Robert Pattinson Coming Out Of Hiding For Promos

    August 3, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Robert Pattinson has never really left the spotlight ever since he graced the screen in the first “Twilight” film, but lately his life has been nothing but tabloid fodder, and it’s put him on the front page of every gossip mag on the stands. Since the news broke that longtime-girlfriend and costar Kristen Stewart has been cheating on him with her “Snow White And The Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders, Pattinson has been understandably flying under the radar, reportedly escaping the home he shares with Stewart to stay with actress Reese Witherspoon. Of course, the media has gone wild speculating what he’s doing with his time now that he’s heartbroken, but he can’t stay gone forever. For one thing, he has films to promote.

Reps for the actor say that he’s still scheduled to promote the upcoming movie “Cosmopolis” and that no appearances have been cancelled in light of recent events.

“Cosmopolis is a film that Robert is very proud of and looks forward to supporting,” Pattinson’s rep told CNN. “No confirmed engagements have been canceled. Any reports to the contrary are inaccurate.”

Of course, we can’t forget about the press tour he’ll have to be a part of for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2″ in November, which obviously will include Stewart. If the couple is indeed splitsville, that meetup will be momentously awkward, and no doubt a veritable field day for reporters.

  • big fan

    i think that r.p should look at him self in them mirror because k.s let him get away with alot he was aways with different girls even if he say that they are just friend. because you know all girls know that there are nt jut friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but yell to blind to see it so stop doggng her se a nice person. kristen stewart rock/roll from a big fan

  • william ferrel

    Big fan you are a dumbass he should be knocking down skeezers left and right

  • william ferrel

    Ps she’s ugly also

  • william ferrel

    ( o Y o )

    • laura

      She can’t act her way out of a paper bag, sullen, uninteresting, BORING. He deserves better.

  • http://katiria1977@live.com sandria

    I luv kristen stweart&rob Im still goin to support her no matter what and for that reason is she didnt make a sex tape she flirted and i know it was wrong to do that but its not a big deal when men do it its not a big deal to the media but now a woman made a little mistake and all of the sudden she is evil come on give me a break cut her some slaCK SHE IS a GREAT PERSON SHE IS YOUNG SHE WILL LEARN FROM HER MISTAKES…….

  • AB

    I think this whole thing is first off none of our business. Second off is blown seriously out of proportion do to media. I think Rob and Kristen were cute together but I also know that when you are young you really shouldn’t be living with your boyfriend and not living life… That doesnt mean cheating isnt cheating but Rob and kristen need to work this out. Not the rest of the world

    • Eilah

      It was blown out of proportion because Kristen posted her apology via twitter for the whole world to see. I mean… c’mon!

  • dina

    I was a BIG fan of Kristen’s. NOT ANYMORE!!! Robert, don’t take her back, don’t work it out. Once a cheat, always a cheat! Was she loving you when she cheated? And the director should lose his wife and get his ass kicked for stealing another man’s woman!! You are a pathetic piece of needy, desperate TRASH! Will boycott you films and Kristen’s. Robert, be strong! Lots of great monogamous women out there for you who WILL love you! Stay away from sluts like Kristen!

  • margo

    For me once a cheater slways a cheater,,, it would take a long long time of proving herself to Rob, if he ever took her back, I thought they were a good match and I feel sorry for Rob, hope things work out…

    • Clarissa

      He knew she was a cheater. She cheated on her ex-boyfriend with Robert Pattinson.

      • davina1221

        She was dating and Rob was going with Twilight costar Nikki Reed at the time. They both stopped dating other people and got together. This info. came from the Twilight behind the scenes book that has all the pics and info. about the movie.

        Not sure why they keep saying she cheated. She kissed a man several times and it has been reported that is all that happened and the camera man had followed Kristen to the place and took the pictures. They made out, but they didn’t do it. Not one paper has printed that they did. Not one and don’t you think they would if they could.

        There are lots of stars that actually have cheated, but this story has gotten more coverage than they have.

  • http://yahooo Leslie

    I wish him all the best in whatever he decides to do. I am a fan of his, and I love the movies. However it has got to be difficult for him to deal with everything that is ahead of him. I wish him well.

  • Ms. Blam

    Who knew that in real life, the love triangle would not be between Edward and Jacob but between Edward and Harry Clearwater?

  • http://webpronews siobhan

    hi rob im sorry she did this n one day i hope she pays for it always behind u xoxo ps hope all goings well for ur new film

  • http://webpronews siobhan

    hi rob im sorry she did this n one day i hope she pays for it always behind u xoxo ps hope all goings well for ur new film i wish i could do more for u xoxo

  • http://yahoo Evelyn Little

    He feels humiliated and his ego is deflated, but once he realises she’s not worth it, he’ll be okay. It will take a while. Come on Robert, don’t let the English side down. Start dating other people.

    • Sara

      Although I am not English I am definitely in Rob’s corner. However, it will take him a long, long time to get over her. In every interview you can see that he loves her beyond reason. I think she became his life – his reason for living. It will take more than a few months to heal from this. Somewhere there is a girl who will make Rob forget Kristen but that won’t happen in the forseeable future. He has to work through this before he can even think of seeing someone else- if he tried a new relationship now his mind would still be with her. But someday – way down the road – he will find new love and he will put Kristen behind him. And if I sound like a big know-it-all it’s because I have been in his exact situation. So I hope he stays strong and realizes that there is life after Kristen – there is happiness and love for him. In the meantime he must surely know how much he is admired and respected by all his fans.

  • Rita Clark

    Fortunately they weren’t married and no children are involved. They will both get over it.

  • Laura

    WHY WHY WHY are there no articles on Rupert Sanders- he is 50% – he had an affair on his wife- why are all articles about Kristen! Rupert is definitely one that should be taking the heat too!

    • http://Yahoo Melissa

      I agree Laura! Kristen messed up but she seems to be taking all the heat for the situation. Her partner in crime was not only married but a father….it would seem that he violated a much more serious commitment than Kristen. He also had a position of authority over her which makes him an even bigger creep.

  • http://bigfan jill

    I think he should let her stir in her own mess!! He can have anybody he wants so let her go!! She’s weird anyway and so not someone he should be with she’s proven that!!!!

  • http://rp jill

    Believe in a month or so somebody is gonna come along and scoop him up and I’m gonna love seeing him rub it in her face!! And the other guy should be sitting out on his ass somewhere cause I haven’t heard a word about him! Loser!!

  • Bambi Doe

    I am heartbroken for Rob that he has to be put in this media frenzy because the woman he loved decided to go play with her director, a married father with two kids and a wife who co-starred with her…Very tacky…This said I will say I will no longer support any new movies that Kristen is in especially SWATH and I do feel for the rest of the cast but I don’t believe that people who commit adultry or get involved with married people need my money to support their lifestyles…So unless there is a 180 degree turn on Kristen’s part I can’t and won’t support her again and until that happens she has lost a fan and I was a great fan of hers.

    • Cindy

      I must add, that it’s caused me to dislike her as well and I liked her before primarily because of Twilight.

  • Linda

    I think it’s time for all of us to move along. It’s time for Pattinson to move along, and Stewart also. This whole infidelity situation is a terrible thing, but it happened. I’m sure Stewart is beating herself up, and Pattinson is reeling from this trespass. Their previous relationship cannot be salvaged. Those days are now “past tense”. That doesn’t mean that a new kind of relationship can’t be forged. It may no longer be romantic in nature. It might be some form of friendship, or just a business association. Let’s give these two the time and space to decide how they can best move forward with their lives. They should meet, talk it out, yell at each other, and get it all out of their systems. Putting this off any longer just causes things to fester… Good luck to all involved…

  • stength

    Kristen should have told Rob she needed his help. Kristen is guilty of having a ‘secret from Rob meeting’ trying to unsuccessfully handle being pursued by her director boss. I don’t call a meeting in broad daylight, in a public place, kisses from her director, wearing Rob’s hat, an affair or cheating…I call it sexual harassment. Kristen looks uncomfortable in all those ‘cheating pics,’ and totally in love in the most recent pics with Rob, And had she had more time Kristen would have told Rob she tried to handle it unsuccessfully herself, it was revving up, and she needed his help–as her heart was always with Rob. Who goes to have an affair or cheat in broad daylight, in a pubic place, wearing Rob’s hat–her heart was always with Rob. Kristen did the best with the little time she had with her public apology–as her heart was always with Rob. And, Kristen will continue to need Rob’s help with this director. Kristen may have initially been flattered, feels guilty for not telling Rob sooner, and feels naive for how this all played out. Kristen is guilty for not telling Rob then, and Rob is guilty for not going to Kristen now. Rob if you don’t wake up soon, you are going to lose the love of your life over public kissing. Make Kristen your fiancé and take as much time as you need to rebuild the trust for not being told sooner. Kristen has definitely learned–and she never stopped loving you.

