Rock Climbing Is the Focus of January’s Facebook Story

By: Josh Wolford - January 23, 2013

Every month, Facebook Stories releases an inspiring story based on a new theme. For January, this theme is “goals.”

Facebook first launched their new and improved Stories initiative back in August of 2012. Facebook says it’s a way to showcase the extraordinary ways that people are using their product every day. It’s also a promotional tool for Facebook, of course. But still, every month’s Facebook story has been an interesting watch.

And this month’s is no different.

“Tommy Caldwell’s dad introduced him to rock climbing at the age of 3 and by 16, Tommy was a world champion. For the last 5 years, Tommy has been attempting to climb a shear 3000-foot rock face that many consider the most difficult free climb ever attempted. How do you stay motivated on such a climb? See how Tommy was able to bring the encouragement of his friends, family and fans along for the ride,” says Facebook.

Check it out:

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  • Brian Jones

    Stories like these are very inspirational to a climber like me who has been in the gym for two years and making minimal improvements. Some people are just born to be phenomenal climbers. You can tell just by watching them climb. Then you have to remind yourself that everyone does it for the same reason. They love it.