Catch a Whiff of Google’s Latest Gmail Offering
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Google has added a number of new emoticons for Gmail. You know, smilies. But that’s not all there is. Let’s just cut to the chase. There’s an animated pile of feces.

LinkedIn Begins Market Survey Business
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Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend not to be too special, but LinkedIn’s having a profitable midweek.  Yesterday, the company announced that it had received $22.7 million in funding.  Today, it launched LinkedIn Surveys.

AdWords Expands the Box

Google’s been using plusboxes in its organic results for quite some time now, but only in the last few months have we begun seeing those in paid results as well. Back in March, we first started spotting video ads in similar Google AdWords plusboxes, and now Google’s added expanded product results with images:

Google Enterprise Gets First UK Distribution Partner

If everything goes according to Google’s plan, Google Enterprise is about to become a lot more popular outside the U.S.  Specialist Computer Holdings has, you see, been picked as its first U.K. distribution partner.

Google Points Voters To The Info They Need

Google has noticed a lack of organization on the web when it comes to information on voting. That includes registration info and simply where to go to vote. In an effort to combat this problem, they’ve put together a couple tools to help potential voters find such information.

Apple Stock Hit Twice By Bloggers
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One might say the Internet is anything you want it to be—a truth machine or spreader of lies—maybe it’s both. In light of recent events Apple would say it’s the latter. Twice over the past month, a blogger has sunk their stock.

Google Measuring Brain Waves
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There’ve been a lot of disturbing news in advertising this year and this week, all of it involving brain stuff.  Thankfully, Google’s not manipulating our thoughts—yet.
Google Measuring Brave Waves

Microsoft Beats Financial Forecasts
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Yes, Microsoft’s search share is shrinking.  Sure, everyone hates Vista.  And of course, the corporation definitely wanted to acquire Yahoo.  None of that seemed to impact the bottom line too much, though, as Microsoft reported some pretty strong first quarter financial results.

EU Lawmakers Approve Online Child Safety Program
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The vote’s been tallied, and the European Union’s new Safer Internet program turned out to be roughly as controversial as claiming that water’s wet.  While almost three percent of members abstained, a full 96 percent of the European Parliament agreed to spend 55 million to protect children online.

Yahoo Offers Inquisitor Suggestion Tool for IE and Firefox
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Yahoo announced today that it is taking its popular Inquisitor plug-in from the Safari and offering it for Internet Explorer and Firefox as well. Inquisitor brings up suggestions when you type something into the search box, much like Yahoo’s own Search Assist or Google Suggest.

Google Launches Gmail 2.0 for Mobile
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Google has introduced version 2.0 of Gmail for Mobile for BlackBerry and mobile phones that support J2ME. They do note however, that not all features are available for all phones, but version 2.0 is available in over 35 languages.

Tips for Using Google to Get Holiday Clicks & Conversions
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We’re quickly approaching the end of October. For businesses, that can only mean one thing. The holiday season is nigh! For online businesses, this means that it’s time to kick-start the tactics you should have been using all year. The clock has already begun to tick for getting people to your site and for you to cash in on online shopping for the holidays.

Rackspace Enters Amazon’s Space
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Hosting company Rackspace made an aggressive move into cloud computing this week by acquiring Jungle Disk and Slicehost, and by securing relationships with Limelight Networks and Sonian Networks. The move puts Rackspace square into Amazon territory, sparking hopes that increased competition will lower costs.

How Does Slow Load Time Affect You?

In a world where more and more households are connected to the internet, bandwidth is becoming an issue and brownouts have been predicted to occur in the next few years. With the strain on the infrastructure of the internet this makes having an efficient, fast loading website all that much more important.

Should You Blog?

According to the 2008 State of the Blogosphere from Technorati, a little more than half the companies in North America do not have a blog.  So that means that just under half do.  Why are they spending their time blogging?

Bill Gates Starts New Company
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It’s been said and feared that once a man stops working he starts dying. But honestly, give me a billion, just one, and you’ll never see me again unless it’s at a margarita bar somewhere beautiful. Not so for Bill Gates, though, recently semi-sorta-retired from Microsoft. He’s starting a new company.
Bill Gates Starts New Company

Google Hit With Typosquatting Class Action
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Harvard Business School professor Benjamin Edelman believes Google is profiting from and encouraging typosquatting by placing ads on trademark infringing made-for-AdSense websites. As co-counsel in a class action suit, Edelman suggests Google could be making money from a million domains or more.

More Adults Adopt Texting To Contact Kids

Texting has been commonplace among younger people for a while but it is now leading to older adults adopting the practice as well, according to new research from Sprint.

The number of adults who are texting has increased from just two years ago, when a Pew Research study found that 13 percent of adults ages 50-64 used the text messaging function on their mobile phone. Sprint found that now 20 percent of adults ages 55-64 send text messages.

Google Aims for Big International Growth for Sites
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Early this year, Google released "Google Sites," a platform that lets users create their own sites based on templates provided by Google. The company said that users could utilize Google Sites to create :

Jupitermedia Sells Image Business To Getty For $96 Million

Jupitermedia Corporation said today that it is selling its online images business to Getty Images for $96 million in cash. This sale will re-focus the company on the B2B content business which is arguably a step in the right direction.

Russian Authorities Halt Google Acquisition
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Like a hockey player who wasn’t expecting a body check, Google’s gotten an unpleasant surprise in the antitrust department.  Even as the company was focused on its deal with Yahoo, Russian authorities have stopped its acquisition of Begun.

Netflix Strikes Deal With Samsung
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Netflix has announced a major partnership with Samsung Electronics that will allow consumers to stream movies from the Netflix Web site to their television sets via Samsung’s Blu-ray disc players.

Imeem Dismissing One-Fourth Of All Employees

What a week for Imeem.  Yesterday, it introduced an Android application to rave reviews.  Today, its site became home to the new Guns N’ Roses single.  Unfortunately, between those two developments, word spread that about 25 percent of the company’s employees were laid off, and rumor has it that Imeem is up for sale, as well.

Most Political Blog Visitors Conservative
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If news consumers are indeed upset with the “liberal elite media” and the “liberal regular media,” as Tina Fey, portraying Sarah Palin, put it last week, then the Internet has provided a robust alternative. In fact, as network television ratings slump, comScore says visits to “standalone” political and news websites and blogs are booming, and it looks like the conservatives are winning.

At least in September. A lot can change in a few weeks.