Rush Limbaugh and Freedom of Speech

    March 12, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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After Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut, the Internet exploded with comments from people taking one side or another. And, while Limbaugh’s faithful “mega-dittoes” crowd could be counted upon to defend their champion, it was the “strange bedfellows” that were made that confounded many.

Bill Maher came out in open support of Limbaugh’s free speech rights. And, he came out as opposed to the advertiser boycott that Limbaugh is currently under. These two points have been found at the crux of much of the arguments that people are filling comments sections about (including our own). In fact, the main things we hear here are:

1) Limbaugh was right. That girl is a slut.

2) Limbaugh’s statements degrade public debate on an important issue to the level of juvenile name-calling.

3) Limbaugh has First Amendment free speech rights.

3) An ad boycott violates Limabugh’s free speech rights.

4) If someone advertises on Limbaugh, I will not do business with them.

5) If an advertiser leaves Limbaugh, I will not to business with them.

Personal opinions are going to swing all over the map. Let’s set those aside for a moment and deal with the ad boycott as it relates to free speech rights.

Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, First Amendment. That, of course, does not indemnify a person against civil suits for slander, libel, defamation of character, etc. Free speech does have limits and consequences. Other than a handful of misguided folks who think that Limbaugh should be “banned”, no one is suggesting a legislative removal of the talk show host, not even his much-hated opponents on the left.

When given the opportunity to comment on Limbaugh’s statements, even President Obama did not suggest that he be “banned”. Limbaugh has long been a fan of and believer in free market forces, the dollar vote. An advertiser boycott is a pure expression of those very forces. Someone does not like your product. They get the word out that your product is poisonous. People abandon your product.

Some people like to draw distinctions between advertisers and listeners. They say that it would only be an expression of pure market forces if listeners were abandoning Limbaugh, not if advertisers were abandoning him due to listener pressure. But, many conservatives are putting that same principle into play in response to the boycott: If you pull you ads from Limbaugh, I will drop my business with you. How is that not the same kind of “intimidation”? Now a business can’t decide to drop its ads, whatever the reason, lest they face a backlash? Fair is fair. If Netflix or Regal Assets decides to drop Limbaugh, and they lose business because of it, how is that any different from LifeLock staying with Limbaugh and losing business because of it?

Rush Limbaugh is losing advertisers. At least one has said they are leaving because they can’t support his statements anymore. Business will be gained, business will be lost, opportunists will take advantage of the whole thing. But, no one is stifling Limbaugh’s speech on the basis of law. Therefore, debate over free speech rights has no place in the argument. He has them, he has never lost them.

That doesn’t mean that he, nor anyone else, anyone else, does not have to face market consequences.

And guess who knows that all too well? Bill Maher.

Maher lost his former television show, “Politically Incorrect” in the wake of a scandal resulting from something he said on the air after 9/11, even after he apologized. In that fracas, advertisers also pulled out. Perhaps Maher is skittish about ad boycotts because of his own painful memories. But, one cannot feed from the free market teat and smile, then complain when the milk goes sour because of your own actions. It has nothing to do with “free speech”. It’s simply what happens when you tick off enough people. Maher should know that. And so should Limbaugh.

  • Brant Miller

    Mike, I think you nailed it and I agree 100%. Well done and thank you!

    • http://yahoo.com lafferty

      Bill set example by geting dumped.lets make Libo the example for the other side.Lets teach Limbo a lesson like they did Maher.

      • http://yahoo victor

        is maher a homo ???????

        • dan

          Lets? Did’nt you read the article the market place will decide. If Rush stays on the air then I assume there is some truth to what he said, all be it a very small amount of it. But those who listened to the entire broadcast that day could easily agree with his line of thinking. After all you’re not on the radio unless you are persuasive. I never thought Bill should have been banned no matter what he said. His was another view from the left side I enjoyed listening to both Rush and Bill because frankly I found and find each entertaining.

          • berta

            I think what is being missed here is that this is a nasty slurrrrrr!!! This is something that should have not been said publicly or anywhere else about any woman.

            Anything negative said is very degrading to all WOMEN. How would he have liked it if he had a MOTHER, DAUGHTER, or SISTER and someone called them out of their name. Shame on you Rush

        • greg

          victor,,,,look at your comment,,ur just as bad as what u say about limbaugh. u cant keep from calling him names as ur getting on his case for calling somebody names! u killed ur argument right off the bat.

          • greg


          • Bill

            Let’s face it some women are sluts and some are not. The good thing about this is Rush is getting new listeners. If some one wants to boycott his sponsors thay have to listen to him to find out who they are. Good job Rush

        • Pat

          What do you care??????

        • Lanny Scott

          I once knew one named Victor

      • http://yahoo eric gall

        wont happen.

    • http://yahoo chuck

      Limbaugh is a right wing joke. If he said those things about my daughter i would have do what any gentleman would do; Iwould have taken a bull whip to the fat drug using sob.

      • GB

        You are full of sh*t Chuck. You would have done nothing other than whine like liberals always do. And what if you daughter was a slut then would you bull whip her and just people that stated the truth about her?

        • http://yahoo chuck

          You my friend do not know me or what I would do. You do not have to be a liberal ro use good manners when you use your free speech. Your comment only makes my point about all of you red necked pecker woods who listen to the crap limbaugh spews out.

          • Pat

            Way to go chuck…..

          • Irving Schmudflap

            Charles (AKA “Chuckles”),

            You humor me, another-in-a-long-line of lefty keyboard warriors who “thinks” ANYBODY cares about your insipid, insignificant, little opinions…

          • ray.


          • http://yahoo eric gall

            chuck, your stupidity is out weighed only by your feeble iq.

          • Steve

            Chuck, you TOTALLY MISGUIDED SLUT! I’m sure you’re one of those bleeding heart liberals that think our hard earned tax dollars should go to pay for these fornicators like Ms. Fluck’s to be able to freely spread her legs at will. She is the definition of a slut and therefore rightfully should be called one. It’s PC wimps like you that are at the heart of the downfall of this once great country and I for have had enough and can’t take it anymore! Dan

          • Kerry

            Chuck, Was your liberal buddy Maher using good manners when he called Palin a cunt? That is a far worse term for a woman than a slut.

          • Joe Stoneman

            thank you chuck hang in there

          • Anabelle

            Chuck, Chuck, Chuck! Only slave owners used bullwhips. As the daughter of gentleman and a Kentucky Colonel, I know that my father would use his gun, as did Andrew Jackson when he was defending Rachel’s reputation. And “pecker wood” is not verbiage that a gentleman uses; that is distinctly the language of the “red necks” whom you, sir, are criticizing. It causes me pain to see you reveal your ignorance and hypocrisy.

        • DS

          No, GB, 1950s mentality and (mis)understanding of the world will be left to the misguided conservatives.

          • http://yahoo eric gall

            ds ( dumb s@#t)? you comment just made everyone who read it 50 points lower in iq. keep up the bad work, dipstick.

        • Joe Stoneman

          chuck is right Rush is a joke and if you think he telling the truth abput anything , then you are just as bad as he is

      • http://yahoo victor

        that slut look’s to me like a muff diver not strait.

        • Pat

          Shame on you……

          • truth

            shes a self admitted slut.

            Why dont u libtards send her money so she can boink someone tonight?

          • Leslie

            truth you deffitly let rush get to your head u dont have to be a democrate or gop to know that what he said was wrong somethings should be kept to yourself why dont u keep that crazy thought to yourself next time k

      • fly

        Chuck, what would you have done to Bill Maher for calling your daughter a c#nt and a tw#t?

      • http://yahoo eric gall

        maher is no more than a turd wrapped in human skin, nothing more elegant than that. except a turd is more desirable. maher is an atheist GODLESS waste if flesh and sinply put, an asshole nobody really cares about. rush will not be silenced, .big diffrerence between cunt and slut, ask any woman. keeo telling it like it is rush, hes right, if shes using
        3000.00 of contraceptives she is a slut and besides that, when does she study> what subject is she studying, how to play the skin flute?

      • http://yahoo eric gall

        chuck the most you would do is hit him with your limp noodle. grow a pair, pop that tit outta your mouth.

      • Joe Stoneman

        I would too chuck

    • http://yahoo victor

      lets boycott gm lets put the unions out of business. if you work and pay taxes don’t do any business with any union shop. try to get your teachers fired . close down all government programs that don’t take you or your friends into account. if you and yours care we have to start stoping these freeloaders.lets fire eric holder he is andy white .

      • http://yahoo chuck

        the free speech issue is not in question. Proper use and respect of that right does not give him the right to slander someone he does not know or have personal knowledge of. And the last part of his statement shows him for the degenerate he is. As for the rest of your diatribe, you sound like a right wing nut yourself

        • Barbara

          Rush’s greatest contribution is the dumbing down of Americans. I believe in free speech but not at the expense of others. I also believe in filing law suit’s against those who slander others. Why anyone wants to take seriously comments like the ones he made against women is beyond my comprehension considering this is a man who sent his housekeeper out to get drugs for him and convinced authoritys he had a back ache. A man who calls a young women who wishes for women to have access to birth control pills for women a slut and he was caught in possession of Viagra pills at an airport that belonged to someone else. Lets not forget that Viagra is covered by Medicare. Who’s complained about that?

          • http://yahoo eric gall

            no that would be the public school system making everyone dumber. rush educates in the real world. he called a slut a slut, whats the big deal? when is the truth a dirty word? if the left can do it , why cant we?. viagra is NOT a contraceptive, rush was not testifying and making false statements about cost in front of congress. birth control is everywhere and easily gotten by anyone who wants it, for a lot less than 3000.00 a year. she is a plant and a setup by the ocommie minions, ray charles can see that

          • Steve

            Barbara, you TOTALLY MISGUIDED SLUT! I’m sure you’re one of those bleeding heart liberals that think our hard earned tax dollars should go to pay for these fornicators like Ms. Fluck’s to be able to freely spread her legs at will. She is the definition of a slut and therefore rightfully should be called one. It’s unattractive, I want to be a man, bitches like you, that are at the heart of the downfall of this once great country and I for have had enough and can’t take it anymore! Dan

      • Kristine

        VICTOR you are a typical tea bagger with you ignorant rhetoric. Name calling, especially the choice words Rush used is deplorable, and if I were her I would sue him for slander. She is obviously a very educated and articulate woman. Boycotting UNIONS is anti American, especially since GM is an AMERICAN product that people should support.
        Why would you be against people being treated fairly at work? People deserve healthcare, sick time, family leave, and fair wages. If this can only happen through unions then I am all for them.
        Look how WALMART treats it’s workers. Perfect example. You cannot even say the word union or you will be fired. That is what this country is about. People deserve a living wage and PLANNED PARENTHOOD is not an abortion clinic. It is affordable OBGYN care for those without insurance.

        • http://yahoo eric gall

          its not slander if it is TRUE you bimbo. if shes using 3000.00 a year then she is what he said. thats the name of that tune.

