Photobucket Investment – Is There a Scandal There?
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PhotobucketThe Wall Street Journal posted a story today about investors Jeff Horing and Jerry Murdock from the firm Insight Venture Partners. It talks about how they went behind the backs of limited partners and personally invested in Photobucket back before News Corp. bought it and it really took off. The story seems to suggest some financial foul play, but not everybody views it this way.

Carat Increases Online Ad Forecasts

Everyone wanting to believe the recession won’t hurt online advertising’s growth has been given something new to clutch.  A report from Carat, a large media organization, claims spending in this area will actually be higher than it first predicted.

More Americans Banking Online
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An estimated 63.1 million U.S. households are now doing their banking online according to a survey from CheckFree.

Security concerns about online banking decreased from 17 percent in 2007 to 13 percent in the latest survey. Overall, online security was third among barriers to online banking this year compared to its number-one spot in 2007.

YouTube’s Video ID Successful So Far
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Lawsuits have long been the main way through which copyright owners have interacted with YouTube.  It seems that the Video ID program has achieved a sort of miracle, though, and made some owners like YouTube after all.

mtvU Launching Local Online Campus Guides

mtvU is launching an online network of campus guides called Campus Daily Guides.

Hollywood.com Sold to Its Own Owner

In a move that comes across like something Jimmy James from Newsradio would do, Hollywood Media chairman and CEO Mitchell Rubenstein has sold the company’s Hollywood.com domain to R&S Investments, which is controlled by Mitchell himself and Hollywood Media President Laurie Silvers.

MySpace The McDonalds Of Ad Serving
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Fox Interactive Media tops Comscore’s list of top display advertisers in June, serving up 52.3 billion ads (15.9% of the market) to 83.7 million people. MySpace accounted for 51.5 billion of those views.

Yahoo, in second place with 10.5% market share, was significantly behind MySpace and Fox in terms of ad views, serving up 34.6 billion, but dwarves all other contenders in terms of audience reach. Over 130 million unique visitors viewed ads on Yahoo.

Suit Against Apple Could Be Huge For OS Future
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PsystarA little known electronics company called Psystar plans to make big waves and perhaps even operating system history as it prepares to counter-sue Apple. Originally sued for violating the terms of Apple’s Leopard OS licensing agreement, the company is firing back with an antitrust argument.

DreamJournal.net Catches 100,000 Dreams
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While Facebook and MySpace are dominating the mass audience social networking space, the niche network—and eventually, I think, networks of niche networks for some great ad targeting—will increase in popularity as people fan out into their respective areas of interest. One such network that caught my attention this morning was DreamJournal.net.

Google, Verizon Sued Over “Visual Voicemail”
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Judah Klausner is on quite a roll; he seems to have won settlements from Apple, AOL, and Vonage following a series of lawsuits over the last few years.  And now Klausner, through the company Klausner Technologies, is going after Google, Verizon, and LG.

Dead Sea Scrolls To Go Online
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The Israel Antiquities Authority is working on taking digital photos of the Dead Sea Scrolls in order to make the 2,000- year -old documents available to the public online.

All Parts of the Internet, Except…
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Jessica Smith, the woman who filed a class action lawsuit against apple over the iPhone 3G, ought to enjoy this. Apple’s iPhone ad claiming to include "all parts of the Internet" has been banned in the UK for false advertising.

Russian Internet Population Expanding Fast

Deteriorating relations between the U.S. and Russia have a few people worrying about an exchange of missiles.  Executives of American Internet companies may also be concerned about missed business opportunities, as Russia has been declared home of Europe’s fastest-growing Internet population.

Global Mobile Phone Sales Up 12%
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Global sales of mobile phones hit close to 305 million units in the second quarter of 2008, an 11.8 percent increase over the second quarter of 2007, according to Gartner.

Sales of mobile phones in the saturated markets of Western Europe and North America had a slight rebound after a shaky start. Western Europe reached close to 42 million units and North America exceeded 44 million units in the second quarter of 2008.

Apple Riles Up Comic Fans

Another app has been banned from iTunes. The issue this time wasn’t copyright like that of "Tris." This time it was a matter of censorship, and it wasn’t even strictly in China like the recent "Songs for Tibet" controversy.

Apple Takes the “Tris” Out of iPhone Tetris
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It’s not been a good week for developers of well-established game knock-offs. Facebook favorite Scrabulous, a Scrabble-like game developed by two brothers in India was just removed in the UK and Australia, after already being forced down from the social network in North America last month.

Microsoft to Help Porn Viewers, Hurt Advertisers
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With the next version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft is addressing the growing demand of Internet users for more privacy features in their browsers. Mozilla has had the upper hand in this regard, with Firefox  giving users a convenient "clear private data" option, but Microsoft’s plans go even beyond anything Mozilla is doing yet.

Links To Sheboygan Police Not Authorized By City
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A Sheboygan, Wisconsin woman has filed a federal lawsuit against the mayor of the town and other city officials after being ordered to remove a link to the city’s police department website. If it goes to trial, it could be a landmark case settling the right to link.

Odds are it settles, though, because it looks pretty bad for Mayor Juan Perez.

comScore Calls Microsoft June’s Top Display Advertiser

There’s likely no cause and effect here.  Still, while it was getting rejected by Yahoo, Microsoft conducted something of a "look at me," campaign, with comScore naming it the top U.S. online display advertiser in June.

Canada Studying Google-Yahoo Deal
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The brakes haven’t been put on the advertising deal between Google and Yahoo, but the companies aren’t having an easy time of things, either.  Like certain onlookers and the U.S. Department of Justice, the Canadian Competition Bureau has decided to review their proposal.

Google Suggest Changing Up Keyword Referrers

Last night Google announced that they will be going live with Google Suggest across all their datacenters: At a loss for words?

We find that by providing suggestions upfront, we can help people search more efficiently and conveniently. Below are some great ways Google Suggest can help simplify your searching.

The Open Source Slap to the Recording Industry’s Face
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It’s been a rough time of late for Internet Radio, and music sites in general. Pandora’s expecting to shut down. Karaoke videos have been pulled. Muxtape was shut down.

Google Ad Manager Now Available To All

The beta tags just keep coming off.  Earlier today, it was Google Suggest that escaped the beginner’s label, and now Google Ad Manager is experiencing a full rollout.

Bad Idea: Tax Energy To Reduce Blogging
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File this one under U for "Uh, Wow, Okay." Before you do that, here’s a summary of a Washington Post editorial entitled "If Everyone’s Talking, Who Will Listen?":