People In Haiti Read #FirstWorldProblems Tweets

By: Chris Crum - October 8, 2012

Ad Agency DDB New York has teamed up with nonprofit WATERisLIFE to take advantage of all those #FirstWorldProblems tweets and spread an actual message: Your “first world problem” aren’t problems.

The effort has led to a bunch of videos of Haitian villagers reading aloud #FirstWorldProblems tweets, which the agency is then tweeting back at the authors of the tweets.

This video pretty much sums up the effort:

Here are some of the direct response videos being tweeted at Twitter users:

Plenty more where those came from here.

Business Insider shares some interesting comments from the ad exec behind the campaign, who says, “We totally understand the irony of it. People are doing it as a joke. It leads to a desensitization around the issue.”

[via FastCoCreate]
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  • Sam R

    Ha, show those people who think these are real problems! Oh wait, no one thinks that, cause the joke is that they aren’t actually problems…

  • Jennie

    While I appreciate this effort, the point of #firstworldproblems is already to show that some of the things we think is a problem isn’t really. If it was for read it wouldn’t be tagged as first world problems it would just be problems. I think everyone who posts those tweets understands that.

    • Chris Crum

      See ad exec’s comments mentioned at the end.