          • Rashballs

            You are a dumb a s s

      • J R P

        YES>>>> Only two classes of people. The very rich and the very poor. Why don’t you move to a third world country?! That’s the system they have….. You would fit good over there.

    • nangle

      I heard him say it and he was ramming the reality of it all ….since when do woman use condoms….3000 dollars worth? Thats how she calculated it x the number of times etc. DO guys get free ones …I dont…and they dont pay for viagra!?? So if she wants to enjoy herself she is on her own like us guys who need to pay through the nose for viagra…in other words she wanted the insurance company to pay her money to “when” she has sex and not for sex but its the same thing I wouldnt even be aware of if not for RUSH… and it pisses me off… and bill mahr curses all the time about palin and conservatives and makes remarks about christians……….I dont agree with him but he is funny …

    • Bill

      Convicted drug addict Rusty Limpballs is an ignorant bigot.

      • http://yahoo eric gall

        convicted???????? really????

        • Kevin Finnigan

          Arrested – twice. Not convicted, because he has tons of money and copped a plea. Charges dropped in exchange for a fine, rehab, and drug tests. So, technically not convicted, but by negotiating a plea, surely guilty.

    • joann flanagan

      Now wasn’t it silly of Rush to conclude that some nice pure virgin who goes around starting religious persecutions while gobbling up three thousand dollars worth of birthcontrol devices a year is some kind of slut when it’s so obvius the poor thing is merely trying to avoid getting pregnant by parthogenesis?
      Next thing you know he’ll be implying that Messalina and Poppia and Jezabel were shall we say “chastity challenged”!
      Joann Flanagan

  • Krista

    He should be removed from the public, he is vulgar and reckless.
    It’s like Palin and her reckless support of guns on her website, we then had Gifford shot in the head.
    She then quickly took it down.
    Some people do not belong in society and Limbaugh is one of them.

    • Lighthouse

      Krista they had nothing to do with that and you know it he was a crazy person that his freind even say he didn’t even know who rush was. You want guns gone then go get all the gangs guns when you do that then you have a right to speak until then wise up/

    • Scott

      Really? Lefty? You take out Bill Maher and we’ll talk. Reckless support of guns? If you want to take a stand against something that kills people, you should try and save as many as you can, I would say. Try taking out cars dip stick. Because it’s not the operator, of the car. It’s the car itself. Moron.

      • http://larryslifejourney.blogspot.com/ Larry

        Were you aware that it’s a Constitutional right to own guns??????

        • Nicholas

          The constitution states we have the right to keep and bear arms, for protection of ones land and country. It is also illegal to stockpile arms so you folks that have hundreds of gun are committing a crime and hiding behind an old piece of paper that was written to protect us from this very idea that an antiquated system or ruler be in charge of how we dictate our lives.

      • Pat

        You don’t know what was in the mind of that sick man. But I know that cars main purpose is NOT to kill….Guns are…Maybe you should get rid of your car so you can buy more guns……

        • Champagne Life

          Cars kill thousands more innocent people than guns do every year.
          Why don’t we take all of the cars away and give everyone guns instead. I bet we would have a heck of a lot more people living the good life. What the Fluke?

    • GQ

      There are 20 million people that disagree with you.

    • Kelly

      Krista, I don’t like your opinions. YOU should not have the right to spread them.

      • http://yahoo chuck


        • Bill

          Hey Chuck, I think she said that tongue in cheek.

    • Sean

      You know what, I don’t even like Rush, but I believe in this little thing called freedom of speech. If you can’t tolerate free speech just because you don’t like what one particular person has to say, then I suggest you remove yourself from society and not ruin it for everyone else.

      • willie shelby

        you are out of your mind,what if someone said this about your mom,aunt,sister,daughter,or wife would you be supportive? wise up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Lois

          Why was she asking for FREE birth control? If she wants birth control pills, buy them for herself and not sit in front of Congress petitioning for FREE that’s what’s wrong with this country. People are expecting the tax payers to provide too much for FREE. As far as I’m concerned she set herself up for the ridicule and now she is doing the “poor me” thing.

      • Nicholas

        you realize that freedom of speech means you are allowed to say what you want when you want, however it does not protect you from who you offend after saying it. Besides the advertisers are exercising their freedom of speech by pulling their sponsorship from his radio program. They dont like what he said and they are standing up for themselves and saying so.

        • Dee

          Advertisers don’t sponsor Rush! They advertise on his program so Rush’s millions of listeners can hear about their products and buy it. I have never understood why companies pull their advertising from : Rush, Dr.Laura, Bill Mahar, Chris Matthews…whatever, etc.. Seems to me the companies only hurt themselves. Do you really think Rush cares who advertises on his airway?! He cares about the number of listeners he has.

      • Pat

        I believe in free speech but NOT hate speech. This ,to me is hate speech. Bill Maher should not have been canceled from his program nor should Imas. They did not speak of one individual, they spoke in general. If I were this young woman, I would use my ability to take him to court for slander. In otherwords…..sue baby sue

      • john

        Hey Sean, did you even read the article?? The whole thing has to do with the fact that it’s NOT an issue of freedom of speech. So you’re either joking around or a complete idiot.

      • http://yahoo chuck

        I amsure you would not maintain your support of limbaugh, if his comments were directed at your, wife, mother, daughter, or sister. It is easy to mmake such comments whenit is not you “ox being gored”

      • Kevin Finnigan

        Our freedom of speech prevents GOVERNMENT infringement, not public condemnation. Freedom of speech goes both ways. If I disagree with Rush, I (and anyone else) has the right to condemn it.

    • Thors Fist

      @ Krist, Spoken like a good little liberal-progressive brown shirt NAZI.

    • http://yahoo.com lafferty

      amen we dont need women haters on the air.Maher did not get dumped for hateing women.He got dumped because he was poloticaly in correct like Limbo.

    • Tannie

      The person that shot Gabby Gifford was not political and he had not even seen Sarah’s website. Not to mention the fact the DEMOCRATS use TARGETS on their maps before Sarah used crosshairs. He had alters in his back yard with dead rodents and skulls, does that sound like a conservative to you? His friends were on tv in an interview and said that he was not political. The judge that was killed was a Republican. The shooter has mental problems. It is nothing to do with party affiliations. You just want the opportunity to hate and I bet you call yourself a liberal. You need to stop drinking the Koolaid.

    • GB

      Others that do not belong in our society. Al Sharpton, Harry Reid and Barrack Husein Obama

    • RWCB

      You are a moron. Gun support does not cause people to be killed, criminals can get guns. Guns are our constitutional right to protect us from our own government. The more Socialist this country becomes, the more obvious it is that we need to maintain our right to bear arms.

    • Jay

      Can anybody tell me where Peyton Manning will be playing next year?

  • JCS

    What rush said was the truth, even though it ruffled the feathers of the liberals in the press and on the news. Big mouth Bill Maher can say anything he wants and get immunity, just like the mouths that roar on nighttime TV but let Rush say what millions of people feel and the liberal media blows it up into mega-news for days.
    If Ms Fluke wants to have unprotected sex and have the tax payer pay for her birth control medicine, then she better share with everyone who is to be forced to pay. Her boy friend must be real cheap for wanting the milk without helping the cow pay for the meds.

    • haarry watkins

      What Rush said was a twisted lie. Yes she was talking about birth control pills but she was talking about a friend who lost an ovary because the University would not let the Insurance company pay for the medicine she needed because it is usually used for birth control. The woman lost her ovaries because she didn’t have the money to pay for the medication. Part of the reason she didn’t have the money is because she paid for her insurance.

      • Lighthouse

        My daughter lost her ovary and she was on birth control its something that happend . go to the health dept. and its free so don’t use that stuff and if she is havening that much sex then she is a you know what but I dow if she is at all

        • TJV

          And who do you think pays for the “free” contraceptives at the Health Department?

        • katy kovner

          WAAAA!! WAA!! I can’t afford my bcp…oh wait a minute..I have a cell phone with an internet plan…I probably smoke cigs and some pot too…I have 3 tvs…drive a late model car…..uh….uh…yeah….
          Give me a break libs…nothing is FREE…someone else is ALWAYS paying for your free stuff. But then come election time it is hard to run against santa clause isn’t it??

          • Slappy


          • Nicholas

            I think you are missing the point that birth control is a medicine used for controlling certain symptoms that can cause a person to go ill. If said individual has a health insurance or free care they should be provided every option to take care of themselves aka bcp.

        • Rashballs

          another moron … when did you get internet service in that trailer (single wide)

    • TJV

      JCS – It’s amazing to continue to read the misrepresentation of what Ms. Fluke actually said. She did not ask taxpayers to pay for contraception. She believes contraception should be covered under her health insurance plan. But it seems like the idea of “sharing” is so titilating to some folks like you that you just can’t help but post comments having more to do with sex than the real issue at hand. I don’t agree with Ms. Fluke’s position that even Catholic universities should be made to offer contraception but that does not make her a slut or excuse Limbaugh for his actions. AND, I’m a Republican.

      The advertisers can exercise their rights with their pocketbooks. They don’t have to advertise on any program. Limbaugh is free to exercise his right to free speech but no one said there wouldn’t be consequences. Just because you CAN say something doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

      • haarry watkins

        Right on TJG. Most of these people do not know what she said and from what I see this includes Rush

      • Scott

        That’s about the best way I have heard it put. Rush didn’t have to go there, he chose to. What i can’t stand is the uproar of the left about it, and you will not find one person trying to put a stop to Bill Maher. The bigger issue I think is maybe we should make the stuff more affordable, so she can go and have sex, without getting into tax payers pockets for it.

      • Lighthouse

        Some insurance does cover it and some don’t. Insurance covers different stuff it depends on want your company needs and of course why should I paid for yo. You going to come and paid for our electire, gas water bill and how about the mortage. Go get a jjob like the rest of us and go to work

        • http://yahoo.com Pay Attention

          I so agree with you. Im tired of paying for everyones wants. How about paying for somethings I would like free.

    • Ryan

      >Big mouth Bill Maher can say anything he wants and get >immunity, just like the mouths that roar on nighttime TV but >let Rush say what millions of people feel and the liberal media >blows it up into mega-news for days.

      Bill Maher had a show on ABC called Politically Incorrect and he lost it/was fired because of what he said.

      He is on HBO which is not advertisment driven. So it’s totally different.

      And I Bill Maher has gotten flack on what he says. I don’t really enjoy either of them.

    • TP

      First, there is no mandate for the tax payer to pay for birth control pill, there is a mandate for the insurance to cover it. Big difference, since it has been pointed out that the practice actually saves money and does not cost anything extra.

      Then how does the cost validates that Rush said was the truth. How does cost makes her a slut and a prostitute? Makes no sense.

      • katy kovner

        Why doens’t health insurance cover dental work?? Why doesn’t it cover your eye care? Seems to me those things have more to do with your physical well being than birth control..noone is testifying about that are they? Really I think the end game is abortion…the libs will morph abortion services into birth control..”women’s health” and planned parenthood will be able to bill insurance companies and the left will finally be happy.

