Sammy Hagar, Lawsuits, and the Playboy Bunny’s Baby

    August 29, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, has seen his share of ups and downs in life. He was tapped by the Van Halen Brothers to replace David Lee Roth after he left the band. Hagar took the Van Halens to their first number one single and album.

Eventually, Hagar and the Van Halens had a falling out, tried to make it work, but eventually gave it up for lost. Van Halen is now back with Roth and rocking well.

But during those years, and even in his years prior with Montrose and solo, Hagar had one adventure after another. The man is an entrepreneur, investing in fire sprinkler companies, a tequila, and a nightclub, among other ventures. And he’s had his share of the ladies.

One lady was an unnamed Playboy Bunny that Hagar allegedly met in the 80s. This woman claims that she became pregnant with Hagar’s child in 1988. She reportedly told Hagar that the baby was his, but it died five days after being born. The thing is, Hagar was married at the time.

Hagar told his side the whole story in his autobiography “Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock”. He said he was not the baby’s father, that there was no paternity test, and that he was encouraged by his manager to pay the woman to keep quiet. Read exactly what Sammy said about the woman here.

But this is one woman who was not going away. She has been trying to sue Hagar ever since the book came out, demanding restitution for libel, invasion of privacy and breach of a confidentiality agreement.

It turns out, the woman has moved to Iowa. Circuit Judge Myron Bright explains how that plays into the case against Hagar.

“Under Iowa law, an accusation that a person is a liar is defamatory as a matter of law,” Bright wrote. “Indeed, Hagar’s statements regarding Doe’s criminality, dishonesty, and sexual exploits have a natural tendency to provoke Doe to wrath or expose her to public hatred, contempt, or ridicule within the community of individuals that recognize her as the subject.”

What this all boils down to is that the legal fight rolls on for Hagar.

  • kevin

    Here would be my slogan for Trojans….. “Condems……They not only save your front but your assets as well!”

  • Brian L

    Gold digger doesn’t have a chance. No paternity test and no way to prove it now. Go pound sand ms playboy bunny… 😮

  • Alex

    What shoddy journalism. Van Halen’s UNDISPUTED biggest hit in all regards was “Jump” with David Lee Roth. So Sammy Hagar did not give Van Halens their first number one single. The point may seem trivial but this kind of carelessness explains why journalism is so tedious.

    • Tom Brady

      Hater. Sammy was the best thing to happen to VH. YOur old and your a Roth lover. Admit it………

      • justme

        LOL @ calling someone old when comparing different eras of an old, tired band like van halen.

      • craig

        I use this analogy: If you want to make love, listen to Sammy VH tunes. If you want to F***, listen to Roth VH tunes. DLR is VH.

  • Jack Shmollie

    The baby died in 1988 ? Jeez let it go lady .How the hell are you going to prove paternity now ? Exhumation ? DNA ? That would be a few bucks . How much is his violation of a confidentiality agreement worth ? The lady took the settlement apparently .Seems to me she would be the one sworn to secrecy . A rock star who
    bangs a playboy bunny ? I can’t imagine that happening .How shocking .

  • Hubert Humphrey

    No one would believe that anyone that pretty would sleep with an ugly no talent from Fontana anyway.

  • Scott B

    How do you defame someone that’s anonymous? She’s not giving out her name and Sammy never did, so how is she being defamed? Under her line of thought, should the law take her side, any woman could clam to have gotten pregnant by anyone that anonymously mentioned getting a woman pregnant in any form of media.

    How does this hold up with no DNA proof, anyway?

    If she’s going to drag his name through the mud, then she should have the guts to let herself be known.