Real-Life Anime Girl Gives Makeup Tips

By: Amanda Crum - October 2, 2012

Real-life anime girl Anastasiya Shpagina, a 19-year old from Ukraine, can give you lessons on how to look like her…if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

Shpagina, whose adopted Japanese name is Fukkacumi, says she spends quite a bit of time–hours–every day transforming herself into a living anime character, with enormous eyes and tiny proportions. She’s a fanboy’s dream come true, especially considering she’s so dedicated to the cause. She’s even considering going under the knife to make her eyes look more like those of an anime girl.

For now, though, she has several videos up on YouTube which show, in painstaking detail, how to apply makeup in the anime style. In case you’re curious.

Tip of the hat to Buzzfeed for the pics.

And here’s one of her just being silly.




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  • kerwin dagle


  • Chris

    This is freaking me out in a bad way. Like a nightmare come to life.

  • Cary Simmons

    Does she have sex with giant tentacled monsters?

  • Derryl

    i would not wanna wake up with her in my room lmao scary

  • Dago

    She looks hideous! Venus Angelic is the most beautiful living doll – she looks human with doll like qualities, very pure, innocent and angelic looking, yet unmistakably human, just a bit of makeup, none of this photoshop nonsense or plastic surgery at all. This woman (?) looks like an alien.

  • Lauren

    LMAO with Derryl! Yeah, i dont think aging will be much of a pretty picture. This look is so unnatural but each to their own…

  • Nate Hays

    Whoah…gross. Some things are better left in animation. Like trying to bring Homer Simpson to life or something.

  • Dill Pickle

    Ahhhhhh! I’m going to have nightmares now!! Gross and creepy

  • Steph

    Wow. A bit creepy……… :/

  • Ljenks


  • esmeralda

    found my halloween costume!

  • Racquel

    The schoolgirl picture she looks like a legitimate mongoloid…why would you ever want to look like this?? She’s probably really beautiful sans the makeup

  • John

    This is a little weird but I would still hit that

  • cyndi

    iI dont get it…

  • Wepation

    Fukkacumi…… really….. good job by the author of not noticing her name is sexual…..

  • ryan

    idk whats so surprising here, people in asia do this all the time

  • Matthew Jacobsen

    In the story it said “She’s even considering going under the knife to make her eyes look more like those of an anime girl”. My question is if she didnt go under the knife how are her eyes so big then cause thats not nature unless its like contacts or something. Still werid as hell and if I saw her walking down the street I’d have to do a double take. Bet shes a huge hit at Comic-Con

    • Julie

      She is using a special type of contact lens that makes your eyes look bigger. Most girls use them when they dress like dolls, for the lolita craze. I’m an anime fan, but I find that I have grown out of most of it. Chances are she will too, and if she does have surgery, she may regret it.

    • Sarah

      Yes, it is contacts. Lady Gaga wore some in her music video for Bad Romance to make her look like and Anime girl. I think it looks super freaking creepy.

  • devis

    The crazy things people do to get attention

    • Jakhari Diggs

      Like you never dressed up as something not real, ex. halloween; regardless of the situation it is just like she’s doing dressing up like non-real things. I don’t even watch anime, but she does look cute, still a major waste of time, but that’s no different than what most models do dressed up as human versions of cartoon characters, covered in bugs and snakes, dressing up as mermaids for covers, not much different unless you agree top modeling is a waste of time as well. Looks almost like nicki minaj makeup

  • michele braun

    This young woman has serious, serious mental issues not to mention an obvious distorted perception of her self image. Not trying to knock her right to look how she wants to but if she would rather look like an inanimated object rather then herself, again, I see very deep mental issues here….wow….

  • thereefermadness

    ahaha creepy! but an anime dorks wet dream lol

  • minmin

    Creepy nerd..

  • M

    SERIOUSLY!? Its sad that this cute young lady spends so many hours, daily, of her young life on makeup and trying to look like a fake, unrealistic anime doll. Sad, sad, sad…and creepy. Anime only looks cute in cartoons.

  • Adam Schramm

    God, that’s scarier than a Stepford wife. Why anyone would want to look like that, let alone be attracted to it, is beyond me.

    • Aita

      Probably because we have a wider definition of “human” than you do. Check out relative viewing in research concerning the uncanny valley: That’s probably what’s affecting you.

      I don’t find it sexually attractive (I’m a big-breast person), but I can appreciate the aesthetics, and I think it’s awesome that people are starting to stand up and control what they look like.

  • Maxrtg

    I think this is a form of art come to life! She looks awesome

  • Lisa

    Holy Pikachu!!

  • Nomdefaitour

    I wonder if she even realizes the blatantly obscenely double-entendre of her adopted Japanese name (Fukkacumi) when pronounced phonetically in English?

    • ecurbTprophet

      I’m certain she does!
      (gonna make her some money – without having to shake it)

      • Lisa


  • ecurbTprophet

    Read someone say this is an artform come to life.

    Could be – as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.

    Read somewhere else that this young lady “got her weight down to 8 stone.”

    8 stone = 112 lbs. No WAY does this 5’2″ person weigh 112 lbs. If she did I would not be concerned for her… but I am, concerned for her.

    • Emma

      112 lbs. is definitely normal for a 5’2” person, especially a teenage girl. The average weight for that height is 120 lbs.

    • Bunny

      I’m 5’1″ and I weigh about 114 so I don’t think 5’2″ 112 is bad.

  • andrew

    I think she looks great … I love anime … So yup. Wet dreams for me lol … But really you do look. Beautiful. Do what. U want don’t let these people knock. You

  • Peter

    At least she has job security since she can always have a mannequin as a fall back job. I made some memes about this cause I think this is pretty crazy.

  • Rachel Scarlett

    Semi Permanent Makeup is a good alternative to common makeup. I had my done at Annette Power in Harley Street, London…
    one of the best permanent makeup specialists

  • just another seven foot doofus

    …hey people, live and let live, wasn’t it? I’m sure many of us have done stranger things than this for Halloween, and before you get all defensive and say ‘well, that’s just one day each year’ I’d say look in the mirror and measure how much you must change to be who you must be for work or for your partner or yourself…if she feels that cosplay [and if you don’t know what that word means, Look It Up!] is a fun and entertaining hobby, who’s to say it’s any more disturbing than me, at 47 years of age, racing radio control model cars…yeah, a grown man who plays with toy cars…it’s just a hobby, GET OVER IT!

  • just another seven foot doofus

    …and besides, she’s actually very cute…

  • person

    she looks just like the anime girls! this is Awesome..

  • http://facebook Pinky Medak

    it’s really amazing to see real anime girl.u made it…..

  • emma

    i think that’s really awesome! i really wanna try it!