        • TP

          Actually, most health insurances cover certain form of dental and eye care. And it is debatable whether which one is more important for physical well being of a woman.

          I did not argue for or against whether birth control pill should be covered or not. Again what Rush said that the lady is a “slut” and a “prostitute” has nothing to do with whether we should offer contraception as part of the health care or not, it is simply name calling, mean and besides the point.

          However, your point about contraception being abortion also makes no sense. Contraception in the form of birth control pill is not abortion. The legislature has zero to do with abortion. Contraception actually prevents abortion. I know it is very sensitive for some of you and I actually respect the point of view that there should be some right of an unborn child, but again this is about contraception. You should carefully understand the lady position and not twist it to something else.

        • Rashballs

          it should cover my balls …

    • rose

      JCS, I agree with you 100%!

    • http://yahoo T.I.T.L.

      Dear JCS, you are not listening to yourself. You sound just like a pediphile, or better yet a poronography pervert. Who ever know you, for real, needs to report you to authorities, and watch you closely.. you sound Weird, and needs a Doctor right away..Are you sure you are alright?

    • Pat

      The government does Not pay for birth controll, Insurance co’s do. People that listen to limbo are ditto-heads for a reason, they cann’t think for themselves…….

    • speeddydan

      Where did you get the idea the taxpayer pays? Little bit of a hair trigger there? In most states, contraceptive meds are required to be paid by health insurers. These meds are used for treating other conditions, not just contraception. The contraceptive meds are considered by most people to be a part of a woman’s preventive health care. If your insurance company pays for these and you don’t like it, switch carriers. That’s the free market working.

  • http://Yahoo Russell

    If freedom of speech even comes into this debate,I guess the advertisers themselves should pull ads if their support for the show could be construed as support for content.


    If Rush is going to imply dat dis babe is a slut, esp. over da air then people who listen to dis crap should hold him accountable. Unless he has been sampling some for himself, which has not been confirmed. Maybe Rush should seek de guidence of Michelle Bachman.

    • JCS

      What democratic cess pool have you emerged from ?
      You are definitely “on the edge”.

  • Gery Toman

    I don’t care for Rush’s extreme style. That’s why I don’t listen to
    his radio show. It’s that simple. If you don’t like him, don’t listen.

  • JCS

    The news is not reporting this fact; some of the advertisers who abruptly dropped him in haste have tried to come back as customers.
    Rush was nice and said “Thank you and to the back of the line”.

    • TJV

      JCS – that’s just not true.

    • haarry watkins


  • http://www.webpronews.com/rush-limbaugh-and-freedom-of-speech-2012-03 cap

    His free speech rights are NOT Gone everyone has the right BUT so does the advertizers to pull support for the people they advertize with. You can’t have it all and be a real jerk to people. This goes for Rush and Bill and anyone else who says mean and rude thinsg about others.

  • Phyllis Yelder

    Although I believe Mr. Limbaugh was WRONG in calling this woman a slut, he was well WITHIN HIS RIGHTS TO DO SO.

    • haarry watkins

      I guess I can call you a slut on national radio by name and there would not be anything wrong with that?
      What Rush said was a twisted lie. Yes she was talking about birth control pills but she was talking about a friend who lost an ovary because the University would not let the Insurance company pay for the medicine she needed because it is usually used for birth control. The woman lost her ovaries because she didn’t have the money to pay for the medication. Part of the reason she didn’t have the money is because she paid for her

      • Carolyn

        I understand that she actually was talking about *her* expenses for birth control, AND the costs to other law students, AND about the woman with the polycystic ovaries. As for the last, I don’t believe this story — why would insurance fail to cover issues involving health, if in fact birth control pills would have helped? I am pretty sure the one-ovary lady would have a case against the diagnosing doctor if he deliberately misled her or failed to give her the help to which she was entitled. And why would a woman who had learned her ovary would fail without birth control pills decide that she couldn’t afford to buy her own prescription or find affordable help elsewhere? This is one wild story!)

        Do YOU think other people should pay for a law student’s contraceptives (or mine, or yours)? Do YOU think that a Catholic institution, or any religious group that condemns birth control should be forced by law to provide it to all its insured students and employees? Those are the real questions here, not whether Fluke’s a slut.

    • http://yahoo chuck

      He may have his free speech rights, however ifit were my daughter I have the right to defend her honor and fatty would not like that

      • joann simmons

        What HONOR1111111111111 dipstick, a woman who is suppose to be getting an education in law and screws 24-7 has no honor. All this is a fluke anyway. obabummer hired her to do that. when you dumb liberals find yourself under a HITLER type ruler then you’ll wake up ,,maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!,but then it’ll be too late,lol

        • Pat

          You’re the one with no honor…How do you know how much sex this young woman is having…Oh, thats right, limbo told you….and by the way, 99% of woman have taken birth-controll in their lifetimes, so are all of them sluts and prostitutes too????????

  • Ryan

    Free speech has nothing to do with what is happening with Rush Free Limbaugh. The first amendment says that government cannot cannot limit speech. The government has nothing to do with what is going on. It is advertsiers who dislike what he said taking their business. They are speaking with their wallets and are free to do so

  • http://www.shop.frontlinewarriors.com frontline

    luv it! could not have said it any better “An advertiser boycott is a pure expression of those very forces. Someone does not like your product. They get the word out that your product is poisonous. People abandon your product.”

    • Carolyn

      So, suddenly all the users of the dropout advertisers’ products decided their *products* were *poisonous*?

      No. The boycot pushers decided that *Rush’s comments* were poisonous and then emailed, wrote or called the advertisers threatening to stop buying their products unless they stopped advertising on Ruth’s show. Logically, the boycotters should be boycotting Ruth’s program, not his advertisers, who were trying to sell their products to his listeners. I bet less than a percent of the complainers heard what Rush said in real time — they aren’t Rush fans. They heard excerpts of what he said, that’s all. They hate hate hate him already, and what he said gave them an excuse to try to bring him down and put him out of business. Again.

  • Jack Rail

    “one cannot feed from the free market teat and smile, then complain when the milk goes sour because of your own actions. It has nothing to do with “free speech”. It’s simply what happens when you tick off enough people. Maher should know that. And so should Limbaugh.”

    You say that as if Limbaugh did not know that. He did. You’ve heard zero plaints and whining from Rush Limbaugh. He apologized, not because of advertisers, but because he realized he had betrayed his own principles of decency. He has also explained that none of the advertisers who left have cost him or his program or his station a penny.

    • haarry watkins

      Right on Shirley. Most of the pro Rush posters do not know what her testimony was about. What Rush said was a twisted lie. Yes she was talking about birth control pills but she was talking about a friend who lost an ovary because the University would not let the Insurance company pay for the medicine she needed because it is usually used for birth control. The woman lost her ovaries because she didn’t have the money to pay for the medication. Part of the reason she didn’t have the money is because she paid for her

  • llulua

    • Search: “Who is running Sandra Fluke?”

    Rush Limbaugh was spot on. Not only is it not the responsibility of George Town University to provide contraceptive to it’s students, it’s also not the responsibility of anyone else either.

    Sandra Fluke needs to hurry up and finish college and get a real job and pay taxes like the rest of us responsible citizens. I think 14 years in college is enough.

    20,000 people protested and some companies made a knee jerk decision to stop advertising. Then reality hit and it was discovered that his 6,000,000 listeners have more impact then the 20,000 petitioners. Third grade math prevails.

    • haarry watkins

      You didn’t hear what she testified or you are just plane to FOXified to listen.
      What Rush said was a twisted lie. Yes she was talking about birth control pills but she was talking about a friend who lost an ovary because the University would not let the Insurance company pay for the medicine she needed because it is usually used for birth control. The woman lost her ovaries because she didn’t have the money to pay for the medication. Part of the reason she didn’t have the money is because she paid for her

  • http://yahoo Shirley Lomba

    In my opinion, this has nothing to do with free speech. It has everything to do with an ignorant man (Rush Limbaugh) and his ignorance of what Contraceptives are used for other than birth control. He painted Miss Fluke as a woman who needed to take multiple birth control pills in order to have sex, sex, sex and for us to pay for the pills. Does he think you pop a birth control pill like viagra? He called Miss Fluke horrible names and said her parents must be very proud of her.
    He crossed the line this time and should be fired!

    • Lighthouse

      Well Shirley she did say they were having so much sex. That’s fine but I don’t care go buy condoms they are cheaper than pills.
      and you can go to the health dept and get alal you want FREE
      Have at it. ARe you not worry about the music that calls women whort than that. I guess not so keep your trap oh yes we have free speech in the UNITED STATES NOW for how long I don’t know

  • AB

    Can we also discuss the facts of Ms. Fluke’s testimony? She was testifying to the cost of birth control to treat some medical conditions – such as ovarian cysts which can be painful if untreated. Birth control pills treat this condition and many others that are unique to women. This medication, just like any other medication, can get costly if you need it every month to treat a condition over an extended period of time. Ms. Fluke never once talked about having so much sex she needed birth control…this is a distortion of her testimony by a radio show host who also did not listen to the entire testimony. If you take the “birth control” out of the discussion – then she is a young woman stating that medication for ovarian cysts is not covered by insurance…that’s it. Anyone saying anything other than that does not have all the facts.

  • Bill Hammer

    The definition I see for “Slut” is a woman considered sexually promiscuous. The question here would be whether or not Rush has evidence that Fluke is sexually promiscuous. “Promiscuous” means: “having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners”.
    I seriously doubt if Rush knew at the time of the accusation about Fluke’s number of sex partners and I also doubt if he can prove she frequently has sex with different partners. Why do so many people say Rush was right when they don’t know either? Because this is not about being right-it’s about not having the icon they identify with shamed.

  • Bosco

    His right to free speech is not being trampled upon. The government does not have the right to restrict your speech, that is the first ammendment. People that employ you can do whatever they want when you say something offensive.

  • Chuck Lewis

    Rush has been a source of true information that has been “overlooked”
    by the liberal media. Millions depend on his revelations.
    The naughty girl who has sexual relations with various swains has historically been called a slut. The use of “prostitute” has been exaggerated in that the demand for taxpayer contraception tools does
    not indicate a career girl.

  • Betrayed Democrat

    I have a daughter who’s 23 and does not spend a single dime on contraceptives, guess why? because she is not sexually active, on the other hand, Ms. Fluke spends over $3,000.00 a year on contraceptives, because guess why? she is very active sexually and expect others to pay for her sex, that’s exactly what Rush was trying to say, and it irritates me when people wants me to pay for their contraceptives thru my taxes or insurance premiums, nobody in their right mind shoud be for that.

    • TJV

      Wrong again – she did not say $3K a year. She said over the course of the years spent in college. And frankly, if insurance covers the cost, what’s it to you? They cover Viagra and High Blood Pressure medicine. You could argue that people should just diet and exercise more – they don’t need the pills.

      If the government wants to be involved in health insurance (and believe me, they already are), they should allow insurers to compete for our business across all states. That is the free market and it would be better for most Americans.

      • Paul

        $3000 over the college years? That would still make her the life of the party for the boys…maybe the girls too.

        • TJV

          Paul – ignorance does not become you.

    • http://Yahoo Russell

      you aren’t a democrat let alone betrayed…The proof of that is your total misunderstanding of the issue of contraceptive coverage in PRIVATE insurance, which is what Fluke was addressing before Congress. Limbaugh misrepresented what she was talking about to sound as if she was before congress begging for the taxpayer to pay for her contraceptive coverage.
      When we buy insurance…healthcare, auto or otherwise it is about spreading the risk…and the expense and if you had any kind of sense you would realize that it is waaaay cheaper to cover the cost of contraception than the cost of 9 months of prenatal care…plus the astronomical cost of delivery. ALSO and this is really important and will help you not sound like such an idiot in the future….We can talk all we want to about how abstinance is the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy,and that may be true…but people are people…and young people are often prone to risky behavior…whether it is driving to fast or banging their brains out. I’m a realist. I don’t try and pile crap on people (especially young people) that I didn’t often live up to when I was younger.

  • Dennis waite

    Look people seem to be way off track here this is not his first time and he is on a public radio system which Right wing republicans and yes Klansmen aka Stormfront…viewers alike are forced to hear since his audience reaches all accross america….no Progressive stations have that reach….
    his problems are with the FCC and insulting a privet citizen…I would like to see him hung by a rope and sued for $434 million…he crossed the line and now everyone can see a double standard being applied here …when dems say lip-stick -on a pig they wanted to throw the election …but this vile comment difiles all broadcasters and next it will be Rush pulling his (jhon-henry ) out from his pants and saying something like here put this in your-you-know -what !!!

  • David

    Yes, this article is accurate, but does anyone ask why the Democrats wanted Ms Fluke to testify, and not the women that she was referring to? Did the same people that are having a fit because Rush called Ms Fluke a slut, express the same public outrage when Michelle Malkin was called a Filipina whore?

    • Betrayed Democrat

      Democrats/liberals have allways been able to get away with everything beacuse they own the main stream media and hate their competitors that’s why they want to get rid of Rush for saying something less offensive that what David Leterman & Bill Maher said about Sarah Palin and her daughter.THAT’S PURE HYPOCRISY,

  • francis

    It makes me sick that the liberals can sh*! on the conservatives daily without any repercussions-, thanks mainly to the media- including calling names like ‘Nazi’ and worse, yet let a conservative do the same thing and he is lambasted to heck and back for it.
    At least Rush apologized, which is more than I can say for the other side.

  • todd

    The problem isnt R.L. , it is the people who take him seriously .
    He is just biased noise , and there is no such thing as bad publicity .

  • http://yahoo a hartman

    The cost of birth pills are nominal compared to a lifetime of government support of families (who are lower income) Sex is not the issue here.

  • Ray

    Tell it like it is Rush, we love you…don’t let the left dictate the discussion of their choosing…When they point the finger ..three pointback at them…and we have to be diligent at what elsewhere they are trying to cover up….

  • Joe

    We do have freedom of speech in this country. However, we are not free of consequences from what we say.

  • jscottu

    Rush is a great American. Contrary to what the left wants you to believe, his fans are NOT “mind-numbed robots” who always agree with him. I disagree with Rush almost every day. But Rush (usually) stands up for liberty and self-responsibility. Which is more than I can say about Obama or Bill Maher or most politicians.

  • Paula

    I don’t care if her insurance is paying for any of this for medical reasons or for sex. If her insurance doesn’t cover it that is the insurance companies choice. Go find another insurance that will cover what you need. Two lattes a month she can pay for her own stuff!

  • bill

    ok I know everyone has jumped on this band wagon. And one for not getting left behind I will too.
    Rush has the right to say what ever he wants. Sponcers has ther rights to quit him.
    I have the right to agree with him.
    Birthcontrol – A way to have sex without getting pregnant. everyones dreams right? And that is ok. I dont believe in it, nor do I believe in abortions. But I cant make you not do it.BUT i can voice my opinion. Why should insurance have to pay fpr this. If it was to pass, everyone would be doing it. then my insurance rates would go up. So in turn I would be paying for her birthcontrol pills so she can have sex withoout worry. Now what do i get out of it other than a rate increase. NOTHING NOT A THING. If the whore wants to have sex and not get pergnant LET HER PAY THE COST. NOT ME OR ANYOTHER WHO WILL NOT GET NOTHING OUT OF IT. the only way insurance should pay is if it’s a medical condition that prevents her from being able to carry a child. and even then it should be limmited. These organs were given to us for reproduction . Not recreational use. For a husband and wife to enjoy each other. Any other reason is wrong anyway.

    • TJV

      You have to say “if the whore…..” I wonder why there isn’t the same base dipiction of men. Oh ya, the man can’t get pregnant. Still don’t agree with Fluke in this case but really disappointed in what I’m reading here.

  • ED

    i wonder if she was talking about any other medication we would even be talking about this.but when we talk about birth control the name calling starts.and when birth control comes up the church jumps in and the washington do gooders troll for votes.i do not liston to rush limbaugh i do belive in free speech,but it can come at a cost.rush does what he gets paid to do and be a shock jock.and nothing more.

  • Russ

    More liberal hypocracy. It seems these days liberals can say anything and do anything with out the slightest repercussions, but a coservative say soemthing, that is frankly the truth, and liberals get their panties in a twist. This just more proof that liberalism is a mental dsorder, If you are going after Rush, go after Mahre with the same intesity.

    • Allen

      I like corn-bread!

  • Tony

    Any advertiser, who supports Limbaugh, also supports his views. I would only give monetary or any other help to the things I believe. If I am opposed to a view I will not support it in any way.

  • Brad

    I’m a far-left liberal. As such, I would defend Limbaugh’s right to free speech to the very last. I don’t believe in calling for a a political commentator – even one as loathsome as Limbaugh – to lose his job just because I find him offensive. On the other hand, if there are people who wish to respond to his McCarthy-esque belchings by boycotting his sponsors, well, I call that good ol’ fashioned Democracy in action.

  • Kevin

    So this fat slob who has a nation wide outlet can use his freedom of speech to do and say whatever he wants about whom ever he wants but no body else can without being attacked? Becuase someone spoke out on an issue, and enjoys sex, she deserved to be attacked? She was definitly stupid in doing what she did, saying how much it cost her for birth control; it did make her look bad. The issue on the table here is that she goes to a catholic school and the GOVERNMENT is getting involved with again with something it shouldn’t. She’s wrong yes, she should pay for her own birth control; does she deserve to be called a slut? Is she a slut because she likes to have sex? Do we really have to watch her sex tape? No Rush, no one wants to see her sex tape but there are plenty out there so go watch those.

    People call Howard Stern rude and out landish but this fat turd is fine.


  • Dajlar

    “Bill Maher came out in open support of Limbaugh’s free speech rights.”

    Now isn’t that a hoot! A leftist garbage-spewing twit defending- the reason being unquestionably evident- an equally obnoxious conservative blatherer. These two, among others, treat the right to free speech as though it were engendered straight from the toilet.

  • Chris Black

    Once again El Rushmo has crammed his foot down his throat. I am a Parkinson’s sufferer and I still remember how he laughed and mocked Michael J. Fox, easy to do when you have no idea what you are talking about. I think Rush is pretty liberal with his mouth and if he is exercising his freedom of speech, I intend to exercise my right to choose what I listen to. By the way I do not agree with Ms. Fluke!

  • troy

    Freedom of speech still exists. However, we all have to risk the consequences for our rights to speak freely. While most of us would like to do so from time to time, most of us will not mouth off to our employer, because the risk is not worth the reward. Rush can say whatever he likes, he just has to accept the consequences. I normally don’t like what he says, but certainly accept his freedom to say it.

  • pk

    Lets see, Women cannot get perscriptions that are used to treat ovarian cancer because they might be used to prevent pregnancy but men can get all the viagra they want so they can pop any woman they come across who they think is a slut. Something terribly wrong with the some of the male posts on this thread. Maybe they have had to much viagra.

  • JimBob

    ‘Free speech does not indemnify slander and libel.’ Rush is a public figure with a platform. Ms. Fluke was a private citizen. I don’t like the way either side is handling this. This matter should be resolved in court, and not played out on talk shows. Both sides have politicized this issue.

    Ms. Fluke missed a golden opportunity to strike a blow for legally protected free speech by not litigating this matter. She was slandered on air, and likely libeled on Rush’s website if he posted transcripts of what he said. The remedy to silence reckless bullies is to go for the wallet; a $100,000,000 defamation of character suit would have hit Rush right where he lives. He shills for the rich and powerful for money. A few sponsors bailing on him just won’t cut it!

  • Michael V. Caldwell



    All of us make choices everyday that have a Major Impact on Our Country on Our World on Ourselves,on Our Children & Their Children.

    Our Children and Grandchildren, are always watching us to see how we treat each other when we have a disagreement.


    That, NEED TO BE FOUND AGAIN when disagreeing with each other Especially Publicly & Especially with anyone who is choosing to be “Part Of The Solution” by Using Common Sense, Ameri-Can-Do Attitude and Respect as their “Guideline To Follow At All Times”
    These Five Words that need to found again and used when disagreeing with with each other are;


    Each of us can choose to be “Part of the Problem” or to be “Part of the Solution” this choice is up to each individual to make in our daily lives by the words we choose to use and by our attitudes.


    Disrespectful Words & Attitudes that hurt Ourselves & Others, Lack of Team Work, Constant Criticism instead of offering Solutions to the Problem at hand.


    Mutual Respect, Ameri-Can Do Attitude, Team Work & Suggesting New Ideas That Solve Our Problems As A Respectful Nation, That Leads Our World, Our Next Generation By Good Example Not By Bad Example.

    What ever Choices that each of us choose Impact “OUR CHILDREN, OUR GENERATION, THE NEXT GENERATION & OUR WORLD ! !

    I choose to be “Part of the Solution” always trying my best to use Respect as my Guideline to follow at “All Times Publicly” it’s not an easy Choice to make at times but it is; THE RIGHT CHOICE TO MAKE FOR AMERICA & for “OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE”

    Respectfully, Michael V. Caldwell

    Who Is Always Striving to be “Part Of The Solution” Using Respect, Common Sense & Ameri-Can-Do Attitude as my Guidelines to follow at all Times, Especially Publicly Because Public Comments “Impact So Many Lives”

    • Steve Range

      I appreciate your essay. I agree completely. In the case of Lush Blowhard, it’s all about making money by inciting retarded thinking into the minds of intellectually challenged people.

  • Kathryn Paquette

    Mr. Limbaugh could not have been calling Ms. Fluke a slut, since, if you read her testimony, she referred to an unnamed student as the person who had spent $3000 on contraceptives. She did not refer to herself as that person, or give personal information on how much she had spent during law school.

