Redskins Name Change Urged By Congress

    May 29, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Should the Redskins change their name? Some members of Congress certainly think so.

The Los Angeles Times reports that 10 members of Congress have sent an open letter to Redskins owner Dan Snyder asking him to change the name of the NFL team. Many view the name as offensive to Native Americans as the term “redskin” could be seen as a racial epithet.

The letter sent to Snyder, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and others says that the term “redskin” is just as offensive as other racial slurs:

“Native Americans throughout the country consider the ‘R-word’ a racial, derogatory slur akin to the ‘N-word’ among African Americans or the ‘W-word’ among Latinos. In this day and age, it is imperative that you uphold your moral responsibility to disavow the usage of racial slurs. The usage of the “R-word” is especially harmful to Native American youth, tending to lower their sense of dignity and self-esteem. It also diminishes feelings of community worth among the Native American tribes and dampens the aspirations of their people.”

Will the letter work? Well, it can’t hurt. Earlier this month, Washington Councilman David Grosso announced it was his intention to change the state’s NFL team name to something more respectful. His idea was the “Washington Redtails,” named after the Tuskegee Airmen.

There are presumably countless other ideas floating around so Snyder won’t have any trouble picking a new name if he decides to change it. That being said, we’re probably not going to see a change anytime soon.

  • Kevin

    The Redskins should tell Congress to stick with doing what it does best. Concentrating on meaningless issues to draw attention to themselves. Complete waste of time.

    • http://yahoo Cindy

      I completely agree……………….

  • Cheryl

    As a Native American, I am quite happy to tell Congress to shut up! There are so many things you could be doing right now. Oh you know…. trying to fix our debt crisis, things like that. I am completely fine with the Redskins name and most Native Americans that I know are fine with the Redskins name!

    • http://yahoo Cindy

      Good for you, Cheryl. This country needs more people with open minds.

    • Jason

      as a native american that has knowledge of how the government treats us as people I am glad that they finnally stepped up to do something for native americans for a change. Hell until the 1970’s the gov’t still said “kill the indian,save the man.” in 2005 the passed immenent domain because the native americans did as they always have preserve the land{reservation} now they can just take it away a the gov’t sees fit. and how about the lakota souix and the state of south dakota they deamed every native american child special needs so when they find a reason to take them away from their families the state gets more money per child than any other race. SO it is a good thing that they are doing this. if you all are okay with it why dont we change the name of some other teams,for example san diego spics, new york niggers, chicago chincs, san fansico slopes, kansas city krackers…exc. AND SEE HOW THE REST OF THE RACES IN AMERICA LIKE IT!!!

    • Chris

      Why wouldn’t you be fine with it. I never understood the problem. Teams and schools don’t pick nicknames and mascots to be offensive, they pick them because they like them. When is the last time you heard of a team called ‘The Dipshits’ or The Serial Killers’?

    • Ernest

      Well said Cheryl. I’m a born in Dallas, Cowboys fan, and I hate the Redskins. Thank you Daniel Synder to sticking to your beliefs. For our real Americans, the Native Americans, we respect your thoughts & feelings, but don’t be like my heritage of Mexican descent when back in the 1960’s, they caused so much ruckus about the Frito Bandito for Lays, because it was politically incorrect, that’s a bunch of bull crap, everybody misses those commercials. Hopefully you will see the value of Native Ancestors during times of protecting their & our beautiful lands. Congress, why don’t you all do some real work. Long live the NFL Washington Redskins & their fans!

  • http://yahoo Jules

    This is nothing more than political correctness and as far as congress goes, they should have more important things to worry about, but then again they cannot take care of real iisues so this makes them feel like the are doing something I suppose. But really who is offended? There are no real native Americans alive any longer, Plenty of people with a percentage of Native American blood, but 100%, they are extinct. You can’t offend people That are no longer around and those that are offended should be doing something to help the partial American Indians living in on reservation, broke and uneducated. That would be useful…this is not.

  • Sam Hatman

    Good Grief — the Congress needs to mind their own business — stay out of people business. I’m a native and I love the Redskins and their name. Get a life Congressmen.

  • Ron B

    Do not give in to the “Political Correctness Police” … keep the Redskins PROUD name for your team ! Screw Congress …. they are so totally inept thaqt all they can hope for is to “influence” someone, somewhere …

  • James Lowe

    My daughter is half Navajo Indian. She and her Indian friends think it is cool having teams with Indian names. Those are the teams they root for. Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians are their favorite teams. To the small vocal minority who have nothing else to think about, get a life and shut up about it.

