EU Says Internet Can Boost Economy
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More than half (56%) of Europeans are now regular Internet users compared to one third in 2004, according to a new report from the European Commission.

Half of households and more than 80 percent of businesses now have a broadband connection.

The most active Internet users are those between the ages of 16 to 24 with 73 percent of them regularly using advanced services to create and share online content, twice the EU population average (35%).

New Delicious Search and Homepage Features
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Delicious has unveiled some new feature enhancements to the homepage, including a new system to aggregate and rank recently bookmarked links every minute. This feature can be found under the new and default Fresh tab.

comScore: Twitter’s Growth Continued In June
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Arguments concerning Twitter’s growth are more common than ever, but Twitter hasn’t topped out yet, at least.  A new report from comScore indicates that the site managed to attract about 19 percent more unique visitors in June than in May. 

Servicemembers Offered Special Access To Google Voice
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Because of how they serve our country, members of the military are often given special treatment – drinks on the house, free upgrades to first class, etc.  And now, Google’s doing its part by bumping them to the front of the line for Google Voice.

Intel Launches Facebook App For Research
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Intel has launched a Facebook application that allows people to donate their PC’s unused processor power to research diseases and study climate change.

TweetDeck Announces That v0.27 Is Nearly Ready

TweetDeck has announced, via Twitter, that version 0.27 is nearly ready. They also promise "it’s a big upgrade". Question is: What new additions will we see with v0.27?

TweetDeck v0.27 Tweet

Google News Organizes a Lot More of the World’s Information

Last year, Google News began digitizing newspapers to make them accessible and searchable online. Those interested in the online news industry and its relationship to newspapers will be interested to know that Google has quadrupled the number of articles included in the Google News Archive Search since the initiative began in September.

Articles are coming from new sources like:

Search Ads Convert Better with Display

eZanga is a company that prides itself on providing online advertisers with local, regional, and national advertising with high ROI. The company has now launched display advertising with search.

CEO Rich Kahn tells WebProNews about the significance of this, and talks about why things are looking bright for online advertising, and specifically display advertising.

Which Marketers Are Using Which New Media Strategies?
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the Association of National Advertisers along with B2B Magazine released results from a survey, which found that marketers are increasingly using social media platforms. No surprise there. What’s more interesting is how they are using them.

According to the results, about 66 percent of marketers utilized social media this year, up from just 20% in 2007. Half of those surveyed use viral videos, up from a quarter in 2007.

Google Lets You Simulate AdWords Performance
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Google launched an interesting new feature to the AdWords interface that lets you see what could have been if you had bid differently. The feature, called the Bid Simulator, shows you the potential impact of your bid on your advertising results.

"While it can’t predict the future, the bid simulator allows you to explore what could have happened if you had set different keyword-level bids," says Dan Friedman of Google’s Inside AdWords crew.

Is Google Really Threatened By This Yahoo Microsoft Deal?
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Are you tired of reading about the Microsoft Yahoo deal yet? Obviously not or you wouldn’t be reading this. There has been a whole lot of coverage to digest, and there will certainly be a whole lot more as the deal gets scrutinized and continues its journey to fruition.

Mobile Market Sees Positive Growth
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Worldwide shipments of cell phones in the second quarter increased 4.7 percent compared to the first, according to a report from iSuppli.

The growth marked the first successive increase for the market since the third quarter of 2008. Global shipments reached 265 million units in the second quarter, up from 253 million in the first.

Twitter Most Linked to Social Site in Email Marketing
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According to Email Data Source, Twitter has become the most linked to social media outlet in email marketing campaigns. Email Data Source collects, analyzes, organizes, and archives millions of marketing messages to provide competitive intelligence and analytics to the email marketing community.

Breaking Down Twitter’s New Homepage
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On Tuesday, we told you about the launch of Twitter’s new homepage. The revamped design sports a sleek look that is pretty easy on the eye. But, once you get past the pleasing aesthetics, you’ll also see that Twitter has added a search capability and popular topics, which in turn could mean an influx of Twitterers.

July Was a Good Month for Tweeting

It appears that the number of new Twitter users has slowed a bit over the past month, although it’s still growing significantly. Regardless, it hasn’t prevented the number of Tweets from jumping.

AP Charges $12.50 To Quote 5 Words
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The AP is known for having some fairly unconventional tactics toward the use of their content online. Sure, a company should be concerned with how their content is being used online… but how far is too far?

Do you agree with the AP’s new strategy? Tell us.

Hulu Obtains Episodes Of “Lost”

Episodes of the hit show "Lost" have – at least in a limited fashion – finally found their way to Hulu.  Fans can now watch all of the first season, along with the last six episodes of the fifth.

We’ll admit: this move is sure to have its detractors.  DVD sales of "Lost" have been strong, and pirated episodes are (supposed to be) easy to find for free online.  So for ABC to make episodes available this late in the show’s run and also be stingy seems a little pointless.

Twitter Quietly Takes Step Toward Security

Security firm F-Secure discovered that Twitter has begun blocking links to malicious sites when users try to post them. Twitter has not acknowledged this with an announcement yet, but users (at least some) are getting the following message when trying to post a link to a known malware site:

"Oops! Your tweet contained a URL to a known malware site!"

Airlines Use Twitter To Fill Seats
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JetBlue and United have joined the ranks of companies like Pizza Hut and Dell that have successfully promoted things on Twitter.  These airlines make extra-cheap tickets available through the site, thereby helping themselves fill planes and arguably doing consumers a favor.

AP Starting To Charge For Content Use

As if there wasn’t enough change on the Internet these days the Associated Press (AP) is now putting together a program that will cost anyone who uses anything that they publish a minimum of $12.50. While that may seem a bit much it gets even worse when you discover that that price is for using just 5 words or less of their material!

YouTube Bringing Local News To You, Traditional Outlets Cringe

YouTube has yet another new—or should I say news?—feature: News Near You.

Online Job Openings See Modest Gain

Online job openings increased by 700 to 3,295,500 in July, according to data released today by the Conference Board.

Nationally, online job demand has been relatively flat over the last several months after sharp declines in December 2008 and January 2009.Nationally, there were over four unemployed looking for work for every advertised online opening, as the number of unemployed increased even as the number of advertised openings remained steady.

Journalists Not Protecting Themselves Online

BPM Forum and AVG Technologies released some interesting findings from the Protect the Press Poll, a survey of the cyber security habits of the working press. The biggest takeaway is that the supposedly well-informed members of the press are no better at protecting themselves online than the average user.

Mozilla Launches One Billion + You
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Last week we told you about Mozilla reaching a monumentus milestone, 1 billion total downloads. In celebration of the achievement they’ve launched a new site, One Billion + You.

One Billion + You