    • Steve Range

      Yet that is exactly what he did and his brain dead followers said “ditto”. Alot like the people that followed Hitler in 1932.

  • Steve Range

    Limbaugh is a showman just like P. T. Barnum was. “you can fool all of the people some of the time, and someof the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    The fact is his has always been entertaining,it’s just sad that it has always pandered to the base nature of people too stupid to think for themselves.

    In the end Rush Limpd*ck will end up in hel; neck deep in crap in while standing on the shoulders of his followers.

  • SL

    Losers support losers.

  • http://yahoo 2ndHANDgunsmoke

    once the guns are taken away from americans, that’s when america is taken away from americans. I will continue to listen to people like rush limbaugh, mark levine, the late charlton heston, herman cain, sarah palin, michelle bachman and other true americans. and I’ll still listen to libtards for humor.

  • Beth Varga

    I think its a shame that Rush Limbaughs unfortunate choice of words has become the issue when how our tax dollars are spent should be the issue. I don’t want to pay for someone elses birth control so why should I be forced to simply because they are trying to be a lawyer.

  • Jim Wagner

    Poor dear, the slut has to pay for her own birth control pills! She should learn how to keep her legs closed. NO PROBLEM. When I was young we paid for our birth control and didn’t make any complaints.Maybe she should also learn how to keep her mouth shut.
    You want to play you learn how to pay!

  • Tom

    One would hope that the idiots who listen to any thse people. It’s obvious they will say anything to draw attention so they can make more money off of stupid people. I can picture all talk show hosts in bar sitting around and laughing at the gullible idiots they fleece every day.

  • mick

    Would someone tell me what they done to Maher? NOTHING!! You have to listen to Rush more than just 5 minutes. I listen to Rush everyday and I never hear anything like the media says he says. Rush did saythat about this girl, He also read the story and played her video on the air and from the way i heard it, she is pretty much a slut!I’ve been married most of my adult life, well all of my adult life from the age 17 and now I’m 44 and I don’t think I have ever use or my wife has used $3000 in birth control. she needs to keep her legs together and her friends need to keep theirs together. Their not a college to have sex they should be there to learn.

  • yoyo

    what about our friend mr. imus

  • http://webpronenews.com thomas

    I don’t think we need to worry. Bain Capital which Mr. Romney has a sizable interest in, owns Clear Channel. Clear Channel is the largest owner of radio stations in the U.S. Clear Channel pays Rush 50 million a year to talk. I don’t think Rush has trampled on Romney yet.

  • Bob

    To those of you who don’t want insurance to cover contraception because of cost: the costs of childbirth or ovary-removal or other surgeries are many, many times higher; hence, more contraception would greatly decrease our overall medical (and welfare) costs.
    And, I bet, if someone proposed that Viagra should not be covered by insurance, most Republicans and other so-called conservatives would scream to the heavens in hypocritical outrage.

  • Rodney Rachal

    3) “An ad boycott violates Limabugh’s free speech rights.” Thats an stupid comment advertisers have the right to pull their ads its their free speech Dumb Ass!!!

  • chuck

    krista, i too do not agree with your opinion. obviously you have never read the constitution concerning gun rights. also, who are you to say who should and should not be allowed in society. you are obviously one of the oh “so” tolerant left.

  • speeddydan

    Big Rushs free speech rights are not violated. No regulator has said he couldn’t say that. He has rights; we have rights. A young woman says the women in her school have lots of sex. Think about this. A 25 y/o woman can have lots of sex…with her husband. This statement does not say women are having lots of sex all over town. So Mr Rush thinks a woman having lots of sex with her husband is a “slut?” That’s what is sounds like to me. The people in a free market have a right to complain; the advertisers have a right to stay/quit; and Rush has the right to run his inappropriate mouth. Also, remember Rush doesn’t speak for himself anymore. He speaks almost 100% for the RNC.

  • a

    Thanks Rush for alienating woman from the GOP! Your a Good Ole Boy!

  • Rodney Rachal

    Dude, You’re totally sucking on Rush Limbaugh’s manhood

  • Southern Belle

    I think you nailed it. I am a mega-dittohead myself, and I think the “outrage” on the left is hypocritical and just a tad silly. Some of it I think is attributed to folks only knowing about Rush what is reported in the mainstream media. Little soundbites taken out of context do not capture the essence of Rush or his sarcastic wit or the very valid and relevant points he made.

    That said, though, I don’t think ordinary folks putting pressure on advertisers to pull ads from his show is violating his free speech rights. The calls for FCC bans, that’s a different story. But if advertisers want to pull their ads, it’s certainly their right to do so. And, like you so eloquently said, some will leave and others will jump on board with him. That’s just how things work.

    This is by far the most unbiased and truthful article I’ve read on this whole debacle, I think. Thanks!

  • http://facebook Spencer

    This is a diversion from the real issue? It is a political ploy by the Socialist Democrats.Fluke was used as a pawn to distract the American public to gain womens votes,to appear to be sympathetic to womens health…especially after the failure of trying to force Catholics to go against their core beliefs and violate their principles and deny them of the religious liberties.Not to mention the failed policies of the administration.That is how dirty they are.Frankly i am angry the way they insult the intelligence of the American public.Woem already have contraception at the minimal price of $9.00 a month.You mean to tell me Fluke can afford a Georgetown education and spring break in California with her boyfriend…who’s father is a democratic politician….can not afford $9.00 a month for contraceptive? Nothing is for free! If we the tax payers have to pay for others sex lives….where does it end? It ends with higher health premiums…diminished quality care [ because the government takes control]and no competition for quality care….higher taxes…added national debt…. a larger government….with a corresponding loss in individual freedoms and liberties.

  • mccauley

    Get rid of Rush…? What, are you an idiot. He laughs at the thought of advertisers leaving. Good ridence. More will get in line to ad on his show. You just dont get it do you ? He continues to confound you libs because he speaks the truth. Just listen for more than 5 minutes…I dare you. Think you are mad and confused now. Wait till the 6th minute. Ha ha ha…

  • http://facebook Spencer

    This is a diversion from the real issue? It is a political ploy by the Socialist Democrats.Fluke was used as a pawn to distract the American public to gain womens votes,to appear to be sympathetic to womens health…especially after the failure of trying to force Catholics to go against their core beliefs and violate their principles and deny them of the religious liberties.Not to mention the failed policies of the administration.That is how dirty they are.Frankly i am angry the way they insult the intelligence of the American public.Women already have contraception at the minimal price of $9.00 a month.You mean to tell me Fluke can afford a Georgetown education and spring break in California with her boyfriend…who’s father is a democratic politician….can not afford $9.00 a month for contraceptive? Nothing is for free! If we the tax payers have to pay for others sex lives….where does it end? It ends with higher health premiums…diminished quality care [ because the government takes control]and no competition for quality care….higher taxes…added national debt…. a larger government….with a corresponding loss in individual freedoms and liberties.

  • A

    Yeah Ms. Fluke, you should pay for your birth control fair and square… like Rush and his oxycodone.

  • jack

    limbaugh has always been a big mouth his nickname should be the mouth. his mouth keeps moving and his brain is in neutral he does not know how to shift gears. he will keep on ranting as long as idiots listen to him

  • kahnabbis

    Rush is right, she is a slut, and it’s a shame that her being a slut is news. All just a cover up for what is real news. Gas is costing both my testicles, Obama refuses to build a pipeline or drill, and all you lefties are a bunch of douchebags.

  • James Ricker

    I believe the advertisers who pulled their advertising from Rush are shooting themselves in the foot. The people who listen to Rush are supporters. I don’t listen to Bill Maher or any leftwing socialist so what is advertised on their shows will never affect me but if you pull your ads from Rush I will not purchase your product for two reasons. One just because you are so narrow minded and two because it is not being presented to me for consideration.

    • Mixed Emotions

      Excellent POINT.

      And it was Saturday Night Live that heavily used the phrase “Jane you ignorant slut”. So how can liberals get panties in a wad this time?

  • Frankjak

    Whether she is a slut or not…has little bearing on the poor status of our economy and the unemployed…why don’t we talk about something relavant.

  • jim

    This is from a guy that can’t keep a wife, needs hundreds of viagra to get it up, is a drug addict and why did he lose sooo much weight. Drug addicts and people with aids lose weight, wonder if this is his problem????

  • Teresa

    I am a faithful listener to Rush and was listening to the program where he made these comments. Yes the use of the words he used was in poor taste( but probably aren’t anything new to anyone) but the point he was trying to make was great. We as Americans should not have to pay for anyone’s birth control I for one think we pay for to much as it is. And yes I am one of the 46% who does pay taxes on April 15th every year. Rush’s show is entertainment and is not manadatory for anyone to listen to. Enough already!!!

  • speeddydan

    Rush is not having his rights stomped by his employer, his regulators, or by lawyers. He has rights, his listeners who are offended have rights, his sponsors have the right to stay or go (free market at play, then conservatives don’t like it?) Ms. Fluke said that women in her survey have lots of sex. 25 y/o women have lots of sex most often with their husbands. Nothing in Ms Fluke’s statement said that women were having sex all over town. Mr Rush inferred that by his comment. That was belittling and degrading to all women.
    When you do a bad thing a work, you could be given a no-pay suspension or a firing. Rush bad; his employer (listeners who spend money with sponsors) have handed him a disciplinary write-up. Free market you know.

  • frank brown

    but its ok for the Ptresidents Chief Policy Advisor named Axelrod to call Ms Calfornia a dog? the President hasnt called her to apologizeand Press just doesnt think it should be brought up…amazing how Press just calls out some and not others isnt it.

  • http://webpronews writestuffpdx

    how does a boycott infringe on someones rights??????!!! People are idiots. If someone wants to protest—- a true “right”==== by not buying a product, then they should be able to do so. Period end of story. It is the most non violent form of exercising and expressing an opinion— another, you got, legitimate right! Limbaughs or anyone else’s rights are not impinged by someone else saying don’t buy a product he endorses. Limbaugh, Maur, all of them are just worried about their money. Jeez, where are the intelligent people on this planet? Oh, yeah. If you’re listen to Limbaugh in the first place, that answers that question. What a great nickname to have- Ditto head. Someone who just blindly, blankly, agrees with whatever is said.

  • johnny

    Wrong, Limbaugh does have freedom of speech rights, then again Ms Fluke as legal rights.

    Advertisers have rights to and they have the right to not promote someone who makes ignorant comments. So they have the right to pull back from supporting RL.

    I dont pay too much attention to what advertisers are doing so while it might not affect how I do business with a company it will eventually have an affect on RLs ability or audience he reaches when he makes ignorant comments.

  • laura

    The point is not, as many claim ” Don’t take him serious, he is a comedian…. Millions hang on his every word….As a comedian, Mr. Limbaugh is a bad example. As a human being I find this pillpopper offensive, to say the least. Not that I care one bit about his politics. If he is indeed the face of the Republican party, than all I can say is “Good Night America, you can’t sink any lower”….

