Record Early Snowfall: Winter Is Coming


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Just when you thought you’d gotten the memory of a ceaseless winter out of your minds, here comes a story to remind you that it all has to happen again.

A record-early snowfall has hit parts of the Midwestern United States.

On Thursday morning, snow fell in parts of Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. This represents the earliest that snow has fallen in the United States outside of winter.

This wasn't exactly a polite "dusting" either.

In one region of South Dakota, it was reported to have snowed as much as eight inches. Seven inches of snow was said to have fallen at Mount Rushmore.

How much snow reportedly fell in portions of northern Wyoming?

Try eighteen inches.

Even if you aren’t currently digging out (and 11 days before summer officially ends at that), it has to be somewhat depressing knowing that this crazy weather will be coming to a snow shovel near you within the coming weeks.

Especially since this year’s winter is supposed to be a precipitation-heavy affair. While this can mean rain, it also means that frequent snowfall is likely.

Blame it on the “El Nino” weather phenomenon.

This is when unusually warm Pacific Ocean water temperatures have an impact on North American weather patterns.

Scientists have already compared it to the conditions seen in 1997. The “Super El Nino” of the late nineties brought with it heavy snowfall and ice storms.

It’s very possible that we could be getting a repeat nearly two decades later.

As such, you may want to start preparing for the inconvenient weather NOW.

Though summer isn’t over and you probably don’t want to think about how cold you’re going to be a few weeks from now.

Just remember that no one was ever sorry to be prepared for cold weather and winter snow storms!