  • M James

    You see what’s happening here. Every two weeks or so some liberal is going to publicly whine about the Redskins and then the media will be able to characterize this as a controversy, when in fact almost 80% of the American people say leave the name alone.

    • pivotallen

      I understand what your saying about congress, trouble is they could care less what 80% of Americans think.

  • John Sabone

    And, we wonder why congress can’t get anything done? There to busy sticking their noses into other people’s business.

  • Hal

    Ten Congressman? Hardly a majority to get uptight about. Hopefully the rest of Congress is working on important matters.

  • c

    to the 10 members of congress, go fck yourselves

  • http://yahoo tom davis

    If the Gov’t can’t fix the problems this country has now ,how and why are they sticking there noses in some thing that doesn’t conscern them.Get the @#$% out of the sporting games.

  • Ed

    Let me get this right, they want to change it from noe name that “may be racial” to one that definitely is~!? weren’t all the Redtails black (African American)???

  • Philip

    There are 535 members in the U.S. Congress. Title should say “Redskins Name Change Urged By Less than 2% of Congress”

  • NM

    Now congress thinks “Redskins” is offensive? Washington Redskins has been around for decades with millions of football attendee fans. And NOW congress wants to a name change because they say so? I have news for you IDIOTS in congress, still to your jobs (If you can call it that) and leave well enough alone.
    Us Americans many view the name “Congress as offensive” to Native Americans as the term “Congress” could be seen as a racial epithet or demoralizing the purpose of the term Congress in the first place.
    “Politicians are like diapers, they should be changed on a daily “basis.

  • bobby

    They can change the name to the Washington Jack Asses!

  • http://modzillafoxfire Stan Flax

    Doesn’t Congress have anything better to do than pick on an already established team name with a great reputation? How about changing the name of the Harlem Globe Trotters,since “Harlem” implies a black ghetto?
    Or “The Trojans” of USC, heretofore thought of as prophylactics? What about the Cleveland “Indians”, Atlanta “Braves”? Congress should devote more of its time and efforts to solving the problems at home re economic growth, job creation and expansion, reducing the budget deficit, working towards world peace, etc?

  • David

    Ok, if we get Washington to stop using the “R” word then can we please get the African-American to stop using the “N” word and the same for the Latinos to stop using the “W” word as well.

  • kevin dalton

    I vote for the washington niggers!!

  • Steve

    Are you kidding me. Congress is full of crap. Don’t they really have more important issues than to figure out how man “Native American” votes this will muster for them. STAY OUT OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR!! DID YOU HEAR THAT? one of the previous comments says it all. When the media gets it it is 10 congressmen request which sounds a lot more than 2%. Go out and get a real job, pay real insurance and pay into a legitimate/legal pension plan. I’m sure everyone has heard this one before. If you have just bear with me, if not it is pretty amusing/frightening. Pros/Cons. The opposite of PROGRESS is CONGRESS!!

  • Stan

    10 congressmen. Out of 400. This is news? You’ve probably got at least 10 congressmen that are avowed communists. This is meaningless.

  • steve

    Did those 10 idiots know this???? Maybe there next “big” project??

    From Alaska to Florida and Maine to California there are 757 places with Negro in the name, according to an analysis of government records. Many of those place names were not spelled that way originally. There are also 20 places with “Dago” (and many more that have been changed to “Italian”), 1,100 Squaws, six “Polacks,” 10 Cripples, 58 named Gypsy, 30 “Chinamans,” eight “Injuns,” 1 “Hebe Canyon,” 35 “Spooks,” 14 “Sambos” – including Black Sambo Mine in California – 30 “Spades,” and too many “Coons” to count. There are also at least seven “Darkeys,” another offensive name for black people.

    Peace and Love!!!!

  • http://errandboycourier@aol.com Jack

    I like the redskins name and logo,,,maybe congress would like the name to be WS REDNECKS,,HEY I LIKE THAT

  • eric

    Any of these congress ever met any real natives? These people are pretty terrible. Not by choice, they are just really poor and addicted to drugs and alcohol.

    They don’t give a damn about being called redskins. In fact, I don’t think that was ever once used in the whole 13 years I went to school with natives. Not a single time was ‘redskin’ ever said. We called them natives, and if we wanted to be racist, we called them mongoloids or something like that.

    But seriously, congress should focus on improving natives well being, and less on their feelings. They are in terrible shape. But congress is doing just fine as always.

