Popular Vote: Will Obama Take That, Too?

    November 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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While the days leading up to the election were stressful for the parties involved, perhaps even more stress was laid upon the shoulders of each candidate’s supporters on election night. It seemed like a very tight race for hours, sometimes even coming within a few hundred votes for some states.

Shortly before midnight, however, President Obama won the necessary amount of Electoral College Votes needed to bring him back to office for another term. Today, many are left wondering where he stands with the popular vote, which was predicted to be another close race.

Romney held a slight lead as of last night, before many of the western states had been accounted for. But Nate Silver of the New York Times says Obama will more than likely top his opponent by the time it’s all said and done.

“Mr. Obama is also likely to win the popular vote, perhaps by two to three percentage points, once votes from California, Oregon and Washington are fully counted,” Silver wrote.

Obama earned a record number of racial minority voters this year, which helped him considerably in key states. He was able to take almost all of the swing states by storm, although not all of the counts are in just yet.

  • dylan

    this election was rigged by the goverment i dont even know why we even vote anymore

    • TaReon Williams

      losers always blame their failures on someone or something else. if you were paying attention, you would know that it has always been the Republicans who try to manipulate and suppress voters. President Obama won, if you don’t like it…you have two choices 1) get over it 2)or move to another country.

    • scrambolo


      Cynicism may be very dangerous to YOU! Perhaps the short article below will change your mind about being a cynic. Good Luck!


    • http://msn nana

      I agree dylan should use reg votes not electoral

  • Kioni

    I’m so proud of my President because through the storm he has prevailed and won this election. He could not fix in one term what others have destroyed for more than 10 years. I think this is excellent for America. It shows that we are one, red or blue state. I love my United States

  • James

    Here we go congrats to the president. But for America this will cost us more than anything else. Thanks to a lawless society that’s stands up for the killing of the unborn. There goes more of our tax dollars to support what I don’t believe in. Well we will have to wait and see as we are turned over to the world and become the capital of Rome nice going for a country based on Christianity to a country built on satan thanks to my fellow Americans we will be devoured

  • Mo

    let’s be good sports here folks- are you aware of the poor example being set for our children? How are we to teach respect for authority and manners when adults demonstrate such poor conduct? What happened to the days of respecting those in office once the outcome was determined?
    Sore loser? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    we are all American he is OUR president- get with the program & this time let the guy do his job!

  • Matt

    Scrambolo, you are a fool to think that this country wasn’t found and based on Christian principles. I challenge you to go find and watch a video called The Truth Project, then you may see the light.

    • scrambolo


      Thanks for branding me with the title of fool, you know me so well! I can tell that you DID NOT read the very words of Thomas Jefferson or any of the ACTUAL WORDS spoken by our Founding Fathers regarding religious beliefs I gave you references you just ignored. You give me a video made by who? I give you the ACTUAL WORDS OF some of the more prominent Founding Fathers and you ignore. Perhaps because they did not fit nicely into your preconceived notions. Now tell me Matt who is really the ignorant person and fool?

      • James

        If you have ever read anything about Jesus and the word you would know he did not ride on a Dino but a donkey your political sign or which in slang terms is a jack —

    • Dougee

      Matt, sounds like you are the fool here. I’m sure most people here have no interest in watching one of your fact-twisting propaganda films. I’m sure you can come up with all sorts of “proof” that earth is only 6000 years ago, there was a global flood, and that Jesus rode a dinosaur. Doesn’t make any of it true.

    • James

      Thanks for backing that up have you noticed you mention Christ, Christian, Jesus, or God it’s like RAID to unbeliever(democrats) they will say they believe but if that was true abortion gay marriage and legalizing pot would not come to be. How can a true believers say it okay for the unborn to be killed but once given birth and you would kill the baby it’s murder. And take the prez four years ago stood up for marriage between a man and a woman now stands for gay marriage must really needed the votes what a serious lawless society. We are not the losers we no what happens at the end of the Bible for those that do not know who wrote this its written from God

  • Chris Roberts

    It’s God Working at his BEST!

  • http://msn nana

    people will get what they asked for

  • Brandon B

    The fact can’t be denied, the country WAS founded on Judeo-Christian principles and has strived in it’s history to become more in tune w/ them , even if some of our leaders were not christians. The more the American people get away from those principles the more disasterous it will be, no matter who the president is. A utopian society based on secular humanist ideals, if it were even possible to acheive, would not last long before collapsing into anarchy. Human nature remains the same. We can’t “reason” it away. Our only hope is in Christ Jesus the only Saviour and one True God. Only by seeking His spirit and His will in our lives will America continue to be great.

    • James

      Thanks for backing me up. What a wonderful country were we have people who claim to be Christians & go to church such as our prez but supports taking away a life that was only given by GOD. Just remember in the end who wins that war was already won at the cross.