    • Gloria

      I totally agree with Strength, they have a great love and that does not happen often. If she was going to cheat it would not be in public during the day where all can see. Rob accept her apology and go along with the wedding. This is a once in a life time love do not let it go without a fight.

      • Cindy

        Gloria, I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but seriously, are you suggesting that Rob marry a liar and a cheater? If her love for Robert was so great she wouldn’t have been looking outside the relationship for sex and fun or excitement or whatever it was. It’s more likely that she is just too young & dumb to be in a committed relationship and she should stay single to sow some wild oats before settling down eventually with someone, not sneaking around town with married men. Low, low, low. She wanted Mary Lous life in OTR, she’s got it now.

      • Joe

        Gloria STFU u dumb bitch! OMG you’re a fucking retard

      • Jen

        LOL how do you even know if they have a “great love”? Like seriously people they played romantic interests in a film.. nothing new and look at 98% percent of the other “great loves” that bleed off the screen to real life and die. It was cute but great love I just don’t know them.

    • kathleen

      I agree….I am an old lady and am disgusted by these celebrity magazines at the check out stand.

      But I always sensed something real and authentic in this couple.

      I am praying for them….she is very young and was drawn into this sexual environment that Hollywood promotes and thrives on.

      When love is this deep, you have to learn to forgive…the other has to learn a big lesson…and never do it again. Otherwise both are scarred for life. It was too real, too deep and genuine.

      I pray people learn something about fidelity and how best relationships are for keeps, for marriage. Many people are not called to marriage … but there is something there in this couple.

    • http://webpronews.com revo

      Stength…you are so ridiculous! You have no idea how Kristen feels. Are you her????? If Rob gives her an inch, she’ll never respect him.

      • Cindy

        You are so right, I’d never respect a man I could dog like that.

    • Sara

      It must be nice to live in La La Land and delude yourself into thinking that Kristen was the victim of the evil older man. I’ve seen the other photos (UK Mail) of them that were not published in US. She has her butt pressed up against him, she’s flexing her muscles, she’s laughing; in one photo he has his hand on her breast. This wasn’t the first time they were together and for her fans to try to sugarcoat this is just laughable. She’s young and she obviously needs to get out and sew her wild oats. However, she should have told Rob BEFORE her “momentary indescretion” She broke his heart. And if the photos hadn’t come out she would still be cheating. They may get back together but their relationship is doomed. He will always, always have the image of her with Rupert and she will always have the reputation of being a trollop.

    • Truth

      I agree. I was personally victim of a man that used of blackmail to try and hold me back with him. I only had one boyfriend my entire life that I meet when I was 17 I married the boyfriend when I was 18 and I grow out of our relationship when I turned 22 and tried to leave him for another guy that I will love forever. He did not let me leave and abused of me physically and mentally over and over so I could not leave. The guy I will love forever walked way because of the many death treats. I think Stewart was taken advantage of and if Rob loves her he should fight for her every second of his life as their love is something unique and special. I can see that, I had that.

    • Ann

      I agree, Cindy. She may have tried to solve things by herself as stength indicates, but that still doesn’t excuse the make out session at VARIOUS locations! If there was one shot of them in one location, and then another of her pushing him off, I could believe that she didn’t want it, and that it was sexual harassment. But judging by the pictures, and Kristen’s apology to the public that she made HERSELF, this points to two adults making a terrible, consensual decision…not sexual harassment.

  • paul

    We need to just let them work it out. And for us to stay out of their business.

  • cheryl

    can we say SLUT

    • Cindy

      Lol. For real. Can we say “Ho White”

  • http://yahoo J Rich

    All of you need to keep your opinions to yourself. Who made you God and what right do you have to judge Kristen. I am sure all of you have done something you regret. Let Rob and Kristen work this out on their own. I know Kristen truly loves Rob and Rob is deeply in love with her. By the way, if Kristen can’t act, how did she get on Forbes list of top actors and how did she become the top paid actress in the last year. Rob and Kristen I know you will work this out and get through this. I went through this years ago and I am a stronger person because of it and still married to the same man. God bless you both. I am a devoted fan of you both.

