Sexy Ads On Craigslist Target DNC
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The hell you say! Politicians and prostitutes, sexy scandal cover-ups?

YouTube Now Allowing For Captions
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Here are a few quick observations: not everyone speaks the same language.  Not everyone has perfect hearing.  And some people like to goof off at work without alerting the rest of the office.  To address all these issues, YouTube has introduced a new captioning feature.

British Hacker Loses Extradition Appeal
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The European Court of Human Rights has rejected the appeal of British hacker Gary McKinnon, opening the door for him to be extradited to the United States within weeks.

McKinnon is accused of carrying out "the biggest military hack of all time" and could face up to 70 years if convicted in the U.S. for hacking the computers of the Pentagon, U.S. army, navy and NASA which caused $700,000 worth of damages. McKinnon has said he was searching for evidence of U.F.O.’s

Google, Mozilla Renew Search Partnership
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A smart person might have the equivalent of six months’ expenses saved up, just collecting interest and staving off panic attacks.  Mozilla is even more set, as its search partnership with Google has been extended by three years.

Quebec Open Source Community Goes After Government
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Quebec’s open source organization Facil is suing the province’s government for spending millions of dollars on Microsoft software, and never entertaining the idea of using anything open source. The problem here is that there is no room for competition  because the government automatically goes to Microsoft.

iPhone Factory Worker Finds Online Fame
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A Chinese factory worker has become an online celebrity after a picture of her smiling and giving a peace sign to a co-worker testing an Apple iPhone remained on the phone that was sold to a man in the UK.

Yoda Blocked From Facebook
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If your name is Yoda, you may have trouble getting a Facebook account. At least one woman has had that problem.

A Japanese woman named Hiroko Yoda tried multiple times to sign up for Facebook, but her requests were rejected. Why? According to Telegraph, Facebook says that the name "Yoda" is blacklisted to prevent users from pretending to be people they are not. In this case, it would obviously be Yoda of Star Wars fame.

The Poetics Of Professional Tweeting
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Let’s assume we’re on the same page that says Twitter is good for something. Now let’s romanticize it and equate to a modern limerick; let’s make it vulgar and call it Limerick 2.0. (The number of characters bars it from Haiku status—keep all that meaning under 30 characters and that’s serious art.) What should your little poem—the professional tweeter’s poem—say to the world?

Google Compensating For Apps Outage

A Google Apps outage that occurred earlier this month concerned a lot of people.  Users of the Premier Edition were paying for the service, and 15 hours of downtime and questionable communication is not good, regardless.  So now Google’s unveiling a free extension of service and the way in which it will handle any future problems.

Apple Wrong to Require Single Track Sales on iTunes?

iTunes vs. Kid Rock and The Music Industry

The Wall Street Journal took a look at why some artists are keeping their music off iTunes. Because the store does not allow full album only downloads, Kid Rock, AC/DC and others have opted out. Some acts like Radiohead did it to protect the artistic integrity of their work while others are clear that their motivation is money. Single tracks don’t net the same profits that albums do.

Steve Jobs Obituary Just a Journalistic Preparation
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Steve JobsRegardless of what you may have read on Bloomberg, Steve Jobs is still very much alive. The newswire accidentally published his obituary yesterday for a brief amount of time.

Report: Massive Ads Coming To YouTube
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Anyone not already using Adblock Plus may want to make the switch soon.  Rumor has it that YouTube, Google’s hard-to-monetize video site, is going to go after unprotected users by introducing some really big ads on its homepage.

West Wing Writer Looks into Facebook the Movie
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Aaron Sorkin is a television and film writer/producer. He also acts (roles include: Man in Bar, Man at Bar, Aide in Bar, and Man in Crowd). You’re probably more familiar with his writer/producer status. He worked on The West Wing, Sports Night,  and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. He also wrote Charlie Wilson’s War and A Few Good Men.

Veoh Cleared In Copyright Porn Case
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A U.S. federal judge has dismissed a copyright infringement case against online television service Veoh.

The copyright infringement suit was filed by adult entertainment company Io Group, and the complaint argued Veoh had not done enough to prevent users from uploading copyrighted clips of 10 Io adult sex films.

Disabled? No Internet for You!

Disabled? No Internet for You!

Google Blocking Scrapers

At the beginning of this month, we had reported that, Google had blocked the widely used search engine rank checking tool ‘WebPosition Gold’.

What In The World Is Net Neutrality?
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I had the great pleasure and privilege of speaking at Search Engine Strategies 2008 in San Jose. The topic? Net neutrality. This is the point where your eyes glaze over and the inevitable question, “What is net neutrality?” comes forth. And that’s the point of this article.

AMC Gets Mad at Mad Men Tweets
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AMC (American Movie Classics) has a show called "Mad Men" about an ad agency in the 60s. Some people like this show so much that they create fictional profiles on Twitter and pretend to be characters. AMC caught wind of this and decided it wasn’t too thrilled.

Photobucket Investment – Is There a Scandal There?
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PhotobucketThe Wall Street Journal posted a story today about investors Jeff Horing and Jerry Murdock from the firm Insight Venture Partners. It talks about how they went behind the backs of limited partners and personally invested in Photobucket back before News Corp. bought it and it really took off. The story seems to suggest some financial foul play, but not everybody views it this way.

Carat Increases Online Ad Forecasts

Everyone wanting to believe the recession won’t hurt online advertising’s growth has been given something new to clutch.  A report from Carat, a large media organization, claims spending in this area will actually be higher than it first predicted.

More Americans Banking Online
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An estimated 63.1 million U.S. households are now doing their banking online according to a survey from CheckFree.

Security concerns about online banking decreased from 17 percent in 2007 to 13 percent in the latest survey. Overall, online security was third among barriers to online banking this year compared to its number-one spot in 2007.

YouTube’s Video ID Successful So Far
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Lawsuits have long been the main way through which copyright owners have interacted with YouTube.  It seems that the Video ID program has achieved a sort of miracle, though, and made some owners like YouTube after all.

mtvU Launching Local Online Campus Guides

mtvU is launching an online network of campus guides called Campus Daily Guides.

Hollywood.com Sold to Its Own Owner

In a move that comes across like something Jimmy James from Newsradio would do, Hollywood Media chairman and CEO Mitchell Rubenstein has sold the company’s Hollywood.com domain to R&S Investments, which is controlled by Mitchell himself and Hollywood Media President Laurie Silvers.