  • John

    It’s interesting how people are irate that a person on the right like Rush called her a slut, but aren’t irate at Bill Maher for caller Palin a slut or cunt numerous times along with her daughters and other right side women. “Oh, I’m a comedian. I’m just kidding.” does not make it right. Where’s your outrage on this?

  • Nimai

    I agree with this article. Well-balanced view.

  • Why Me

    The notion that leftists, who set-up situations to evoke response from right wing radicals without any notion of the consequence of their actions, is incomprehensible. There are synonyms for the work Rush chose but they would have all thinly veiled the scorn that “that woman” raised. The rabid radical media understandably raced to her “damsel Status” protection. We need to set a new standard for expressing one’s self. Eliminate “Political Correctness” as the standard by which opinions are publicly expressed and make these violations come under law’s inspection for determination as to legality and punishment of such umbrages.

  • tyler

    Its not ok for rush to call this girl a slut but its ok for the liberals to all call sara palin a slut?

  • jack jackson

    Free speech is what the Dems want to get rid of….and they’ll use bullying and the legal system to take that right if they need to!!

  • monie

    Rush has every right to speak his tiny, feeble, diseased mind. I have every right to say I will not listen to a crazed drug addict that is self deprecating. That’s why there are channel changers with all radios and TV’s

  • realLy

    He called her what she is,why should i have to pay so she can have sex with out getting pregnet,this is a outrage a skandol more like it, people have said worst things About many Women figures in to day world and never a back lash to this level, She Know it is true so she want to fight back, other women called the same name and many other chose not to say anything cause they new it was not the true

  • James K. Adams

    Limbaugh’s free speech rights aren’t being trampled by an advertiser boycott. How absurd to suggest so. He is free to say anything he wants however silly, bigoted are wrong headed. But, his advertisers are not required to sponsor him. Welcome to capitalism 101. You don’t like it, don’t pay for it.

    • Lu J.

      Well said

  • http://www.jodyroy.blogspot.com/ JodyRoy

    Do none of you know how to use spaces? I see so many posts with no space after any commas, no space after periods? As a former typesetter, I would think the least you would want to do is make your posting readable. Just saying…

  • http://none Sara A. Dollarhite

    True, Mr. Limbaugh can exercise his “freedom of speech”. The criticism I have of him is what he chooses to do with this “freedom”. I don’t think that his radical bashing of what seems to be a decent, normal young lady is worthy of anyone even mentioning anymore…and even better would be that we don’t HAVE to listen to ANYTHING Mr. Limbaugh has to say in the future. He strives for fame using Howard Stern tactics (no offense meant to Howard) and evidently can’t come up with enough interesting stuff to be noticed.

  • smorpo

    a very balanced article…the best I have seen so far. It’s right to let the market decide either way.

  • Doug

    What I don’t understand is, why can’t Sandra Fluke sue him for defamation of character? As I read in wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defamation), the only real requirements are that the statement in question is false (as he himself has admitted), and that it is communicated to someone other than the person being defamed (I think even Limbaugh listeners qualify as people in this sense).

    Since the statement is clearly derogatory, clearly false, and clearly intended to harm her reputation, why can’t she take legal action? If, just once, that turd blossom was made to take responsibility for his mud-slinging, name-calling, vile-spewing form of hatred, I’d be a happy camper for at least a day.

  • Lu J.

    There is a thin line between freedom of speech and slander, and Rush Limbaugh crossed that line. There are many ways to get your point across without resorting to name calling like a little boy in a schoolyard. The sad part about this is that perhaps there were people who may have agreed with him over the issue but the way he went about defending his position may have pushed them to the other side. I believe that this action alone is what prompted advertisers to pull out. He was his own wost enemy in this situation.

  • Kenny

    Every time Rush opens his pie hole nothing comes out but crap. I never listen to his bull crap. He is full of crap as a christmas turkey.

  • MH

    I have been doing all that I can to show my support for Rush. He is right and has the right to speak as he has. It’s not just the 1st ammendment rights that is involved here. It’s that he is right and accurate to call her every name in the book as she is calling herself the same thing when she says that she needs these pills every day of the year. Worse yet she does not care enough for herself to at least have her men use condoms or she would not need the pills so often. She is just what she is and she will always be a slut and the terminology is accurate of someone who cannot control herself enough to stop at least once in a while. A nymphomanic is another term that fits as well. This woman needs the help of a shrink and to learn to keep her knees closed shut tight for a time. Even in my bad days as a kid I never was so fortunate to find a woman or girl to have sex with any where near that amount time. If every woman did this they would be in doctors office a whole lot more often for things besides pills. So give us a break. I do not apporve my tax dollars for her use of the pill. If she can afford to go to college then she can afford to pay for her pills.
    Keep up the great work Rush. Whhooo Raahh. !!


    If the young woman would have been black then he would of been kicked off the air , just like Imus. Although I see Imus is working his way back on the air. Not sure why anyone listens to any of the talk radio garbage, it’s just their opinion.

  • Calvin

    Government shouldn’t pay for birth pills unless subscribed by a doctor. The Church’s shouldn’t be forced to cover them either when it goes against their beliefs. Rush has a right to say as he will, this girl lied about her past and is not a trustworthy figure on the matter. And insulting others on their opinions is rather lame, I have my conservative and my liberal tendencies to me, but I still have to agree with Rush and say this girl shouldn’t be asking churches to pay for her sexual activities.

  • rnjane

    you know you’re in trouble when you start invoking your “Freedom of speech rights” .. after your advertisers.. pulled theirs!

  • Mixed Emotions

    THANKS for the article. Thanks Bill Maher for standing up. I’m Mixed. I’m guessing most folks (me included) don’t exactly know what Rush allegedly said. I believe in Freedom of Speech even if I don’t like what is being said. Opinions, when clearly opinions, should be allowed, whether politically correct or not. I think Liberal media has done similar things (called women slut if that is what he did) and have not suffered the same fate. That is wrong. I’m Mixed. I think the controversy is good. Rush continually rubs me raw when he speaks about Hillary Clinton and femi-nazis. Rush is a bloated windbag and a donkey. It is offensive no matter who says it. I think Rush is a Donkey when it comes to women and should keep his flat mouth shut. I find most liberals even more offensive on a number of issues. I never once thought about Rush’s advertisers. I only think about liberal advertisers when an alleged NEWS organization shows extreme bias and disrespect. Rush has always been a Donkey about women. I’m a Republican with a PhD…and Rush is a fat, overpaid, uniformed insensitive windbag. I enjoyed the SNL skit. Do I support advertiser bans. YOU bet. I’m not sure it is warranted in this case..but as a woman..if RUSH tones it down about women that works for me. So thanks everyone. I’m pro choice..and all for personal responsibility and less Government. I could care less whom you sleep with. I think smaller Government and getting Government out of healthcare is a great answer. To me sex change operations like Obama care mandates that we must pay for is crazy. But I’m not offended with birth control as a health care choice. I really think we need to allow insurance across state lines and have personal freedom to choose. I don’t think the same Government that allows MUSLIMS to op out of Obamacare should be able to force Catholic Universities to have Birth control (if that was the issue). I’d rather have an insurance cafeteria plan. Why should I pay for Viagara? So I’m a fiscal conservative and a social moderate.
    I’ll take Rush Limbaugh over Pelosi, Obama, Reid, Joyce Behar, Jesse Jackson, etc. any day. He does not deserve advertiser loss…but it was FINE wake up call.

  • j

    bill hates rush, as he should being rush is a WORTHLESS loud mouth brain washer pf the .

    bill needs to stop playing all sides just to get media attention and shock value!

    this froma actual fan!

  • lol

    I agree with Rush that the government does not have the legal authority to force employers or insurance companies to subsidize the cost of birth control for women who want to have all the sex they want without the worry of having children. However, I don’t believe the crude and rude remarks he made was the correct way to express his views. Not having sex has always been the best form of birth control.

  • j

    Rush L is literally a mind controller of the desperate & bitter!
    He makes things up as he goes along with his radioshow. some are true more is not, but a DITTO head will falsely belive it is all TRUE!


    Bill ENOUGH, stop the freerights BS, and shock value of supporting a man u and i both hate!

    if u dont your only geniune fans will evaporate…

  • Broncomania

    People who attempt to make the excuse that it is okay for Maher to spew his vile obscenities toward Palin and other conservatives simply because the label of comedian is attached are nothing more than illiterate liberal slime. The vile propaganda and free pass that Bill, MSNBC and the liberal media receive is inexcusable. Maher is a political commentator as much as he is a comedian ( And i say the word comedian loosely). So in other words a person has an unrestrained license to trash another person regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation as long as he or she is a comedian. Any thinking person has to see how absolutely absurd and moronic that sounds. Yes, we have intellectually bankrupt liberals on these posts who continue to defend Maher and whose ignorance is so transparent its laughable. One can almost feel sorry for them. But then again its their choice to continue to feed at the trough of illiteracy and ignorance. But if Rush is to be vilified for his comments then the same standard needs to be applied to the Disney character-Bill Maher


    OK, I understand where maher is coming from, I’ve been a fan of his since his politically incorrect days at abc. what really bothers me is that the right wing says that their is a bias against their mouthpieces, that is bs. Maher lost his job over @ abc & the right was there with their shit kicker boots kicking him through the door. the prob with the right is that they’re the only ones that think they’re funny now once else does. how many rt wing comedians do u c? Dennis Miller period! Limbaugh was serious when he called Ms. Fluke a slut he was not sincere and was sorry because he lost business not because he really meant it.

  • Steve

    Whats ticks me off is that Obama and this woman see nothing wrong at all in taking 3k of our taxpaying dollars to pay for her birthcontrol. If she can’t afford the pill, buy some condoms and leave the rest of us alone.

  • ChuckD

    Limbaugh has every right to broadcast what he wants. His listeners have every right to turn it off if they wish. What is most revealing about his downright nasty comments about Sandra Fluke is how the Republican leadership reacted. The only one who stepped up to the plate was John McCain. Instead of Romney taking the high ground, he said that he wouldn’t have used those words. Boehner said that Limbaugh’s comments were no worse than those levvied by the Democrats? Really? The lack of Republican leadership resonse is a gift to the Obama campaign.

  • Bobby

    Rush does not have the right to slander or libel that woman. He can give his opinion if he wants. I give mine. I think he is a pig faced liar, a sissy and a traitor to America. Also, people who think he is that have a right to call a boycott for those reasons. The un-Christ like Christian right does it all the time. Some impotent preacher is always calling for a boycott of something. Don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot huh? Rush Goebbles should be shamed off the air and never heard from again.

  • Bobby

    By the way if I was her father I would slap that fat bastard right in his Koch sucker!

