'Rabbids Big Bang' Mobile Game Revealed


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Ubisoft dumped a huge pile of info on the gaming world during its Digital Days event today. In addition to some nice downloadable console title announcements, the publisher has announced several mobile titles it will release later this year. Assassin's Creed: Pirates and Trials Frontier will bring popular console franchises to mobile, and Rayman Fiesta Run serves as an update to Rayman Jungle Run. Fiesta Run won't be the only Rayman-related mobile title out from Ubisoft this fall, though.

Rabbids Big Bang will also be coming to smartphones and tablets. The game is a physics puzzle game that stars the now-infamous Rabbids. The creatures will use jetpacks, baseball bats, and other items to propel themselves through 150 different missions. The rabbids will collect coins while avoiding the certain death of falling into a fiery star. Players can earn upgrades for their gear and costumes for their rabbids.

Being a Rabbids game, Big Bang will undoubtedly be silly and a bit juvenile. Ubisoft's announcement includes mention of space cows, space duckies, and cheese planets. The game's announcement trailer shows off a bit of this silliness, including toilet humor-related constellations: