2012. Something good coming from Sandy. It’s a blessing with significance for historians. Good for us!

  • Heather

    Okay. Cool. A ship. Now lets forget about it.. and try to help those who were affected by the hurricane. Because I think that is the real issue here.

  • Mona H

    SHAME on the “writer” Amanda Crum! She cut and pasted earlier posted articles by true journalists. Even then her lack of experience shows. Dummy, you are supposed to give details of the who, what, when and where before putting in a quote. Be sure to add LIAR to that sparkling resume of yours!

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/thebandanabrothers Zachery S. Polk

    It wasn’t important enough to do anything but salvage it’s cargo to begin with. I don’t think we really need to do any detective work here. The east coast is loaded with shipwrecks. National Geographic released a map illustrating all of them that are on record. Now let’s all get back to work.

    • TC

      totally agree Zach, this is no great “good”, not for how it was found. Sure experts in this area can use it, but it’s not a matter of “look at the good Sandy did”. A blessing for historians? Really, I think not and they would say the same. Sure make use of it, but don’t revel in it as we’ve become to immune to human suffering.

  • person

    wow… sandy brought so much bad, but look at the good.

  • http://yahoo cecelia roy

    Cool!!!! I wanna see it!

  • Harry

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      • http://yahoo Johnny Reb

        It is a real shame FOXNEWS is the news channel
        with enough ????’s to tell it like it really is.

        • Johnny B Jones

          Hey johnny reb Love that name,it also mine in some circles.I get my news from the net.

    • Deborah

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  • http://www.tombstonelizardmedia.com TombstoneLizard

    “..It’s just a rare treat to see something this exposed.” Jeez, lady, it’s Fire Island. After Labor Day, sure it’s quiet, but check it out after Memorial Day! You’ll see plenty of “exposure”!

    • greeneyes

      Wonderfully said.

  • jonny

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      • Deborah

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        • Aaron

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          • shawn


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          • Brad

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    • b

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      • Deborah

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    • ayeshafatima

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    • Aaron

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    • teadrian

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      • shawn

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        • Rachel

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    • Michael Ervin Rothfuss

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    • sabio

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  • anoynmous

    Obviously you guys are ignorent to the fact that fox news won the right to lie on television they also will not show it in Canada because in Canada you are not allowed to lie on television.

    • g

      anoynmous, it is interesting to know that the Canadians have found a way to stop the television signals from crossing their border.

    • http://yahoo Sam

      If you can’s tell lies on Canadian TV, does that mean Obama and
      other politicians are not allowed to be shown??

    • Hoppy

      Who gets to decide what the truth is?

  • concerned

    Did I miss something? I was here to read an article about an old boat, but of course all of the comments on this article are political. It really saddens me, what our country has turned into! All of these people calling each other “idiots” and “morons” or wishing death on someone because they don’t believe like you.

    The real truth isn’t what you hear from “fact checkers” and it certainly isn’t coming out of the mouths of ANY candidate from EITHER side. All of you are bickering like children over which lies you have chosen to believe. Bush did a lot of things wrong, Obama does a lot of things wrong. Rodney would have done a lot of things wrong. They all are self-serving, (otherwise they wouldn’t be so power hungry as to run for president) and would let this country go to he’ll in a hand basket in order to line their own pockets.

    Until all of us wake up, step into the real world, and demand the real truth without any left or right spin, America will never be more than a land of “idiots” and “morons” who bicker like preschoolers over things that they think they know, when NONE of them really have a clue.

    I’m sorry, but it had to be said.

  • entertained

    My goodness! Non of you can spell to save your life!!!

  • emh

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