  • Adam

    No he’s not having his freedom of speech trampled. The whole ‘freedom of speech’ crap is thrown around way too much, yet no one seems to get it. The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech in that the federal government couldn’t shut Rush down for expressing his opinion. It doesn’t say anything about one person publicly shooting their mouth off, and private entities not wanting their product associated with it. Understand that the majority of the populace aren’t’ Rush supporters to begin with. So that means to over 50 percent of the population, having your product associated with him could be construed as bad thing. With this last three day long tirade, it could cause serious damage to your brand with not just a simple majority, but perhaps 80 to 85 percent of the population by having your product on his show.

    He deserves this. It wasn’t just an off-the-cuff remark like Imus, or Jason Whitlock. This was a complete jerk-off spending large portions of his show over three days calling this woman a slut and a prostitute, insulting her parents, and demanding she posts sex videos. He crossed the line into blatently trying to harm this woman with his speech, which is not protected right against other citizens wanting him out.

  • Tacy A. Taylor

    After sifting through the many comments, and listening to people argue back and forth ( some with more name calling )I am saddened. I to originally thought that Rush again, was cruel and over the top. I also believe in good manners. Why are advertisers not allowed to exercise their freedom to withdraw from his show? Are we giving him more attention than he deserves? Why have we all become so confrontational and angry. We are never going to solve the worlds problems if we don’t calm down, listen, think before acting and speaking, and just be nice to one another. Sound stupid and impossible?….. So is the way we are headed.

  • rick

    chuck should know his daughter is a slut and a whore but what can you expect she learned it from her liberal whore mother

  • Bryan

    One of the items miss in this debate is that the Obama Administration either through its own funds or their SuperPAC are paying about 2 million people to police the internet, listen to radio and television station and go on the attack when anyone talks against their agenda. People like Rush’s followers will do so solely on principle.

  • Kathy

    Double Standard is what I see.
    The left wing can call the right wing bigots yet the right
    wing is not allowed to call the left wing sluts.
    I’m not saying either one is correct, just saying, it’s all
    immature name calling no matter what – we think so differently
    that that is the only way we can get each others attention somehow.
    It really is a shame how much this is divided more and more.
    No, liberals, being modern for the sake of being modern isn’t good logic.

  • Chaz .

    BOTTOM LINE: It’s a free country. Limbaugh is free to say whatever he chooses,
    and his sponsors are certainly free to bail on him if they choose to do that.

  • TT

    Although I do not agree with Rush, he has the right to say whatever he likes, but he and we have to understand there are consequences. Why can’t we just stick to the facts and not personally attacked people.

  • Barry

    I think you have it about right! Freedom of Speech is a key factor. However, the double standards and hypocrisy of the Liberal Left are a fact of today’s life and media!
    Sandra Fluke attends a Roman Catholic University Law School and expects them to pay $3,000 annually for her birth control meds! Ms. Fluke is a Democratic Activitist who has no problem embarassing the Catholic Law School that is trying to educate her! She has no shame! Do you ever wonder how Ms. Fluke will answer the Ethics Questions on her Bar Examinations!
    Like David Letterman….the slimy and sleazy left wing night Show host who had sex, regularly, with 4 or 5 of his female Staff despite the fact that they were the age of his Granddaughters! He had all the “power” in this environment of the Late Night Show! A Special Room at CBS for his sexual escapades with Woman young enough to be his Grandaughters! This sexual discrimination and sexual harrasmaent case was so compelling that it called for an immediate Firing of Letterman! His infidelity to his Wife and child were of no consequence to him. He uttered a few minutes of a half hearted apology and the Left Wing media rushed to his defense and pushed the event to the back burner!
    And CBS said everying was fine and Letterman still had a job after sexually violating several young Women! Just beyond belief! But remember, CBS Cares! Left Wing, Liberal Media like CBS has different standards, no, acutally no standards in cases like Letterman, no matter how disgusting the incident!

  • http://elias10 tony

    Rush is a well known man that likes to stir the kettle and the more bad things he says the more people will listen to him on the next day forward just to hear what the apposing side has to say,, all it does is built up he’s ratings,,, All he is a man with a mouth, powerfull because of the people that listen to him and they fallow by example.. if he did’nt have the audiance he wouldbe a simple person like you and me. If people would just stop listening to him and makeup there own decssions. this country wouldbe better of. Limbaugh and the rest of he’s clooneys like hanidy ,, lavin ,,, beck can kiss my ass.

  • W

    The 1st Amendment does not protect Rush’s right of free speech (or anyone else’s free speech rights) against advertisers’ boycotts, economic boycotts, economic pressure, social ostracism, or criticism. It protects his right of free speech against the authority of government. I am not aware of any efforts on the part of government to abridge Rush’s free speech rights.

    1st Amendment: “Congress shall make no law…. abridging the freedom of speech.” [Protection against state and local government authority extended through application of the “due process clause of the 14th Amendment: “…nor shall any State (state government) deprive any person (within its jurisdiction) life, liberty, or property without due process of law. The U.S. Supreme Court has concluded that “liberty” includes the right of free speech (Gitlow v New York, 1925).]

    It is, in fact, a good thing in our society to have non-governmental limits on speech, such as advertisers’ pulling sponsorship of Rush’s show, in order to preserve the 1st Amendment. Without these limits on speech, those wanting to silence speech they do not like would be quick to call for government regulation, which would erode the 1st Amendment. There is nothing wrong with advertisers, advocacy groups, and society in general registering their disdain, disgust, or disapproval of things that loud-mouth, bombastic, crackpots say in public.

    One note: since Rush’s radio show is carried on braodcast radio stations (public airwaves), the government (FCC) may have some jurisdiction, but I doubt they will get involved in what is ultimately a matter of slander against Ms. Fluke.

  • http://Yahoo FRED

    Where does it indicate Rush free speech has been effective – one must take responsibility for what he/she says.

  • Barbie

    I support Rush all the way. The fact that the idiot thinks the government should pay for her birth control is ridiculous. And who uses that many condoms? You can also get birth control for about 5.00 without health insurance if you go with a generic. It is her choice to spend that much on condoms. And doesn’t the guy usually pay for the condom anyway? It’s been that way in my experience.

  • Al

    Hello To All: Again, before some of you folks “get up on your hind legs” and wring your hands and take short dep breaths ans whine lets look at the FACTS! the young woman in question freely aired her personal sex habits to Democrat members of Congres. No question about that. When shee did this she opened the gates to critisim of her BEHAVIOR. She exercised he RIGHT of FREE SPEACH and so did Rush and others. Although, as I have said before in e-mails to Rush, that “its NOT what you say, its HOW you say it”. That is what I perceive is Rush’s problem, how he says things, NOT what he says. I don’t know if any of you remember the Neo_Nazi march through the Village of Skokie, Illinoi back in the seventies, but and aborant as those folks were/are they, under our WONDERFUL Constitution, were FREE to express themselves in marching and speaking. If any of you don’t like Rush, change the station or turnoff the radio, or exercise YOUR RIGHT of free speach and write, call, or e-mail Rush with your comments. (Please notice that I did not suggest (“keeping your mouth shut.”)as that would be censorship and not very productive to the discussion of the FACTS. My comments to Ms Fluke are, “If you donot want to be criticized, think about what you want to say and choose your words carefully, and stick to the FACTS.


    • michael Bernard

      She didn’t talk at all about sexual activity. She talked about the financial burden on a woman who has gynecologic problems for which female hormones (birth control pills) can provide medical help. Straight forward medical need Al. Nothing sexual other than Rush’s misinterpretation of what the pills are just because they are used for birth control.
      But what’s so bad about my daughter and wife and mother and aunt and neices being in control of when they get pregnant and when they go to college and when they get a full time job? You know, being in charge of their lives.
      And you better not call all my female relatives sluts or prostitutes because they use birth control pills!!!! That would be a comment about your character, not theirs, just as Rush’s disrespect and lies about that woman are comments on his morality or lack thereof, not that lawschool student.

  • michael Bernard

    THERE IS NO FREE RIDE. Freedom caries with it RESPONSIBILITY.
    Limbaugh wants the freedom to say whatever he wants, and as long as he isn’t doing something illegal by saying what he wants, and as long as he accepts responsibility for the consequences of his talk, then he is free to use his 1st Ammendment right of “Free” speach.
    However, freedom is not necessarily free.
    When my teenager gets a license and can drive without either of his parents being in the car with him, he then has freedom. But he also takes on the responsiblity of driving safely, not getting speeding tickets, not getting into accidents, not lending Dad’s car to a friend without dad’s permission.
    Limbaugh and Maher take on that same responsibility which goes with all freedoms.
    You reap what you sow, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • Don211

    A Boycott is an exercise of Free Speech just as is a donation of money to a political campaign. Also, withdrawal of advertising is a right of free speech as is a boycott of those who withdraw ads.

    So let the Boycott wars begin.

  • Barbie

    Rush is an entertainer, same as Lisa Lampanelli. She can say whatever she wants so why cant Rush? If you do not like it, turn the station.

  • http://n/a Thomas C Carman

    Rush Limbaugh, freedom of speech?
    Look out for your own!

  • http://n/a Thomas C Carman

    Rush Limbaugh, freedom of speech?
    Watch out for your own!

  • John Smithers

    Rush isn’t going anywhere but up.Your focus should be on the man child Obama.

  • thomas mc

    How freakin’ hypocritical can you get?!?

    This all started because Rush tried to silence Fluke, who had every right to speak HER mind!

  • whyzupp

    It’s a shame Rush’s mom wasn’t informed about birth control.

    • http://none mona PLATT

      to bad you mother wasn’t informed that abortion was available when she was carrying you

  • Steve

    It’s simple to look up in the dictionary. Slut, def. A woman, considered sexually promiscuous. $3000 for birth control. That’s calling a spade, a spade. What’s the problem?

  • nellie mazurkiewicz

    Druggie Rush should have been fired years ago. I agree –we have free speach–but remember what BIG MOUTH RUSH did about his addiction—& even brought his poor housekeeper in it. He can’t even keep 3 wives. All he has is DITTO HEADS on his side.
    I don’t think most of them even heard the TESTIMONY. It was not about sex. I did hear it.
    And why aren’t all you so-called men or boys—yelling about VIAGRA covered by INSURANCE????????????????????????????????? Can’t afford it????? comeon boys give up SEX!!!!!!!!Be Brave DITTO HEADS!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    Everybody is out to crucify Rush for using his First Amendment Rights to make an ass of himself, and now Hanoi Jane has jumped in the fray against him. Okay, Jane you truly are a flag burning commie hypocrite. Our POW’s in Vietnam really appreciated you exercising your Freedom of Speech to support your commie buddies in North Vietnam by bad mouthing the American GIs and the POW’s. I guess she felt it was time for her to drag her pruned face and drooping ass out of that dark hole she has been hiding in to try and recapture some limelight. Do the world a favor just go away quietly and permanently.

  • jimmy moore

    Most of us see the media bias against us conservatives turn about is fair play nothing is said when liberals put there foot in there mouth and Rush and his millions of listeners arent’t going anywhere you Liberals need to start policing your own before you start bitchin about anyone else huh.