  • sean

    Utterly ridiculous!!! I think the name represents pride and dignity. it’s not like they are using the name for derogatory purposes, Let me guess next they will make ny change their names from the “GIANTS” because it offends tall people!! Get a life Congress

  • Running Bull$#!+

    The term redskins, as it applies to an NFL sports team, was chosen to reflect a warrior spirit and strike fear into the opposing teams. I believe it does American Indians honor to be revered in such a manner.

  • Mel

    I am Native American with a PhD, 5/8’s and have experienced the good and bad society has shared with me. I am Proud of my handsome reddish brown skin. That said, the best thing the Redskins football team could do is have a scholarship for the elite of Native American students. Those with 3.5 GPA’s (Grade Point Averages), would be eligible for a Scholarship for higher education. That would serve all,in a good way, Native Americans with a Masters or Doctor degree are rare, and most go unfunded.

  • Judi

    Congress needs to work on larger problems than the name of a football team! How tiny are they? I would like to believe that the name would carry honor in that it reflects a warrior spirit. If Congress wins this one, where will they stop?

  • pat

    What about Redass something the public gets everytime congress deals with such things rather than doing it’s business.

  • Kevin

    To quote a cliche’, “the needs of the many outway the needs of the few” or should I say “the WANTS of the many”. Maybe a better term is the “tyranny of the majority”. Everyone knows this name is offensive. So it doesn’t matter if a majority of americans or some native americans don’t find the name offensive. The fact is some do. So because those who object to the name are not enormously rich, from a huge voting block or from a group large enough to make a big enough noise about it to garner attention does not mean that they should be disregarded or disrespected. The commentary hear refers to the term “political correctness” as if they were dirty words. If avoiding the use of racial slurs and stereotypes or being respectful to a group of people makes me politically correct, then I wear the badge proudly. We, as Americans, should put our selfishness aside and do whats right in this case, rather than what feels good.

  • Snookie

    those idiots in congress could not find their a$$e$ in the dark with both hands- they cannot run this country- yet they are trying to tell a private owner what to do with his business- let the paying fans tell him with their dollar votes-
    Why don’t you see anyone complaining about the Fighting Irish?
    that name is just as racist!

  • Dave

    Doesn’t congress have anything better to fix than to worry about a private companies Business name/nickname? Like a balanced budget, kicking the VA admin in the butt to investigate the back log of VA disability cases that as of now take over a year to get process. to, Get us out of the Middle East. reduce the deficit, investigate fast and furious gun running by our own government, Benghazi, election fraud. I am sure their are much more pressing needs by our country that need to be resolved.
    Remember to vote these elected officials to the curb next time we have to vote.

  • bob

    Hmmm..slow day on the hill. The IRS can do whatever to whomever they want, the Attorney General has signed off on wiretapping and intercepting all emails, the economy is booming, the national debt is paid off, Bengazi was just collateral damage, there is no sexual harassment in the military, 900,000 veterens are waiting in a single file line for benefits,Obama care is a resounding success, it’s raining so we can’t play golf, our next lobbiest junket isn’t until next week, we can’t go to our home district because we’ll have to answer questions and the free barber shop is closed. Oh, what to do… Let’s send write a bill that requires all expectant parents to submit at least 3 name choices for there child and have the IRS choose the name since they’re all going to be paying taxes anyway.

  • http://Google William

    Enough all ready, I say if they and others have hurt feelings over this kind of crap, then ALL MENTION FROM ALL BOOKS SHOULD BE BURNED. From here on in.There should be NO MENTION of their people anywhere.
    All BOOKS,ALL MOVIES, NO MUSIEUMS, Wipe all mentions including superstition’s off the PLANET…As far as I’m concerned,BURN IT ALL AND TAKE IT TO THE DUMP and have a weenie roast,NO more BOO-WHOO’s Problem solved.

    WHAT the hell is an in-jun?

  • zerrall mcdaniel

    I have long advocated since the mid 90’s for our local High School to change our name from “Redskins”. I attended the same HS graduating in 1967, I was embarrassed then and I am embarrassed now. At the time the girls teams were referred as “Squaws”, thankfully that has since been abandoned. There are very few HS or Professional teams that continue to hang on to disrespectful labels like this instead choosing to have names that reflect things like animals or concepts. How about “REDS” for the color red. Red is a color representing strength. It is time to evolve from these kinds of representations in a proactive way instead of being asked or forced. Come on!! The time has come.