Rihanna: Restraining Order Isn’t For Chris Brown

    February 28, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Rihanna was recently forced to get a restraining order, but despite the rumors, it wasn’t against on-again-off-again boyfriend Chris Brown.

The Barbadian singer obtained the order against a man who broke into her neighbor’s home recently believing he was in Rihanna’s house, even sleeping in a bed he believed to be hers. He attempted to steal property from the home but was ultimately thwarted by police, who were called when people in a neighboring home spotted him.

The suspect, Steveland Barrow, was released from custody last week and could be anywhere, so Rihanna felt it in her best interest to protect herself. The judge issued a temporary restraining order which would keep Barrow–who has been described as a “stalker” from coming within 100 feet of the singer.

Twitter has been buzzing with the news, and many are taking shots at Rihanna about it. The singer hasn’t been in the good graces of many after taking back Brown, who famously beat her in a 2009 altercation.

  • m

    Just leave her the hell alone! Don’t think any of you are perfect!

  • Cheryl

    I’m so surprise at some of you for your stupid and inconsiderate commentstowards Rihanna she is human and she has the right to choose whom she wants to be with, some of you have gotten things just as bad or worst done by your partner or friends and still took them back or they are still your friends just because she is in the public eye does not make her not human or her wrong for going back with Chris Brown, she loves him and that is her choice to make not ours, we may not agree but at least respeact it, some of you are just so damn mean and disrespectful, just smh

    • M-bell

      Well said Cheryl!

  • bob lee swagger

    you’re a queer

  • Aysha Dee

    @Alan Cox,and Robert Walton she dont have to be picky about who beats her up and who ever she make a key her house that her business you don’t pay no bills there and he had no business with his butt in her house or nobody else house her didn’t live there. I wish I were there around because he would not have had the chance to get in anybody house. U all sit back and bumps them gums on these people and don’t have two cents to rub together!!!!!!

  • Carmen Lewis


    • MrTokyo

      And I have right to browse comments free of unintelligent and lazy writing. FYI the word you were looking for is “to” or maybe the concept of letters and number eludes you

  • http://webpronews JULIE OLIVER

    these people always got something to say about chris brown stop hating on him and get a life peoples.hate on all the shooting and killing.

    • S

      Yeah you’re right Julie, let’s not waste anymore of anyone’s time thinking or talking about violence against women(brings the mood down if ya ask me). We should be focusing on Chris Brown’s positives like how he can throw one mean right hook.

    • wsdrbj

      A-men!!!! well said.

  • Aysha Dee

    Just leave her alone hell thats her life and she is living it well…she not asking anybody for anything so why worry about what she do!!!! What about some of you all life open up the closet so the skeletons can come out of there the media, internet, and etc. would be glad to spread it for you!!!!

  • Avu D

    Really people! One day your kids are going to do worse things!!! Always the pratical joker, and hate for other! You, me, and everyone have or will make mistakes in matters of the heart. Rihanna is still young, and will make mistakes like all of us. She just happen to have celebrity status where everything is news. If you were in the public eye, what would we learn about you??? Sad that whatever we learn will probably be half true, or not true at all. And if it turns out to be true, we are all human! As long as we don’t hurt or kill anyone, hopefully we can grow from our mistakes… I hope you reap what you sow, so that you will feel what Rihanna must feel when you all throw awful punches. You are not perfect so stop throwing stones…

    • Aysha Dee

      Right Avu D!!!!!

    • http://yahoo.com brock


    • Trizone

      Sadly Avu D, this is not like driving without a license or speeding in a residential neighborhood. This mistake can cost her more than just a fine it could cost her her life. This is about learning from mistakes and not repeating them. There is something inately wrong about a person who accepts this kind of treatment from a man who as big a jerk as this one.

  • A

    I wonder if all of you will still be so supportive of her decisions to stay with Chris Brown when she turns up like Nicole Brown Simpson… dead. You all sit here high and mighty telling others not to pass judgement on her because she’s young, blah, blah – at the end of the day, it’s her life and if she chooses to be with a dick that will beat her and more than likely, eventually kill her (unless she grows up like Tina Turner did… and fast) then so be it. She will not get a drop of sympathy from me or any other intelligent person for what Chris Brown does to her at this point.

  • wsdrbj

    If some one tried to break into your house what would you do? Get real, this is not about Chris Brown. This is about a woman (women) and their privacy being violated.

  • nanana

    Rihanna is so pretty, but not perfect. Yes we all make mistakes in life is just life and we learned from it. But come one really was it the production or was it her that make a song with Chris Brown “cake” ??…Well first of all why make a sex song instead of anything else but sex and drugs. And lip singing playing with your vigina isn’t sexy for a woman.Letting a man beat you up like that isn’t very pleasent. She has millions of followers and she should be a role model for her fans.Not races but you are dark skin and having a man bit you up and playing with your vigina on tv RIRI.. ugh! girl you need to go to church!! Was a fan of her but now she disgusted me. Peple will never take you serious shame on you Rihanna!! Don’t worry the crazy fan looking for you just wanted to get your attention maybe later on he will be your rebound and you can make him an extra key.

