White Spaces Officially Cleared For Wireless Broadband

A big story flew somewhat under the radar yesterday as the Election was at the forefront of minds not only all across the America, but around the world. The FCC has approved the use of the unused airwaves between broadcast TV channels, otherwise known as "white spaces" for public wireless broadband service.

Election Drove Record Internet Traffic
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The Internet didn’t break yesterday, and if there was ever a day for that to happen it was Election Day 2008 in America. Akamai’s Net Usage Index for News recorded the highest number of website visitors per minute in history, placing Barack Obama’s historic win at the top at the chart.

Google Closes Door On Yahoo Ad Deal

Google has abandoned its plans to move forward with Yahoo! on its proposed search advertising deal.

Internet Demographics

People interested in social media marketing often ask me how age impacts Internet usage, and there’s clear drop off in usage as people age. Now, new data from Pew Internet & American Life Project and eMarketer shows this drop off clearly.

Heaviest Internet Users Also Heavy TV Viewers
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Nearly 31 percent of in-home Internet activity takes place while the user is watching television, which indicates there is a large amount of simultaneous Internet and television usage, according to a new report from Nielsen’s TV/Internet Convergence Panel.

Heaviest Internet Users Also Heavy TV Viewers

Google Groups Search Moves To Include More Forums
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Internet forums can be invaluable resources; they’re where experts on all sorts of subjects gather to discuss problems and new developments, or simply make friends.  So it’s more than a little important that the Google Groups site now attempts to return search results from all over the Internet.

Apple And Microsoft Earnings Are Near Equal

A friend sent me this link comparing revenue, profit, and cash positions for Microsoft and Apple. I almost fell off my chair when reading this data from Microsoft’s and Apple’s most recent quarterly filing:

Using Social Media To Help Your Business Grow

First let me say that I’m 100% against any form of spamming or overt promotion of products or services on Yahoo! answers or any other network. This article is about adding real value to those networks before anything else.

Goal: Connecting Your Expertise With Those Who Need It – Fast and Without Noise.

How Many Sites Are On the Internet?
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If there is any accuracy to data released by Netcraft, then the Internet has about 182,226,259 sites.  That’s 948,000 more than a month ago.

Netcraft looks at the number of sites hosted on the different top servers. The following graph represents market share for top servers across all domains from August 1995 to October 2008:

Advertisers Zero In On Digital Divas

One thing we know, the feminist movement still hasn’t quite reached the advertising industry. At least they’re fair about it; men (fathers especially) could rightly complain about what bumbling, inept fools commercials make us out to be.

And that we’re depicted as breast-obsessed, beer-guzzling, football maniacs.

Yeah, and?

Firefox Hits New Market Share High
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Assuming we don’t get into a 2000-style miscount mess, a lot of people are going to spend tonight celebrating the results of the presidential election.  But (independent of their politics) Mozilla employees may not; they’ll likely be tuckered out due to already celebrating a big Firefox achievement in terms of market share.

Japanese Favor Yahoo Music
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Nearly 40 percent of the Japanese online population visited an entertainment music site in August, according to a new study from comScore.

The study found that Japan had the highest penetration of users of Apple iTunes during the month, when compared to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Digital Marketing and ROI – Attract, Retain and Convert


“psst… Hey buddy, ya wanna chant a mantra?”

I have a simple three word mantra that cuts to the heart of successful website promotion. If you are ever asked to describe the essence of digital marketing in three words, use these ones. Attract, Retain, Convert.

Google Provides Some AdSense Filtering Tips
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Due to an increased show of interest from AdSense publishers in filtering ads, Arlene Lee of AdSense Publisher Support discussed a couple of tools at the Inside AdSense Blog.

Competitive Ad Filter

Cybersex And Depression Linked
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It’s kind of a chicken and egg question: Does cybersex contribute to increased depression or does depression contribute to increased cybersex? It could be both. A recent Australian study found a correlation between online sexual activity and clinical depression.
Cybersex And Depression Linked

MTV To Profit From Pirated MySpace Videos

If you thought YouTube’s click-to-buy feature was neat for music labels, allowing them to add links to purchase music on pirated videos featuring that music, you’ll love this: MTV has partnered with MySpace to identify videos posted to MySpace that are copyrighted by MTV, using audio and visual fingerprint technology. And here’s the good part: instead of getting medieval on pirated videos’ hineys, MTV gets to add ads.

YouTube Wants You To “Video Your Vote”
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YouTube is encouraging voters today to take their video cameras with them and document the scene at their polling place. The video site has teamed up with PBS and is including these videos on a Google Maps mash-up.

Yahoo Partners With Delver On Search

Social search engine Delver has partnered with Yahoo! Search to use its Yahoo! BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service).

Delver says its personalized search will now integrate traditional search results via BOSS along with results created and referenced by the searching user’s friends and friends-of-friends.

BOSS allows search sites to use Yahoo! search results in a customized way without any Yahoo! branding but still serves Yahoo! ads.

Hitwise Examines UK Election Interest

If the importance of this presidential election has you feeling anxious, fresh stats from Hitwise may not help much.  Essentially, they act as a reminder that the world’s watching, and UK residents in particular seem to be interested in a couple of political figures.

There’s been a high volume of searches for Barack Obama since (at least) late last year.  Only on a few occasions have searches for the UK’s own prime minister, Gordon Brown, become more common.  Meanwhile, interest in Joe Biden has remained quite low even after his nomination.

Do You Want to Want to Convert Feeds to PDFs?

Hewlett-Packard has an interesting new service that allows users to turn RSS feeds into deliverable, printable PDFs. The service is called Tablloid and works basically like other feed readers.

Facebook Leaves its Mark On Elections

There is no denying that the Internet has had a profound impact on this U.S. Presidential race. I have discussed this at length in a previous article. Google has contributed a lot to this, but they are by no means the only Internet entity that has played a role.

Twitter Throws Economy A Surprising Bone
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Until somewhat recently, Twitter’s site seemed reluctant to stay in working order.  The company still lacks an identifiable business plan.  And the economy as a whole has been imitating the current president’s approval rating.  But an encouraging new email hints that at least one small job market might be all right, after all.

Google, Yahoo Offer New Ad Deal

Google and Yahoo have offered to decrease the size of their proposed search advertising deal in an effort to receive approval from federal regulators.

Where The Candidates Stand On Web Issues
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Surprisingly, the differences between John McCain and Barack Obama on issues affecting the Internet are few, but those few are fairly big rifts. The biggest single issue where the candidates differ is Network Neutrality.