Watch: Bing Goes the Bloodsucker Route
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Microsoft is either taking the holiday marketing approach or the Twilight/Vampire trend approach with its latest commercial. The title is Bing: Vampire Decision Engine.

The company uploaded the new commercial to its (Google-owned) YouTube channel. Accompanying the video is a short description:

"When you’re looking for a restaurant that is family friendly, romantic, or maybe something with an otherworldly atmosphere, use Bing’s reviews to stop searching and start deciding."

NY AG Works With Facebook And MySpace To Remove Sex Offenders
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New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said today that more than 3,500 registered state sex offenders have been removed for social networking sites Facebook and MySpace.

Under New York’s e-STOP law, which was written by Cuomo, Facebook was able to identify and disable accounts linked to 2,782 registered New York sex offenders, and MySpace was able to identify and shutdown accounts linked to 1,796 sex offenders.

Fair Syndication Consortium Calls Foul On Google

In most pie charts that feature Google, the search giant dominates the circle, and a new one from the Fair Syndication Consortium follows that pattern.  Unfortunately for Google’s reputation, the chart’s titled "How unlicensed use of U.S. newspaper content is monetized."

Minds of the Media Gather to Discuss Future of News

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is hosting a 2-day workshop on "Journalism and the Internet Age" today and tomorrow. Featured at the event are a number of high profile media executives and gurus. The cast ranges from News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch to Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington.

Gates Foundation Gives $3.4 Million For Library Broadband
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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have committed nearly $3.4 million in grants to improve Internet connections for libraries in five states.

Nationally, libraries report that demand for high-speed Internet access is growing faster than their ability to provide increased bandwidth. An American Library Association study found that 60 percent of all libraries say their current Internet speed is insufficient.

GE/Comcast NBC Universal Deal Said to Be Complete

CNBC reports that the deal between GE and Comcast over a majority stake in NBC Universal is complete, and will likely be announced officially Thursday morning. This comes from what CNBC attributes as a "source close to the merger".

According to the report, GE and Comcast are waiting on Vivendi to sign an agreement, selling its 20% stake, which is worth about $5.8 billion. CNBC’s David Faber outlines the deal:

Google Puts Black Friday Searches Up 20 Percent

People may or may not have mobbed stores this Black Friday – your humble author hid inside and didn’t watch any live TV – but they definitely spent some time at their keyboards.  Google has stated that searches for "Black Friday" increased by more than 20 percent on a year-over-year basis.

Google LogoThat’s actually a sort of low number, too, at least among the group of them that Google tossed out.

Google Launches AdSense Product Ideas Page

AdSense is an important fixture in a lot of people’s lives; it can represent anything from spending money (hey, little splurges do the heart good) to what pays the mortgage.  And now, individuals have a chance to shape it more to their liking, as a new Product Ideas for AdSense page has launched.

Try not to get your hopes up; as word spreads and more people contribute ideas, the odds of any one suggestion making it in front of an important Googler will decrease.  Also, there’s no guarantee that any of the recommendations will be implemented.

Yahoo To Discontinue Direct Media Exchange Platform

Yahoo completed its acquisition of Right Media – which cost it about $650 million – two and a half years ago.  Now, it seems that the arrangement’s been revisited, as Yahoo’s announced that it will discontinue the Direct Media Exchange (DMX) platform.

Under Carol Bartz’s leadership, Yahoo’s cut a lot of products and services in recent months so that it could better focus on more important stuff.  Briefcase, Farechase, GeoCities, and Go are some of the fallen that quickly come to mind.

Online Retailers See Strong Cyber Monday Sales

U.S. online retailers reported strong holiday sales results on Cyber Monday (Nov.30) 2009 compared to the same period last year, according to a new report from Coremetrics.

Cyber Monday sales were up 24.1 percent compared to Black Friday 2009.  Consumers spent more per online order ($180.03 versus $170.19 for an increase of 5.8 %) compared to Black Friday.

YouTube May Expand Into TV Show Biz

It’s no secret that YouTube’s trying to catch up to Hulu in terms of offering premium content; the site’s administrators often make a big deal out of movie and TV show additions.  What is under wraps – or at least hasn’t been publicized in press releases and blog posts – is that YouTube might also be interested in charging for access.

Google Changes How it Handles Paid Content

Google has made a change to the way it treats its "first click free" option for publishers. The option was designed for legitimate publishers to get around Google’s cloaking policies, which discourage the showing of one web page to a crawler while the user sees something different.

Is Retargeting the Most Under-Utilized Marketing Strategy?
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Advertise.com and the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) have shared some interesting findings from a survey about online ad technology. The two organizations found that there is a lot of untapped opportunity for retargeting in online advertising.

YouTube Most Popular Video Site In France

France saw widespread growth in online video viewing during the past year, as audience size and video engagement both increased significantly, according to a new report from comScore.

The number of online video viewers in France increased 36 percent to 34.6 million, while the number videos viewed grew 141 percent to 5.4 billion. The average time spent viewing videos online nearly doubled to 11.7 hours per viewer in September.

Beware Tiger Woods Accident Information Sources
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The Tiger Woods car accident has had the web abuzz over the weekend. Like nearly anything else that creates such buzz, cyber-criminals will find a way to exploit it. This incident is no exception.

The Definitions That People Didn’t Know in 2009

It’s that time of year when all of the search engines are releasing their lists of top searches. Dictionary.com may not get the traffic of a Google, or even an Ask, which is owned by the same company, but its list provides a different perspective to the picture of what people are searching for.

Google Year-End Zeitgeist Published

Although 2009′s still one month short of being over, Google followed Bing and Yahoo this morning by identifying the year’s major search trends.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, "Michael Jackson" was one of the most common terms, and interest in the 2008 Olympics waned.

Yahoo Releases Top Searches Of 2009

Yahoo has released its top 10 overall searches for 2009, based on billions of queries over the past year.

Michael Jackson garnered the most searches of 2009, after his death in June of a drug overdose. Jackson bumped Britney Spears from the top position where she had dominated for the past four years.  Spears still made it into the top 10 landing in the fifth spot on the year.

Baidu Readying Mobile App
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All sorts of corporations and individuals have agreed that the mobile market is key in China; many more people can afford Internet-enabled phones than PCs.  Baidu may be onto something, then, as it intends to have an app loaded onto phones before they’re made available for sale.

Important Product Director Moving From Google To Digg
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When Google’s current director of product management arrived at his desk this morning, he did so for the last time, according to a new report.  Keval Desai is supposed to be leaving Google in order to start a position at Digg.

eBay Fined $2.6 Million Over LVMH Sales
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If a French court has its way, eBay will soon have to fork over $2.6 million.  The fine stems from a ban on the sale (or purchase) of LVMH goods, and actually ties to a case that ended in eBay being told to pay LVMH $61 million.


Death, Disease, Money, and Twitter on Bing

Microsoft’s Bing has revealed a top ten list of the most popular trending topics of 2009. To determine these, Bing analyzed billions of search queries and developed the list based on searches made with the Bing search (I mean decision) engine.

eBay Previews Possible Geotargeting Feature for Sellers

As you may know, Black Friday is a pretty popular day for online shopping as well as offline. With that in mind, it is no surprise that a lot of people turned to eBay to find deals and work on their holiday gift buying.

Hulu Makes More Search Improvements

Popular online video site Hulu has made some new improvements to its search interface. They have added a new Advanced Search feature, which offers the user additional search filters than were previously available.

With Advanced Search, users can search by a keyword or phrase (use quotes to set off a phrase), search within specific fields (such as show title, video title, etc.), or use common search operators like "and," "or," and "not."