Penguin Update Will Come Back (Like Panda), According To Report

    May 15, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Danny Sullivan put out a new article with some fresh quotes from Matt Cutts. From this, we know that he has deemed the Penguin update a success. In terms of false positives, he says it hasn’t had the same impact as the Panda or Florida updates, though Google has seen “a few cases where we might want to investigate more.”

Sullivan confirmed what many of us had assumed was the case: Penguin will continue into the future, much like the Panda update. Cutts is even quoted in the article: “It is possible to clean things up…the bottom line is, try to resolve what you can.”

The Good News

Depending on your outlook, this could either be taken as good or bad news. On the good side of things, it means you can come back. Just because your site was destroyed by Penguin, you still have a shot to get back in Google’s good graces – even without having to submit a reconsideration request. Google’s algorithmically, assuming that it does what it is supposed to, will detect that you are no longer in violation of Google’s guidelines, and treat your site accordingly.

The Bad News

The bad news is that there is always the chance it won’t work like it’s supposed to. As I’m sure you’re aware, there are many, many complaints about the Penguin update already. Here’s an interesting one. Many feel like it’s not exactly done what it is supposed to. Another perhaps not so positive element of the news is that sites will have to remain on their toes, wondering if something they’ve done will trigger future iterations of the Penguin update.

Remember when Demand Media’s eHow as not hit by the Panda update when it first launched, but was then later hit by another iteration of it, and had to delete hundreds of thousands of articles, and undergo a huge change in design, and to some extent, business model?

But on the other hand, eHow content is the better for it, despite a plethora of angry writers who no longer get to contribute content.

There’s always the chance that some sites have managed to escape Penguin so far, but just haven’t been hit yet. Of course, Danny makes a great point in that “for any site that ‘lost’ in the rankings, someone gained.”

It will be interesting to see how often the Penguin update gets a refresh. There were two Panda refreshes in April alone (bookending the Penguin update). It might be even more interesting to see how many complaints there are when the refreshes come back, and how often they’re noticed. Even the last Panda update went unconfirmed for about a week.

Either way, be prepared for Penguin news to come peppered throughout the years to come. Just like Panda. We’ll certainly continue to cover both.

  • http://www.seohost.com/ Andrew Thomson

    Google penguin and panda both are most appreciated algorithms from google.

  • Fafi

    Well if Google Penguin is gonna make several visits then I guess we need to keep ourselves alert and our SEO activities on the toes to avoid any future implications.

  • http://www.cheers2wine.com Steve

    I wish Google would just come out and expect much seems to be guesswork. one of my sites got hit and another didn’t and I still am not sure what’s going on.

  • http://www.nevillepettersson.com/ Neville Pettersson

    I for one am eagerly awaiting the next refresh. I still see a lot of the backlinks in WMT that I have manually had taken down. I’ve also updated my site design etc.

    Hopefully it works.

  • http://chickenpaprikash.com Rick

    My website WAS on the first page of google for 4 keywords that I was targeting. My website is an exact .com domain name match for a popular search term, “Chicken Paprikash” and is a very relevent site for someone looking for chicken paprikash. Since this penquin update, I am no where to be found on the web unless you type in the domain name chickenpaprikash.com. I have only been on the web less than 1 year and don’t really know what happened. I have heard that exact domain names are in some way being penalized. Obviously I am hoping that I can somehow get back. I had used the keyword “chicken paprikash” 41 times on my site when the update occured. I have since toned it down to 9. I have a very unique product, not found anywhere on the web and needed to use the word “Chicken Paprikash” so many times to explain the uniqueness of my product. This must have been considered keyword stuffing by google. I am hoping the refresh will help.

  • Steve Smith

    I don’t spam, I don’t black hat. Used to get 2000 uniques a day, now get 600. Haven’t a clue why I got bombed. Maybe they know I like Tim Carter from askthebuilder? (If you don’t get that comment do a Bing search).

  • http://www.bing.com James

    I’d much rather see Google go down in flames. I bought a lot of
    advertising through Adwords before the update, but never again.

    • http://newjerseycarpetcleaning.net carpet cleaning nj

      google is killing the small business man and for what. now i buy paper clicks at 200 a month how nice.

  • http://www.expothemes.com/ Pradosh

    I wish they would make more improvement in algorithm to exclude normal sites who use natural links building

  • http://lots0cash.com lots0

    The sites that gained for the most part are spammers/scammers and big corporate branded sites…

    Google has made it clear that independent small and mid sized websites are no longer a concern of theirs and are not really wanted in ‘their’ index.

  • http://Www.jasjotbains.com Jasjot

    Matt might be thinking that penguin and panda were success, but I and many like me still believe these updates litter the search results more than before

  • http://www.googleplus1king.com .george

    My site hit by penjuin update badly,i am on first page of Google for many search term and after update my site no where found Google search.I never apply any black hat tactic,my other sties are just fine.My site url gedpracticetestsonlines.com if any seo expert out there plz review my site and suggest me what can i do,and when to expect my site to come back.

  • http://www.graphicxtras.com Andrew

    Penguin / Panda has virtually wiped out my site .. used to be at the top of the listings for many keywords and the site was popular with customers buying the unique shapes, brushes, gradients etc – now, I hardly get a visitor. Sites with little information seem to be doing well, writing tons of content and well as detailed information on Photoshop and my pages are hardly ever found for any of the keywords – perhaps I mention Photoshop too much etc (as the subject is about Photoshop it is hard to avoid that without putting ‘they’ ‘that’ ‘PS’ perhaps. Certainly producing any new products has been put on hold – been spending most of my time (probably wasting it) updating the site – perhaps there are too many pages but as there are over a 1000 products.. it is hard to avoid a few pages on the site. Used to enjoy creating shapes sets, brushes sets etc but now .. as I hardly see a visitor to the site – hardly worth the effort.