Russian Navy To Have Permanent Presence Near Syria

    June 6, 2013
    Zach Walton
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The Russian Navy has always had a presence in the Mediterranean, but now it has the go ahead to stick around permanently.

Bloomberg reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has endorsed his Navy’s plan to stick around the Mediterranean Sea. More importantly, the Navy will be able to stay close to Syria – a region that’s been embroiled in a bloody civil war for three years now. It’s said that 16 ships in total will be stationed in the region.

So, why is the Russian Navy staking a permanent presence in the region? Putin says it’s to maintain national security:

“This is a strategically important region. We have our national interests here, linked to the need to maintain national security. Resuming a permanent Russian military naval presence in the Mediterranean sea isn’t saber rattling.”

The move isn’t all too surprising considering that Russia has been regularly patrolling the area around Syria since fighting broke out in 2010. Earlier this year, the Russian Navy also took part in an exercise involving 36 warships.

Putin says the large scale deployment and permanent presence doesn’t equate to “saber rattling,” but that’s not going to convince some. Those who lived during the Cold War will remember that the Soviet Union stationed its Navy at a Syrian port that’s still staffed by Russian naval crews to this day. The port is likely to see a lot more use very soon.

This isn’t the first time in recent memory that Russia’s Navy has been on the move. The country announced over the weekend that it would resume patrols of Southern waters with its fleet of nuclear submarines.

  • http://yahoo john

    they know obama will make them look strong.

  • RC

    Just when We the U.S. is down sizing our military so we can “afford” to care for millions of newly arrived persons to our country, China and Russia are building up & or holding current levels.
    China has more than once told US it will not be denied it’s place in the world and has caused several confrontations with our military, with us backing down on orders from our Commander in Chief every time.
    Putin has been doing a lot of saber rattling inside his own country, now he’s stepped it up a bit.

  • olan

    Obama is serving Jimmy Carter’s second and third term.

  • http://Yahoo Timmy Terd

    Question: How do you separate the men from the boys in the Russian navy? Answer: With a crowbar!

  • Bill

    The Great Bear is growling again ready to take its place as
    in history.