Patrick Schwarzenegger Co-Stars With Taylor’s Ex

    July 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold and Maria Shriver, will be appearing in the sequel to “Grown Ups” alongside a couple of his peers, including Taylor Lautner…who, coincidentally, used to date Taylor Swift. Swift has been linked to Schwarzenegger recently and showed up on the family yacht to party with the Kennedys over Independence Day. Naturally, all that leads to some pretty juicy gossip about possible bad blood between the boys.

Schwarzenegger recently tweeted about working on the set of the film and included a shout out to Jimmy Tatro and David Henrie, his co-stars. He made no mention of Taylor Lautner, however.

Of course, there’s only been speculation at this point on whether or not Swift is getting close with Schwarzenegger; she claims they are just good friends, and has maintained a good relationship with the Kennedy family for years now. Only time will tell if a feud will erupt between the boys on set, but for now Twitter has a lot to say about it.


  • Pete S

    Hilarious, he changed his professional name to Patrick Shriver. Apparently being strictly known as the son of Ahhnold isn’t good for the career. What a goof.

  • bubu

    He is a very handsome young man.
    I wish he chose another profession besides acting though. I find acting lowering his standard but im sure he’l be a good one.