Google Makes Sure Wave Can Run Properly on IE
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Google released an early version of the Google Chrome Frame today. This is a plug-in for Internet Explorer, which lets the browser use HTML5 and…Google Wave (starting next week when the product’s preview is extended).

Six Flags Flooded in Atlanta – Videos on YouTube
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Have you ever seen what a flooded amusement park looks like? It’s quite a sight, and the web is getting a look as news of Atlanta, Georgia’s Six Flags park being under water buzzes around the web.

Videos have been posted to YouTube, Tweets are rolling in, and "six flags under water" is currently number one on Google’s Hot Trends list. Here’s a clip:

Email Marketing Most Popular Channel For Consumers
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The majority of marketers are using multichannel campaigns, but less than half know what channels their customers prefer, according to a new study by Forrester Consulting, sponsored by ExactTarget.

The study found the key to selecting the best channels for customer communication is to know something about customer preference and behaviors. Only 32 percent of marketers know how customers behave across channels and only 37 percent know what channels their customers prefer to use.

Google Exec On Canada: “It’s Not As Competitive”
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Google wants Canada to get with the program – the AdWords program, that is.  An exec has expressed some concern – or at least bafflement – over the idea that online advertising hasn’t caught on in Canada to the degree that it has in other countries.

Canada has a healthy economy, after all (several different groups rank it eleventh in the world according to GDP), and Internet penetration in the nation is pretty high (think 70 percent or more, although estimates differ).

Top 10 Most Spammed States in the US
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Symantec’s MessageLabs revealed a list of the most spammed states in the US today, with some somewhat surprising results. And the award for state that receives the most spam is…Idaho.

Email Marketing in a Mobile, Social Media World
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It is an interesting time for email marketing right now. Though it is still a quite effective medium for marketers, there are many challenges to deal with. This was the subject of a session moderated by David Daniels of Forrester Research at the Shop.org summit in Las Vegas this week.

Fox Mobile Partners With Altoids For Online Series

Fox Mobile Studios is launching "Brainstorm," an eight-episode comedy series for viewing on mobile and online.

The Brainstorm series revolves around Altoids mints and is Fox Mobile’s first entry into branded entertainment.

"We feel very fortunate to have partnered with Altoids, a brand that has an innovative history of challenging conventional thought and behavior, to achieve this milestone," said Michael Wallen, vice president and creative director for Fox Mobile Studios.

French Case Over Google Books Begins

French publishers had their first day in court today as a case concerning Google Books began.  Various organizations are clamoring for Google to stop scanning manuscripts, and the plaintiffs are seeking about $22 million in compensation, too.

The La Martiniere publishing group originally brought its case against Google several years ago.  Since then, the Syndicat National de l’Edition and the Societe des gens de letters have offered their support.

MySpace Brings NASCAR Content to Fans

MySpace has announced a partnership with Turner Sports, which sees MySpace adding NASCAR content to its sports portfolio. MySpace says users can view and share the latest race highlights, news headlines, league standings, and race results.

MySpace highlights profiles for drivers like Kasey Kahne, Brian Vickers, and Denny Hamlin. They also point to a clip of the group, The All-American Rejects in which they issue a challenge to NASCAR to acquire as many fans as they have. That’s a race I will not be attending.

Technology Industry Faring Better Than Most
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The U.S. technology industry cut 115,000 jobs between January and June of 2009, a 1.9 percent decline, according to a new report by the TechAmerica Foundation based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"The tech industry has suffered the full force of the global economic recession in the first half of this year, yet we believe it has weathered the storm better than most," said TechAmerica Foundation President Christopher W. Hansen.

Google Turning the Web Into an Exclusive Social Network?
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Search guru Danny Sullivan got an early scoop on a new Google Product that wasn’t supposed to be announced until later today. Its called the Sidewiki, and is a feature of the Google Toolbar. What it does is allow users to comment on any page on the web. These comments can only be viewed by others who have the toolbar/sidewiki installed.

Gmail Users Experience Another Hiccup
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Some Gmail users have been experiencing yet another instance of the service being down. This seems to be happening quite a bit lately, and at a particularly odd and unfortunate time for Google, as the company has recently increased its efforts to push Google Apps on Businesses.

Right now, when I log into Gmail I get the following message:

Gmail unable to access contacts

Survey: Online News Credibility Increasing

For the second year in a row, ARAnet has shared survey results about the news consumption habits of Americans. This year’s survey found that Americans are increasingly turning to online sources, as well as radio for their news, while going less to daily newspapers and television.

Google Brings LIFE Magazine Archive Online
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LIFE Magazine has announced that more than 1,860 issues from its archive are now available online through Google Books.

The scanned magazines include LIFE Magazine issues from 1936-1972, allowing readers to search and view full content.

The scanned issues include articles and issues from LIFE’s staff of editors and photographers including Alfred Eisenstaedt, Margaret Bourke-White and Gordon Parks. In addition to the covers, articles and photographs, readers will be able to search and view original covers, advertisements, and letters to the editor.

Facebook Caught In Another Patent Infringement Suit

It looks like some of Facebook’s lawyers will soon be making a trip to Delaware.  A small company called WhoGlue, which is based in Baltimore, has sued the large social network over a patent WhoGlue was granted in July of 2007.

Succeeding In Ecommerce
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Knowing what online shoppers expect when visiting an ecommerce site is just one part of the puzzle. Online retailers need to offer consumers a variety of useful features to build loyalty and get conversions.

Watch Out for the Twitter Worm

There are numerous reports of a new Twitter worm that steals your log-in information and spreads its evil cause. The worm comes in the form of a direct message from someone you may know, and maybe even trust.

eBay’s Donahoe Prepared To Spin Off PayPal
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Despite being on the job for less than six months, new-ish president and CEO of eBay John Donahoe certainly isn’t afraid to make changes.  Even as obstacle after obstacle pops up to interfere with the sale of Skype, Donahoe announced that he often considers parting with PayPal.

Doctor Trainees Sharing Private Patient Information on Facebook

Social media has become the newest and possibly best way to expose just how stupid people can be. Last week we talked about the rocket scientist burglar who left Facebook’s equivalent of breadcrumbs to his front door. Hey, he is 19 years old and probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer anyway so maybe it’s not that unusual (actually it is but for this post we’ll say it).

Obvious: People Don’t Want to Pay for Online News
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Paid Content UK conducted a Poll with Harris Interactive, asking respondents how much they would pay for online news, and what they would do if they’re favorite news sites started charging. The findings, perhaps not so shocking, indicate that users basically don’t really want to pay.

Social Media Influencing High Income Consumers
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Nearly 30 percent of higher-income consumers said social media influenced their decision making when it came to home repair services, a higher percentage than other income groups, according to a new study by Ad-ology.

Ad-ology Logo

The study found this group had significantly high reports of recent maintenance services performed.

Using Twitter And Social Media To Build Your Brand
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Social media is becoming increasingly important to retailers and brands. With the meteoritic rise of Twitter, finding the right approach to successfully engaging an audience is key.

Schmidt Forecasts Monthly Acquisitions
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Eric Schmidt has laid out a good news/bad news scenario for people who would like to become part of Google.  On the one hand, he intends to acquire about one small company per month.  On the other, it sounds like most of Google’s "now hiring" signs are going to remain in storage. 

Google Adds Ovation TV As TV Ad Partner

Google has reportedly worked out another deal for its TV Ads unit. According to AdWeek, Google now counts Ovation TV, the arts cable channel among its TV Ads partners.