  • Vern

    Yes…free speech…even to toilet bowl prophets like Limbaugh. It is a constitutional right no matter how low your class.

  • John

    This attack on Rush is ridiculous, if you heard the entire context of the comments you would understand what he was really trying to say.
    Additionally why should we pay for this woman’s birth control, especially such an excessive amount, when she will likely “start” out
    of law school with at least $150,000her first year. Also I just heard
    a David Letterman clip in which he said Sarah Palin looked like a “slut” flight attendant. I guess we should go after him to be “equal”, of course the media is never equal when it comes to conservatives.

  • http://none mona PLATT

    why should we pay attention to Jane Fonda after she became a traitor during vietnam. her big mouth got some of our men killed, and some sent to vietnam prison. she should hide her face from the public.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/rush-limbaugh-and-freedom-of-speech-2012-03#respond Hal

    Fonda can go fish! She’s a fine one to talk after victimizing US soldiers in a war zone back in the days of “Nam”! Whe gave her, Mahr, and countless others on the fantasy news shows like CNN, NBC, MSNBC… and more, all loaded w unwatchable drivvel delivered by whiney whimps… “Dictatorship Rights” over what others choose to watch. Everyone knows she’s been a looney tune… as have all employees of the stations mentioned.. with their Cavalier attitudes and parsonomeous attitudes about everyone with whom they do not agree. I’m not paying for that child… at Georgetown Law, or any other students at any other school… to have sex!

  • http://www.webpronews.com/rush-limbaugh-and-freedom-of-speech-2012-03#respond Hal

    P.S. Kudos to Rush for shining a light on this lunatic idea from a spoiled brat at an Ivy League Law school. When she graduates the median income will be $160.000…. she can abstain from sex like other busy students… or have a field day after graduation. I just don’t have to pay for what she does inside or outside of the bedroom. However I sure don’t want to pay for her promiscuity. I consider sex out of marriage promiscuous behaviour.. didn’t engage personally so she can abstain and set a healthy example which will cost “We the Peeps” absolutely nothing! Yea… the price is right.

  • D

    OK, then the word ‘n****r’ is ok to say .. I want to hear Rush Limbaugh call someone a n****r.

  • D

    OMG.. I wrote that the “Nxxxxr” was ok to say then and this site wouldn’t allow me to publish it..I had to fill in the ‘igge’ with x’s.. so that says it all.. it is ok to call a woman a slut but not say the n word.. i think they are both wrong.

  • bryan

    Rush is a fat whining piece of shit

  • Chas

    . . . and in this photo, Rush Limbaugh describes the size of his dingus, or how he wishes it could be. Go ahead, sue me for defamation, just as I hope Sandra sues you.

  • judy brouard

    It’s fascinating the double standard by which our society continues to be ruled. Screw around as a man, you’re a STUD. Screw around as a woman, not so flattering, you’re a slut. Just WHOM do you think all the STUDS are doing IT with????? Nuns? Virgins? Schoolteachers? Hmm, no. Us sluts are their partners. As a reformed slut, I say Sandra Fluke is the one with guts, whereas Limbaugh continues to display his evident bottomless ignorance.
    BTW, why does one get fired for saying “nappy headed hos”, but keep a job over slut? Just saying……….

    • Tony

      i am astounded why anyone cares about this.A college student wants me to pay for her birthcontrol.Happens all the time WTF?

  • Surfer

    Rush’s comments do not fit under the heading of protected free speech which is the right of citizens to criticize government. Through his conservative verbal rape of several young women, Mr. Limbaugh has reflected conservative thought and more importantly, he has invited what could become a very significant libel suit in civil court. This is a case he would likely loose.

  • Patriot_Act

    I wish to GOD some of you people would learn to SPELL!!!

    Where was all this hue + cry when Don Imus was fired and shlepped his gig to RFD-TV??? Imus has called for Limbaugh to apologize face to face with Fluke…and he has characterized Limbaugh as a jerk and other fine terms.

  • Surfer

    Rush’s comments do not fit under the heading of protected free speech which is the right of citizens to criticize government. Through his conservative verbal rape of several young women, Mr. Limbaugh has reflected conservative thought and more importantly, he has invited what could become a very significant libel suit in civil court. This is a case he would likely loose.

    It is one thing to insult up to people of power, but it another to verbally rape young women or America’s daughters when you have the power of Limbaugh… He is nothing short of a verbal rapist bully.

  • Heather

    Dragon Limbaugh slays Cinderella Fluke and advertisers fall at her golden slipper. Dance Cinderella, dance!

  • Surfer

    It is ignorant to place Rush’s comments under protected free speech. Speech that is protected relates to a citizens right to criticize government… Verbally Raping young women with your audience of 15-million is a potential case of libel that can be decided in civil court. Rush would likely loose such a case.

    Rush Limbaugh was not insulting people in power, but he has verbally raped several young women. America’s daughters… meanwhile stay tuned for rush’s 4th divorce … sooner or later abusers of women get served…

  • Surfer

    All National Advertisers have left verbal rapist Rush limbaugh. It is ignorant to place Rush’s comments under protected free speech. Speech that is protected relates to a citizens right to criticize government… Verbally Raping young women with your audience of 15-million is a potential case of libel that can be decided in civil court. Rush would likely loose such a case.

    Rush Limbaugh was not insulting people in power, but he has verbally raped several young women. America’s daughters… meanwhile stay tuned for rush’s 4th divorce … sooner or later abusers of women get served…

    • Tony

      REAALLLLY Rape! what a total moron you are,i suppose Bill Maher is a serial rapist then

  • Hunter

    Any talk about a syndicated info-tainer having his or her
    freedom to say whatever they want taken away, especially
    a stalwart of the right is kinda funny. The group of people
    that are making this a news story are not (well, not exclusively)
    folks on the right, but advertisers…and if I recall the current,
    slightly-right, supreme court ruled that Corporations ARE people.
    Carrying that to its logical conclussion, the advertisers are people
    and the people are making their voices heard by withholding their
    dollars…if it’s OK for corporations to give unlimited funds to
    superPACs to “have thier voices heard” isn’t it pretty much the
    EXACT same thing for advertisers (as in corporations which = a person)
    have the right to their expression of free speach? Left or right isn’t
    the question here, the current Law of the Nation seems to trump all

  • Patriot_Act

    If Sandra Fluke’s father shot or simply bitch slaps Limbaugh, no jury in America would convict him.

    • Tony

      SHEEES 30YEARS OLD you dumass.She new what she was doing for “The Party”. Whats next we have to keep our kids on our Insurance til they are 31?You liberals are crazy stupid!

  • http://Yahoo Russell

    Limbaugh’s former advertisers are exercising THEIR freedom of speech and I salute them for it. As far as the (non)argument about Bill Maher’s remarks about Sarah Palin…he made these remarks in a stand up routine…not on his HBO show as the Dittoheads are reporting as fact..and the remarks made were against a public person who has been slavering over the limelight for years…not a concerned PRIVATE citizen testifying before Congress about PRIVATE healthcare coverage.
    Limbaugh need to bow out and return to his gated community where I’m sure all his rabid listeners live as well….

  • realrobnelson

    Bill Maher, I love ya, but you’re a bit off the mark–getting fired from your job on national TV or radio doesn’t change your ability or freedom to speak. It may diminish the size of your audience, but hey, you made a choice to try and GET PAID for what you say. Limbaugh’s free speech rights, and in fact, NO ONE’S free speech rights, are violated if someone boycotts his or any other show or product. Everyone everywhere has a right to stand anywhere they want(all within certain legal limits–don’t get snarky and 2nd grade class clown nitpicky with me) and say what they want. Limbaugh just chooses to do it on radio and get paid for it. If he loses his job on radio, that doesn’t remove his right to say the dumb shit he says. He can just go do it on the street corner with the rest of the tinfoil hats, and not get paid for it.

  • Tony

    Go Rush! Americans have put up with the Mahers,Lettermans,MS(I,m so mad at the world because i,m gay)NBC.Total double standard on speech let everybody talk not just the morons on HBO and MSNBC

  • Dennis Deutsch

    the sponsors leaving limbaugh is what the capitalists call “the free market forces at work”

  • Robert C Wallet

    Do we have standards or not? If you revile a non public person for exercising free speech, you’d better have a better rational than that.

  • Tony

    Nice Try! The American economy has been going to hell since Obama took office and he seems to relish it.Smiling, making snarky comments ,calling some “30 YEAR OLD” to console her.I dont give a s#@t about her.Her partner(s) should pay.They are gettin it.Obama is a disgrace. To lower the Presidency to this level of discussion and use his girls in the same context what????????What a bum .He has no respect for women.

  • http://windows7 ROHBAR

    The mainstream liberal news media like the flappy mouths and the vulgar remarks made by Chris Matthews, Bill Mahr, and bunch other foul mouths can make remarks toward Sahara Palin, Michelle Bachmann but not one word comes this soros, democrat, one percent satan
    worshippers never apoligize and they are not going to. And the so called elprez will never make an effort to make his liberal one world order mainstream buddies do any apoligizing. He talked about his daughters being able to say a comment without getting ridiculed, so why didn’t he say something of the vulgar remarks from the lefties? ANSWER: Double Standard!

  • Chris

    Who in the world is he to call a person names?
    He should have been fired forgood!

  • D.L. Slater

    Rush(Dust) Limbaugh…

    Well done. Have listened to you for approximately 15 years, Sir, and at times have indeed considered your standpoint to be valid. You now have, clearly, ended your career as we know it with the mysoginistic and li

    cencious, bigoted and deplorable rant upon a citizen called to speak with Congressional leaders with regard to the rights of womens’health,and the knowledge that far surpasses your despritedly limited understanding and or recognition of this vital issue.
    It is evident in reading your book, with all it’s proclimations, that you are a fraud, sir. You did not play football and sustain the injury to keep you from military service; You know nothing of serving our beloved country via the military. Indeed, as per our common man, you care nothing at all, understand nothing at all..

    Roast in your finest, latest marriage, soon to be 5?

  • http://TimeWarner Geronimo

    We do have the *Right for Free Speech* but we don’t have any RIGHTS for indescent/FOUL comments. There is GOOD JUDGMENT, and there are BRAINLESS statements, that alotof people will always FLEE to our AMENDMENT rights. Where is the DESCENCY RIGHTS. Rush Limbaugh SLANDERED her name, and here is one for you Mike, *Can you or Limbaugh PROVE that SANDRA FLUKE is a slut? If not, she should SUE both of your A$$’S. For Limbaugh to even criticize her explanation of using birth control for other reasons, then WHY is Limbaugh using VIAGRA? Can’t he MAKE IT without the DRUG.

  • Sandy

    I really don’t get the First Amendment argument.

    The First Amendment protects us from government interference it doesn’t protest us from private citizens taking issue with what we say.

    And if advertisers are leaving Rush, isn’t that the Free Market the Right worships at work?