    • LULU

      I agree

      • Rani

        Sad but they will never get the chance to fix this for themselves. She was young and stupid and the media will play it up for all it’s worth! I just thought I’d comment because it has been up front and center.I think it is so sad that the people who provide us with a wonderful escape from every day life don’t have one for themselves? Papa up their a_ s every time they step out the door, every time they stumble,or just do some normal silly human mistake. SO SAD that the price celebs pay is the very thing we most treasure OUR FREEDOM.

    • Joe

      She still a whore

  • Cindy

    @ Strenght….The public did not write this article, the public did not break the story Ho White did. The public has the right to comment about it because it’s freedom of speech, our nation was founded on that principle. Celebs like this gave up their right to total privacy when they became famous it goes with the territory. The way you feel passionate about defending Kristen is the way we feel passionate about protecting Robert, many of us feel for him. As far as “how did she get to the top of the Forbes list” that has to do with earnings from the very popular Twilight Saga which launched her into the role of Ho White. It has nothing to do with acting ability otherwise she would have won an oscar and she hasn’t. Kristen can’t act, she has a small range of expressions and reactions. But she is popular right now due to Twilight and her ability to sleep with directors for roles.

    • Cindy

      I’m sorry Strenght, I meant to direct my comments towards J. Rich.

  • Denise

    If it had been Rob caught cheating he would be held as a hero but god forbid that a woman actually beat him to the punch makes her the bad guy. Really people who are you to judge leave them alone to work out their problems.

    • Joe

      Shut up you wh0re

    • Ann

      Wow…are you trying to justify her cheating on him by PRAISING her for cheating on him before he would on her? Who’s to say he would EVER cheat on her?
      What an ignorant comment to make.

  • susan

    Honestly people, do any of the posters on here personally know these two people? We can say or think whatever we want, that is our right; but unless we know anything more than what the media reports, this is none of our business. The media are vultures and will do anything for a story, good or bad. I don’t care who can act or who can’t act, that too is a personal opinion, and all the people using the snide comments are no better than who they think they are dissing. MY OPINION

  • Carolyn Black

    you know people, whether you believe me or not i know the look on Kristen Stewart’s face all to well and i can tell everyone right now that she is thinking about killing herself over this so don’t be surprised if you hear she is dead because i was in this kind of situation before and i took a lot of pills to try and kill myself. If Rob is the perfect guy then he should forgive her and get back together and if he isn’t as perfect as we think then he is just like the other jackass guys out there. My husband says that all men are scum sucking dogs and if Rob doesn’t get together with Kristen then he is just as bad as the other guys.

    • Kb

      Psychotic much?

    • Joe

      Your husband is a puss| and you’re a dumb bitch that blames her mistakes on other people, Robert doesn’t have to forgive that wh0re and if she’s thinking of killing herself that’s a bigger reason not to be with a crazy b!tch like her…it you.

    • Ann

      People take things differently. Some are able to get over breaks in trust such as this and some aren’t. It doesn’t make them any worse of a person if they aren’t able to see past such an indiscretion. It says absolutely nothing about his character if he doesn’t take her back, except maybe that he doesn’t want the same thing to happen with her!
      So no, it doesn’t make him as bad as “the other guys” if he doesn’t get back together with her. It just makes him heart broken.


    I believe that Kristen should have kept that a private thing between her and Robert. Yes the pics of her betrayal became public but it would have been smarter for her to remain quiet. All parties included could have been bared the embarassment in a lesser way. Those very public apologies were too much to take. Which could explain Kristen’s quietness now. Sucks for everybody. The plus to this is that its not the end of the world. Robert is a handsome young man. He is employed and has good health. Kristen, will be ok too.

  • zarina azman

    My ex looks like rob pattison speaks like him and is a babe magnet like him.well I left him and now he marries twice and divorces.He looks wrinkled stressed tired and overworked.Kirsten is fed up with rob in a way she is always being scrutinized but I support the fact that maybe rob needs more of kirsten than he thinks.And maybe the director had been more ladies man than rob ever was in his relationship.the woman who sacrificed for him made him what he is today.Go run back to stewart old patty cake.before you deteriorate.

  • Michael

    Usually it’s the guy who is screwing around. I don’t know what to think now! lol No matter what happened, Pattinson seems like a really standup and classy guy for the way he’s choosing to handle this. Clearly, Stewart is a whore and Pattinson was clearly raised well!

  • jenny

    Rob shuld 4give her and move on