Facebook Connect Plugin for WordPress Glimpsed
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Lately, we’ve been seeing blog platforms making moves to become more social. Movable Type started incorporating the ability to set up social networks apart from the Facebook Connect plugin that is available. Blogger discussed adding new features including integrating Google Friend Connect into it.

Amazon Launches Social Music Site
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Amazon.com has launched a Wikipedia style site dedicated to music and bands called SoundUnwound.

The site features information from Amazon’s retail site and from its Internet Movie Database. The site is currently in beta.

On the SoundUnwound blog page it lists several ways users can navigate the site. "Explore connections between artists – band memberships, family, shared credits and more. Visualize timelines for artists with our interactive discography."

Picasa to Feature Facial Recognition Software?

Picasa Gets Smart With Facial Recognition The Inquisitr has a post out saying that at noon today Google’s Picasa is going to introduce facial recognition technology and a new downloadable Picasa photo editing program beta.

Internet Summit ’08

If you live in the Southeastern United States, you’re going to want to pencil in Internet Summit ‘08 in Chapel Hill, NC on November 19, 2008. Internet Summit 08

SMX East

Next up on the search engine trade show circuit is SMX East. It will be in New York City, and will run from October 6th to October 8th. The agenda looks strong, and the attendance and networking opportunities should be great. Two keynotes will be given.

More Twitter Services Emerge
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You have Twellow as sort of a "Yellow Pages" for Twitter. Now today Robert Balousek has released Twintro, a new tool for finding "interesting" Twitterers.

From the sounds of it, you just get to read tweets from someone that Twintro deems interesting. Balousek describes it on his blog:

Palin’s ‘Redneck’ Daddy Disappears MySpace Page
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Imagine having to stand on a national stage and smile knowing not only that your teenage daughter is pregnant but that she plans to marry the punk that did it—the punk who refers to himself as a “f*cking redneck” that’ll “kick [your] ass” on his MySpace page. Oh, the poise one must maintain!

Google Reviews Convention Coverage

Google’s interest in the Democratic National Convention approached levels of extreme overkill; there’s only so much time that any person can dedicate to following politics, and most folks hardly want to max out.  Still, it looks like everything went off without a hitch.

Mobile Social Networking Set To Take Off
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Online social networking continues to grow, but mobile social networking is on track to attract 140 mobile users who will generate $410 million in subscription revenues by 2013, according to ABI Research.

"Subscriber numbers for mobile social networking will climb at a relatively modest rate for the next three or four years, but will then start to accelerate sharply," said Michael Wolf, ABI research director.

Report(s): Twitter Solving Downtime Issue

Twitter’s potential Achilles’ heel – or head to toe bull’s-eye, really – has long been the amount of time it spends in a nonfunctional state.  One new set of stats seems to indicate that it’s solving the problem, though, and another shows that it’s continuing to grow, regardless.

Survey: Canned IT Employees Will Steal Your Info

Cyber-Ark"Exercise extreme caution when it comes to dismissing employees with knowledge of your IT systems," warns security vendor Cyber-Ark Software.

Nokia To Launch Music Service In The UK

Nokia said today that it is launching a new mobile phone music service in the UK, called Comes With Music.

Internet Addiction In The UK Leads To “Discomgooglation”
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The majority (76%) of Internet users in the UK admit they cannot live without the Web, according to research by YouGov.

Google’s Picasa Takes On Facial Recognition

Today’s cameras can make taking a good picture as easy as pushing a single button.  Uploading, labeling, and sharing the photo is where things are more likely to get messy.  Google’s simplifying this by introducing facial recognition technology to Picasa.

U.S. Getting Dominated in Internet Traffic

Last week, U.S. cable provider and ISP Comcast put a cap on monthly broadband use, and now there are reports surfacing that the U.S. in general is falling behind when it comes to Internet traffic. This is not a direct result of the Comcast situation, but with Comcast being the 2nd largest ISP in the country, it’s certainly not going to help.

Yandex Puts Off IPO Plans

Solid reports have indicated for several months that Yandex, the popular Russian search engine, would file for an IPO sometime this year.  Now it seems that international problems have made it delay things until 2009 instead.

Blame the global economy for starters.  Unsteady markets and rising inflation have caused investors to become nervous, making them less likely to sink money into anything without a long and solid track record.  Yandex, which was founded in 1997 and became profitable in 2002, might not be embraced.

Google Launches Video For Business
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Google has introduced Google Video for business, a new addition to Google Premium Apps that enables workers in organizations to share videos by uploading them to Google Apps and inviting co-workers to view the content.

"What YouTube did in the consumer world, Google Video for business is going to do in the enterprise," said Matthew Glotzbach, product management director of Google’s Enterprise division.

eCommerce Gets a Wake Up Call
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All the way back in 2006, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that Target could be sued over their site not being accessible to the blind. Now over half way through 2008, Target has reached a settlement with regards to the class action lawsuit that ensued.

Google and Firefox Together Until 2011

Mozilla, the makers of Firefox internet browser (the only notable competitor to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer), has extended its deal with Google – meaning the search giant will continue to be the default search engine on all its Firefox installs until 2011.

Geographical Modifiers and Relevancy

Back in May, I noticed what appeared to be a test by Google to add more relevancy to search engine result (SERPs) by publishing a search box for geographical modifiers to a requested search query (Google Pushing Local Results). See image below:

Google Finds Most Cows Point North

The Los Angeles Times reports German researchers, through the help of Google Earth, have discovered that 2 out of 3 cows point North.

cow compass

Report: Spam Ratio Depends on Address’s First Letter
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If a study by a Cambridge researcher is accurate, email addresses with less common first letters get less spam than those with more common ones.

Microsoft Gets Back a Good Chunk of Money From Immersion

ImmersionMicrosoft just got back $20.75 million of the nearly $27 million it gave to Immersion six years ago. Perhaps this contributed to the willy-nilly half a billion dollar investment it just made in acquiring Greenfield Online.

The Past

You Think the Government Is Going to Stop Google?
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Google is apparently going to disregard the investigation into any antitrust practices, and move forward in its advertising deal with Yahoo! in October, unless the government stops them.

Eric Schmidt