Do You Use Bing as a Verb?
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Cedric Chambaz, a Marketing Manager at Microsoft, wrote an interesting post on the Microsoft Advertising Blog about the use of Bing as a verb, and more generally, whether it’s a good idea or not for any brand to want to be used generically for its industry.

Schmidt: Google Serious About Acquisitions Again
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About a month ago – and after a longish period of quiet – Google arranged to acquire video compression specialist On2 for $106.5 million.  More deals may be on the way, as well, since Eric Schmidt implied this week that the search and advertising giant’s only getting started.

Digital Lifestyles on the Rise for Americans
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Forrester Research conducted a survey, which shows that Americans of all ages are continuing to adopt a digital lifestyle. They surveyed nearly 48,000 people, and the survey includes 1,400 data points and data on 378 US brands. Forrester says this is the largest ongoing survey in the world to explore consumer attitudes, ownership, and use of technology.

US Open Doesn’t Get Twitter!
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It’s always humorous when old stodgy sports organizations make a new rule that implicates Twitter as a problem. They usually get it wrong and what happened with the USTA is no exception. The USTA which is the group which runs the US Open Tennis Championship decided that tweets from players during breaks in matches are now banned because they are potentially unfair to gamblers betting on the tennis match!

Russian President Establishes YouTube Presence
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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has joined fellow leaders including Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, and Nicolas Sarkozy on a world stage of sorts.  Medvedev, who already used a video blog, established his own YouTube channel this week.

NFL Looking To Tighten Up Social Media Rules

While it’s probably not fair to attach the “No Fun League” tag to the NFL in this instance it certainly makes for a better headline, so there. The league, which earlier this year linked itself to the US Marine Corps and others by limiting social media use by its ‘employees’ has expanded those terms before the start of the regular season.

Privacy Groups Call For Limits On Behavioral Ads

A coalition of ten consumer and privacy advocacy groups is calling on Congress to limit the ability of companies to offer online behavioral advertising and tracking of Internet users.

Tweets and New Twitterers Decline in August
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August was the first month of the year in which tweets sent by Twitter users decreased. In addition, user registrations decreased for the second time this year (month-to-month).

Matthew Daines, the lead developer of the Twitter app, Twellow, has shared a couple of graphs illustrating the number of Twitter user registrations and number of total tweets for the month of August.

Google Books Gets First Non-US eBook Partner

Interread, the British company that owns CoolerBooks.com, has announced a partnership with Google in which it will include over a million public domain books from Google Books in its online library. This makes CoolerBooks the first ebookstore outside the US to partner with Google Books.

Why You May Have Gone a Couple Hours Without Gmail
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If you use Gmail, know someone who use Gmail, use Facebook or Twitter, or read blogs or online news, you probably know that Gmail had some problems yesterday. The service experienced a widespread outage, which lasted for about 100 minutes according to Google.

Security Issues Holding Back Social Media’s Potential
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Social Media’s rise in popularity has created some very real problems for the Internet and its users. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have seemingly opened the floodgates to security troubles, and over the past few weeks, this has been accentuated by a number of issues and studies.

Google And SpotMixer Launch TV Ad Contest
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Google has partnered with self-service video creation company SpotMixer to offer small and medium sized businesses a chance to win $25,000 worth of free national TV advertising for the "TV for All" video contest on YouTube.

The TV for All contest launches today and runs through October 5. Winners will be announced on October 30. The contest is open to any business with 300 or fewer employees.

eBay, GM Extend New Car Program
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An experimental promotion eBay and General Motors started to sell new cars in California has apparently gone rather well.  The companies checked in today with some statistics, news of an extension, and word that they might take the program national.

Facebook Testing New Type of Ad
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Facebook is now testing a new kind of engagement ad. Justin Smith of Inside Facebook found an ad for Chik-fil-A, which requires the user to fill out a form in order to get a free sample.

Smith says the new format is "the most integrated leadgen-style home page ad unit we’ve seen Facebook launch."

Google Wave To Splash Down This Fall
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There’s fresh word this afternoon about when (and to whom) Google Wave will become available.  Schools and businesses that use Google Apps appear to be first in a line that should start moving this fall.

eBay Finds Buyer For Skype

The New York Times is reporting that eBay has a deal to sell Skype thus ending a rather tragic acquisition saga that began in 2005 when eBay ‘won’ in their fight with Google and Yahoo to buy the Internet phone service.

Twitter Is Ahead Of MySpace In The UK

Twitter, media sweetheart and microblogging service extraordinaire, has another coup to add to its list: they’ve now beat out MySpace in terms of most visits in the UK.

MySpace And Facebook Top Social Networking Sites For Display Ads
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Social networking sites in the U.S. accounted for more than 20 percent of all display ads viewed online in July, with MySpace and Facebook combining to serve more than 80 percent of ads, according to a new report from comScore.

"Over the past few years, social networking has become one of the most popular online activities, accounting for a significant portion of the time Internet users spend online and the pages they consume," said Jeff Hackett, comScore senior vice president.

Top 10 Photo/Video Categories on Twitter
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The numbers show that Twitterers sent out less Tweets in August, but there is still plenty of Tweeting going around. In fact, Twitter has even surpassed MySpace in the UK, in terms of visits.

"Twitter is estimated to have between 35-45 million users worldwide that access the site on a daily basis to share their life as it happens," a representative for Yfrog tells WebProNews.

US Ad Spending Saw 15% Decline in Early ’09
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A report from Nielsen indicates that ad spending in the United States fell 15.4% in the first half of the year, compared to the first half of last year. Preliminary estimates show that US ad expenditures fell over $10.3 billion to a total of $56.9 billion.

"While some of the larger categories have cut back spending, we see others that continue to raise the ante on their media investments," said Annie Touliatos, VP for Nielsen’s advertising information services.

August Was Big for Tweeting for Causes
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In mid-August, Experience Project launched TwitCause, a Twitter-based social cause program, which featured the V Foundation cancer charity. Since its launch, it has gained 30,000 followers (and climbing).

Chrome To Come Aboard Sony Computers
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People who buy new Sony computers may now get an introduction to Google Chrome as part of the deal.  Google and Sony have sealed a deal that will see Chrome preinstalled on some Sony products. 

Google Adds “Real-Time” Suggestions to Google News
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Google has added its Google Suggest feature to Google News in its English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions. Now when you go to search for something on Google News, Google will attempt to guess what you may be searching for.

eBay Sells Skype, Which is Worth $2.75 Billion
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Update: The announcement has been made. Some details from the press release: