Twitter Used For Mass Psychic Experiment
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If you’ve ever listened to late night AM radio standard “Coast To Coast AM,” you’ve likely heard Art Bell or George Norry talk about remote viewing—the practice of viewing geographic locations telepathically, once experimented with by the CIA and the KBG. Well, how about some remote tweeting?

PR Newswire Launches Social Media Tracking Tool
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PR Newswire has launched Social Media Metrics, a new intelligence tool powered by Sentiment Metrics that allows users to monitor, analyze and measure the impact of what is being said about an organization, brand, or competitor on social media sites.

Bing Algorithm and Advertising Questions Answered
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Microsoft has posted a FAQ page for adCenter advertisers wondering just what Bing has in store for them. One question pertained to Bing’s algorithm, to which Microsoft’s Carolyn Miller responded:

Tools And Tactics For Professional Tweeting
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Though a large percentage of created Twitter lay dormant—one study found 10 percent do 90 percent of the tweeting—that isn’t stopping aggressive and forward thinking marketers from squeezing every last drop of utility out of it. A pair of the top social media and search marketers in the country think the last thing a marketer should do is take Twitter lying down.

Google Search Appliance Tuned To Deal With Billions Of Docs
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The Google Search Appliance – AKA those spotted, yellow boxes that act as an enterprise search solution – has gotten better.  Today, Google unveiled version 6.0, and this new offering is able to scale up and deal with billions of documents.

The Search that Pays
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During the days of dot-com and dial-up, companies were built overnight and many offered monetary incentives to lure users. Today, amidst the scams, there are still legitimate ways for the average computer user to make a little money online using Internet surveys, product reviews, and reading e-mail advertisements at the forefront of the arena; unfortunately, the monetary return for time invested is very small.

The Art Of Making Yourself Look Better Online

There is no hotel on Santorini that doesn’t look amazing in the photos on their website. They all show rooms with white washed walls and clear blue exteriors. Glasses of wine on tables overlooking amazing sunsets. Beauty products are the same online, promising supermodel style complexions with no wrinkles in sight. Flickr is full of photos that are "tweaked" in some way to slightly increase their beauty, and the tricks that used to be only in the realm of tabloid photo editors are now available to us all.

The Art Of Keyword Research
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Finding the right keywords to use leads to good SEO. At SMX Advanced session "Keyword Research Artistry" the panel offered tips on effectively leveraging keywords.

Coverage of SMX Advanced continues at WebProNews Videos. Stay with WebProNews for more updates and videos from the event this week.

Men Most Followed on Twitter
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Bill Heil and Mikolaj Piskorski, grad student and professor at Harvard Business School, examined a random sample of 300,000 Twitter users and discovered an interesting phenomenon. Though women outnumber men on the microblogging site, men have more followers and are twice as likely to follow a man than a woman.

Facebook Won’t Give You Bad Grades

In April, Ohio State University rode the publicity wave provided by news outlets everywhere reporting the school’s finding that Facebook users had lower grades than non-Facebook users. A new study contradicts the first and the authors declare the opposite correlation …

Google Launches Analytics Dashboard For Local Businesses
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Google is launching a new dashboard feature today that allows business owners to see how customers find their website.

The new dashboard is called Local Business Center (LBC) and is a free tool that allows business owners to also control the content of their business listings as they appear in Google Search and Google Maps.

Business owners can take advantage of the new tool by claiming their listing in the LBC and going through a brief verification process. Once a listing is claimed, business owners will have access to the following data:

Time Spent On Facebook Up 700%
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Research from Nielsen shows that time spent on Facebook is up 700% from a year ago (that’s April ’08 to April ’09). Meanwhile, MySpace has experienced -31% year-over-year growth.

Search Trends Spell Bad News For GM

Search trends tend to indicate what people are interested in; we all know about the swine flu spikes from a few weeks ago, for example.  Unfortunately for General Motors, search trends now show that consumers may be even more averse to buying its vehicles than to catching the bug.

Location Adds Purpose and Context to Twitter
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Knowing where people are tweeting from can enrich the Twitter experience in many cases. It appears that Twitter agrees with this, and has some wheels in motion.

Location can add context to a tweet, or to a conversation in general. More geo-information would serve only to make Twitter a more valuable tool. Dan Frommer says Twitter’s next project is location. He writes:

Errant Google Snippet Draws Lawsuit For Webmaster
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Sometimes all it takes is precedent to fuel similar actions, so webmasters should be aware a Dutch court found a website operator liable for how a snippet appeared in Google’s search results, even if the appearance was the result of an algorithmic quirk.

Turkey Has The Most Engaged Internet Users In Europe

More than 17 million people in Turkey accessed the Internet from a home or work location in April, viewing an average of 3,044 pages per visitor, according to comScore.

Of the 17 European countries individually reported by comScore, Germany’s online audience was the largest with 40 million visitors in April, followed by the U.K. (36.8 million visitors), and France (36.3 million visitors).

Google’s AdWords Editor Gets an Upgrade
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Google has released a new version of AdWords Editor. That of course means that there are some updates that come with it.

For one, advertisers can now import CSV files.
Users who make changes to their accounts in a spreadsheet or custom application can import their spreadsheet directly into AdWords Editor, then post new or edited items. To import a CSV file:

China Blocks Everything Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary
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The Tiananmen Square Massacre occurred on June 4th, 1989, and it appears that the Chinese government is going to mark the 20th anniversary in its own special way.  Within the country, access to just about every major social media site has been blocked.

US Military Now On Twitter, Facebook

The U.S. military in Afghanistan is embracing social networking and has launched pages on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The military says that the goal of its social networking strategy is to engage non-traditional audiences directly with news, videos, pictures and other information.

A Trending Topic on Twitter with No Results
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Despite Twitter’s rapidly growing popularity, the service is quite known for downtime, and random bugs. In fact, the Twitter Status Blog usually does its best to keep the public informed about known bugs, but I have not seen mention of this yet.

While taking a look at the top trending topics on Twitter this morning, one of them (#inappropriatemovies)is giving me "no results" when I click on it. How can it be a trending topic if there are no results?

Disney Online Completes Purchase Of Kaboose
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Disney Online announced today that it has completed its purchase of Internet assets of Toronto-based Kaboose Inc. for $18.4 million.

The websites include Kaboose.com, BabyZone.com, AmazingMoms.com and ParentZone.com, among others. The acquisition has led to the creation of a new group of properties, the Disney Online Mom and Family Portfolio, which will be led by Emily Smith, vice president, Disney Online.

Search Google and Yahoo from Bing
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There is still a lot to learn about Bing of course. Microsoft’s new search engine hasn’t been live that long. After reading the back and forth of Matt Cutts and Bing, I started wondering how Bing and Google were treating each other’s results.

Google Takes Blog Search To Next Level

Blog posts that aren’t less than two days old no longer have to be considered lost for all time.  Google’s made the Custom Search AJAX gadget available to all Blogger users, and as a result, it’s become much easier to call up entries from the past along with other info.

Google To Throw Its Hat In The eBook Arena

Google’s been slowly edging its way into the book business for a good long while now. First Google Book Search, then a deal to show books still in copyright—and now they’re getting ready to take on Amazon in the eBook department.