  • MrDebonair

    The thing is, Chris Brown is a young man coming from a troubled background. He had an incident with RiRi and handled it in the worst way. It’s like nobody can forgive him and let him learn. Sooo many judgemental people. Who qualifies any of you to judge that boy?! I’m sure that if many of your mistakes/sins/shortcomings came up, you’d all be viewed differently, and not in a positive way, either. Look within yourself and then judge, if you can withstand other unknown nobodies judging you back, if they knew of the things you did….!

    • Kishi

      Of course everyone’s gonna be judgemental!! He beat up a woman!! Extremely! I mean let’s be real, the majority of women are not a physical match for their men. Men who take advantage of this are equally as bad as a mother who extremely physically abuses her child. As soon as you see a pic of the kids’ blackened eye and such, you dont say “oh the she’s young, its ok she’ll learn from that” Nope. Not at all.

      • Niki

        get your facts straight. she hit him first. it’s ok for her to hit him in a moving vehicle but he can’t defend himself?

    • http://Hotmail CC

      Oh, and he’s the only person who came from a troubled background!!! I say “break the chain” instead of perpetuating the problem. Chris Brown should be saying, “that was my past, it doesn’t define me and I refuse to push this behavior forward”. That’s what a lot of people from troubled backgrounds do. He’s proven (not once, but numerous times, that he is not willing to do that.

  • http://Yahoo.com Donna

    I thought the article said that this guy broke into a neighhbor’s home and not hers. He thought that he had her house. Stupid for him and as for Chri and Rihanna relationship I think folks need to leave that ish alone because time will tell.

    • Jennifer

      Time already told for Christ Brown and Rihanna he beat on her. If they do it once they do it again and again until the object of their “affection” is dead.

  • sprade

    f*@& all u n$%^&@s

  • Amac74

    Hey, people let’s look at it from the stalker point of view. Breaking in and sleeping in a bed that he thought was Rhianna this sounds like he wanted to know how Goldilocks felt!! lol

    • p lyon

      boy i bet you peopler live life as saints never doing anything you regret do you all think that brown should be put in jail for life? get a life if she the one that was in that car forgave him what do any of you got to do with it.

      • poker130

        She lives her life in the public. So the public has the right to comment on her life. She gave a 20/20 interview over the incident. IF she is stupid enough to go back with the loser that abused her. That stupid move needs to be called out for what it is. People are publically commended for positives acts and will be publiccaly condemed for stupid acts. Stupid people are often in need of rescuing. Hello Rihanna, you are stupid.

  • Jennifer

    So she gets a restraining order on one man who wishes to harm her but gets back together with a man who actually DID harm her. I do not follow her logic at all. I go beat up by an ex-boyfriend once and I ran away and never went back to him ever again. This not about being young I was young at the time and I was smart to leave and never go back. This is about not having any self worth and being stupid. I do not excuse or forgive women beaters and no other woman with sense in her head should either. WHEN he beats her again like Ike Turner I will not have an ounce of sympathy.

  • whitney scroggins


  • http://Tweetr Amanuel

    I Think that Drke sued Buet The Hell Out of Chris Brown and that Bitch Rianna nasd to get whaint a rall Man not a lil boy

  • Coming from A Woman

    Ok I seem to remember that she was beating on him while he was driving, but I guess since it’s a girl she can’t get hit back??? I think women need to realize that if you hit a man you deserve to get hit back, but maybe people don’t realize it because most women are quick to throw tantrums and hit their boyfriends or husband and don’t exspect anything back. After a while it gets old and he is going to haul off and slap your ass back. Just saying!

    • http://Hotmail CC

      NO ONE deserves to be “hit back” let alone be hit. Any man who “slaps my ass back” won’t be hit with a restraining order just a 45 caliber. Just saying…..

    • Nicollette

      Finally someone says something that no one talks about. People shouldn’t hit. since she hit him first while he was driving, he should be able to hit back. The bruises i saw on the internet kept changing. Rihanna seems like she has an attitude problem. I don’t condone violence but people should be able to defend themselves.

    • Kiara

      *Where in the hell do you get your information from? Neither she, he, judge, reporter, or lawyer EVER said that one. Read a book, not your FBook feed!

  • david robinson

    Riana did a song with lyrics that she liked S&M

  • http://facebook h.

    Why people just don’t leave Chris Brown and Rihanna alone u cannot tell the heart who too love would u like someone too tell you who too love respect them. And leave them to hell alone.

  • RangerVern

    I’d protect her from stalkers!!!! I follow her around all the time anyway!

  • RangerVern

    I’d protect her from stalkers!!!! I follow her around all the time anyway!

  • A

    Ok – enough with whatever Rihanna is doing anytime of the day – who cares?…she’s not a good singer and I can’t understand why she is so popular anyway. As far as the Chris Brown fiasco…we don’t know all the details of that ‘story’ but it was no reason for him to hit her BUT she is not to be trusted and I wish they would both would find other people to be with – that relationship is ‘fire’. Somebody gone get burned.