One Cybercrime Gang Generated Most Phishing Attacks in

A single cybercrime gang using advanced malware was responsible for two thirds of all phishing attacks detected in the second half of 2009, according to a new report by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG).

The report authors found the Avalanche phishing gang was responsible for 66 percent of all phishing attacks launched in the second half of 2009. Avalanche successfully targeted some 40 banks and online service providers, and domain name registrars and registries.

Disney, NBC, Warner Bros., Others Line Up Against YouTube
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If moral support determined the outcome of lawsuits, YouTube might be in a whole lot of trouble.  Fourteen organizations – including very important companies like Disney, NBC, and Warner Bros. – have officially declared themselves friends of Viacom by filing a legal brief.

TyepPad Turns Blog Comments Into Ads

Six Apart has launched an interesting new feature for blogs (not just TypePad blogs, but all platforms), which injects sponsored comments into conversations on the blogs. TypePad works with "leading voices" in a given category to come up with questions that are syndicated to "influential" bloggers, who post their answers on their blogs.

PeopleStyleWatch Partners With HauteLook On Online Shopping

PeopleStyleWatch.com, a magazine website focused on celebrity style news and trends, has partnered with fashion and shopping website HauteLook.

Beginning today, PeopleStyleWatch.com editors will feature selected products from sales on HauteLook in a new "Daily Hot Picks" section on its website. Exclusive weekly incentives and discounts will be offered to PeopleStyleWatch shoppers. The site will also highlight a calendar of upcoming HauteLook sample sale events featuring popular brands such as BCBG, Mike & Chris, and Kiehl’s.

Mozilla CEO to Go Back to Roots as Chrome Gains Market Share

Mozilla CEO John Lilly dropped a bomb late yesterday in announcing that he would be stepping down from his position. The news came just after Mozilla revealed its early product plan for Firefox 4, in which it placed great emphasis on speed and HTML5 support – two of the big selling points for competing browser Google Chrome.

Get Ready to See More Cool Things Based on Google Moderator

Back in 2008, Google launched Google Moderator, a tool to help presenters prioritize questions for Q&A sessions. Since then, we’ve seen it in action a number of times, often from the company itself, but also in political settings, and other democratic-style events.

U.S. Has Lowest Software Piracy Rate
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The rate of global software piracy rose to 43 percent in 2009, a two percent increase from 2008 driven primarily by expanding PC sales in emerging markets, according to the seventh annual Business Software Alliance/IDC Global Software Piracy Study.

"Software theft exceeded $51 billion in commercial value in 2009. The public and private sectors need to join forces to more effectively combat an epidemic that stifles innovation and impairs economies on a global scale," said BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman.

Amazon iPad App Now Available
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Amazon announced the launch of its official iPad app today. It’s now available in Apple’s App Store.

"Following the launch of the Amazon App for iPhone and iPod touch, we’ve used our customers’ feedback to help us build a fun and intuitive shopping destination on the iPad," says Director of Amazon Mobile Sam Hall. "This application offers customers a unique, interactive experience that takes full advantage of the visual and tactile nature of the iPad."

Apple Makes FTC Rethink Google-AdMob Deal

The bad news for Google is that the FTC still hasn’t approved its acquisition of AdMob, and according to a fresh report, has in fact decided to take even more time to think things over.  The good news is that the FTC was supposedly motivated to review the situation by a development that makes a Google monopoly look less probable.

Will Verizon Android Price Strategy Help Google Tablet Compete with iPad?
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Google has been very clear about how big of a part mobile plays in the company’s strategy moving forward, and a number of recent acquisitions and strategic moves have made it equally clear that Google is gunning for Apple. These are a couple reasons why it has come as no surprise to find out that Google is working with Verizon on a Tablet computer that would compete with the iPad.

Google Introduces Internet Stats (Again)

In September Google introduced a new site where users can find Internet statistics from various sources. It’s called Google Internet Stats. It appears that either Google forgot or is pretending it didn’t happen, because today they have a new post up introducing it again.

Researchers Suggest Twitter Data Might Replace Polls
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The next time there’s a big election or important issue up for debate, think about thanking Twitter’s founders if your phone doesn’t ring.  Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have determined that, at least in some instances, combing Twitter for data can be as good a way of researching opinions as conducting an actual poll.

FCC Wants To End Mobile Phone

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said today it is considering requiring mobile carriers to alert consumers about excessive wireless charges in order to avoid "bill shock."

FCC Wants To End Mobile Phone

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said today it is considering requiring mobile carriers to alert consumers about excessive wireless charges in order to avoid "bill shock."

FCC Wants To End Mobile Phone

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said today it is considering requiring mobile carriers to alert consumers about excessive wireless charges in order to avoid "bill shock."

FCC Wants To End Mobile Phone

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said today it is considering requiring mobile carriers to alert consumers about excessive wireless charges in order to avoid "bill shock."

PayPal and Other Web Technologies Coming to Cable
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RCDb, which credits itself as the company that used Blu-ray to bring Netflix service to the PS3, made a number of announcements today involving Cable and web technologies.

Google Maps For Android Upgraded Again

Even as word that Android devices have outsold the iPhone in the U.S. is still bouncing around the Web, Google gave college students, couriers, and exercise enthusiasts another reason to side with it this afternoon, adding biking directions (along with a couple other tweaks) to Google Maps 4.2 for Android.

eBay Eliminates “Stores” Navigational Tab
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eBay has announced the removal of the navigation tab for Stores, which appeared at the top of each page. Unsurprisingly, more than a few sellers are taking issue with this.

In its announcement, eBay says:

Google Maps Tool Compares Gulf Oil Spill to Size of Your City
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Google Maps Engineering Manager Paul Rademacher recently launched a page that shows how big the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in comparison to different metropolitan areas. For example, you can see how the size of it compares to New York City, by seeing an overlay overtop of the city.

iPad Wi-Fi Issue? Apple says: “Adjust your screen brightness”
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Apple has updated a support document, which details some of the much-publicized Wi-Fi connectivity issues surrounding the iPad. In the document, Apple states “a very small number of iPad users have experienced issues with Wi-Fi connectivity” they even give out a few possible workarounds for anyone having Wi-Fi issues.

iPad Wi-Fi connectivity problems

Will Square Power a Revolution in Credit Card Payments?
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We may be looking at a revolution in payments. Square, which launched late last year from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, is now offering a way for anybody with the right mobile device to accept credit card payments for less hassle and fees than before possible.

New Bing Features for Windows Phones

Bing is launching two new updates for the Bing app on Windows phones today. "The first is a redesign of the home page, which gives people faster access to common searches such as Movies and Traffic," a representative for Bing tells WebProNews.

Obama Slams the iPad, iPod, XBox and Playstation
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Does President Obama realize that the iPod, Xbox and Playstation are specifically designed to be distractions, diversions and a form of entertainment? 

In a speech to the graduating class today at Hampton University in Virginia Obama said this: