Online Video Has Boatloads Of People Watching

Thank you to Carol Bartz of Yahoo for the new ‘boatloads’ theme. What would we do without it? Back to the news. Of course, we know that lots of people watch online video and SearchEngineWatch tells of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project survey conducted in April of this year and the numbers behind the general statement about online video are pretty interesting.

How Google Reader Sharing Contributes to Real Time Search

Google has announced that Google Reader has begun adoption of the PubSubHubbub protocol for shared items. This is a simple, open, server-to-server web-hook based pubsub (publish/subscribe) protocol, as defined on this Google Code page.

Here’s a visual overview of what that means:

Who Can Take the Cake in Chrome Creativity?
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Update: Google says the Google Chome Icon Project is over now.

Canadian Man Charged In U.S. Online Gambling Case
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The FBI has announced the indictment of a Canadian man for his role in processing more than $350 million for Internet gambling companies.

According to the indictment, Douglas Rennick, 34, opened bank accounts in the U.S. from 2007 to June 2009, under a variety of corporate names and "falsely represented that the accounts would be used for such purposes as issuing rebate checks, refund checks, sponsorship checks, and affiliate checks and minor payroll processing."

Twitter Goes Down, No Cute Whale to Soften the Blow
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Update: Twitter is back up and running. The Twitter Status blog informs us that Twitter has fallen victim to an ongoing Denial-of-Service attack:

Google, Baidu Swap Market Share In China
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The second quarter of this year didn’t go so well for Google in China.  According to a new report, the American search giant’s market share shrunk a bit, while that of its Chinese equivalent, Baidu, managed to get larger.

iResearchiResearch found that over three-fourths of all searches in China (specifically, 75.7 percent) were performed using Baidu in the second quarter of 2009.  This represents a gain of 1.6 percent compared to the first quarter.

iGoogle Introduces Social Gadgets
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It looks like the term "iGoogle" is about to grow a little less apt.  Starting this week, social gadgets will debut for iGoogle, allowing and encouraging some users to connect and interact with each other.

Initially, people in Australia are the only ones who will gain access to the new gadgets.  There are twelve of them (more should come out later), and they provide gateways to things including News.com.au, YouTube, GoComics, and chess.

Government Changing Regulation Of Online Advertising

It looks like the Internet marketing industry could be staring at an age of government regulation and oversight that could change online advertising in major ways. While this kind of news should come as no surprise based on the new age of government intervention in business it is still enough to make even the most seasoned online marketer take notice.

Online Video Driving User Engagement
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Nearly three-quarters (70%) of Internet users view online video during the day and night with similar spikes occurring both at home and at work.

This is according to a new study by Yahoo, Interpret, Havas Digital, Warner Bros. Media Research and PHD that looked at how people interact with online video, and how marketers can use this information to drive engagement.

The Growth of Twitter and Facebook Use By Age Demographic

As I noted in my last article about the subtle shifts happening within MySpace, social network audience demographics are always on the move.

The Use Of Twitter By The Teen Demographic

Yeah, yeah, yeah—I’m sure we can all name some anecdotal evidence of teens who either hate Twitter or who can’t get off it. But by and large, according to a new Nielsen report, teens just aren’t on Twitter.

Or are they? The chart from the report looks at users on Twitter.com (as opposed to on phones or desktop clients):

New FriendFeed API Ready for Primetime

In July, Friendfeed launched version 2 of its API in beta. The company said it was focusing on making it simpler and easier to use. Now the API has already left beta status.

Facebook Updates Open Stream APIs

Facebook has just announced some updates to the Open API Stream. Among these are simpler JavaScript methods for publishing, Facebook Pages support, and attribution. A spokesperson for Facebook tells WebProNews:

Report: One-Fourth Of All Tweets Generated By Bots
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A lot of activity on Twitter might well consist of bots talking to each other, according to a new report.  Sysomos – which last month pointed out that 5 percent of Twitter’s users account for 75 percent of the site’s activity – has now indicated that many of the most dedicated users aren’t human. 

Processor Specialist Promotes Android
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The use of Android in devices other than cell phones may soon receive a big boost courtesy of MIPS Technologies.  MIPS, which deals in processor architectures and cores, is making the source code of its Android port publicly available.

Google Makes Chrome Faster
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Google has released a new beta version of Chrome today, which the company says is much faster and improves upon the tab page and Omnibox features. It also comes with some new options for themes.

Wall Street Journal’s Interesting Take On Embargoes

It’s been eight months since TechCrunch announced that they would no longer honor embargoes, with several other sites jumping on that bandwagon in the interim. One of the issues here was undermining the credibility of the blogosphere at large. As Trisha Lyn Fawver put it,

eBay Motors Launches Video Contest For Auto Buffs
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eBay Motors has launched a video contest to find what it calls  America’s ultimate automotive enthusiast.

Winners of the 2009 Motors Master contest will receive a trip to Las Vegas to attend the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA) and receive an eBay Motors shopping spree.

Google Radio Automation Officially Sold
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WideOrbit announced today that it has acquired Google’s Radio Automation business, which includes Google Radio Automation, Maestro, and SS32 automation products. This has been known to be coming, but was made official today.

New Twitter Book Written from the User’s Perspective
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There is a new Twitter book out called All a Twitter. It was written by Tee Morris, author of Podcasting for Dummies. It comes with a foreword by social media guru Chris Brogan and a dedication to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.

"Social Media has the potential of increasing your presence, both from a commercial and from a personal perspective, on the global stage," says Morris. "With All a Twitter, I bring several years of tweets and observations on Twitter’s growth, evolution, and reinvention."

Google Maps Breaks Out The Labels
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Google Maps has always been fine – even great – if you’ve known the address, name, or type of place you want to visit.  Now, it’s become much more useful to people who like (or need) to explore areas, as well.

Test Indicates Domain Front Running a Non-Issue
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Domain front running is when "insider information" is gathered by a party from monitoring attempts by an Internet user to check the availability of a domain name, and then that info is used to by that party to register that domain name.

Google Addresses Sitemaps Issues for News Publishers
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Google has acknowledged some issues that Google News publishers have encountered with Webmaster Tools. The company posted to the Google News blog to let publishers know what the issues were and that they are working on fixing them.

Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Full Of Termination Clauses

Although Microsoft and Yahoo (finally) announced a partnership one week ago, it seems that the deal is far from unbreakable.  Indeed, Yahoo’s shared a few details with the S.E.C., and there are a number of interesting termination provisions attached to the arrangement.

The first can kick in if much more heel-dragging occurs, or more specifically, "if the conditions to commencement have not been satisfied by July 29, 2010."  Which is a nice sign that this won’t still be under discussion come doomsday.