LinkedIn Continues Adding Features to Recruiter
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LinkedIn has added several features to its Recruiter platform. These include real-time profile matches, mini profiles, and free InMails to 1st degree and fellow group members.

Are Forums and Q&A Sites More Important to Search Now?
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Facebook and Twitter get a lot of the credit for all of the conversation that is going on around the web these days, and they certainly account for a great deal of it. Still there is public conversation happening in many other channels – blogs, Q&A sites, news sites, YouTube, other social networks, and forums.

Yahoo Examines iPad Ownership Trends
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Even before the iPad was released, Yahoo started catering to potential users, releasing a Yahoo Entertainment app.  It later partnered with Appolicious, too.  Now, Yahoo’s taken a look at what sort of iPad owner audience it’s attracted, and it seems that Yahoo’s done best with wealthy-ish, middle-aged men who take lots of pictures.

Let’s start with the simplest subject: gender distribution.  About 66 percent of iPad users on the Yahoo network are male, compared to 51 percent of regular Yahoo users in the U.S.

Internet Archive Offers 1 Million Books To Visually Impaired

The Internet Archive said today it has made available more than 1 million books to those who are blind, dyslexic and visually impaired.

The Google Redesigns That Could’ve Been
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Google Senior User Experience Designer Jon Wiley posted an explanation of the new Google redesign from a design perspective today. He talks about how other elements of the Google experience were made simpler to lighten the load as the left panel got more complex.

Yahoo Gives Update on Alliance with Microsoft

We haven’t heard much about the long-awaited Microsoft-Yahoo Search Alliance in a while, but reminding everybody that the integration is still on the way, Yahoo posted an update today via its Search Marketing Blog.

The company says priority one is to make the transition to Microsoft’s adCenter as smooth as possible, and that includes the following steps:

Should Social Media Be Held Accountable for User Actions?
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Update: A court document from the judge in this case has been released indicating that the for profit factor of YouTube is waht makes this a crime.  A Google representative is quoted as saying:

Integration Of All Google Services With Google Apps Planned
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Google Apps customers may soon have a lot more options in terms of which of the company’s other products and services they’ll be able to access from their official accounts.  Google intends to let customers remove all restrictions sometime in the next six months.

Digg Downsizes Team By 10 Percent

The recession’s effects have been lessening for several months now, with banks repaying their loans, consumer spending increasing, and the Dow currently around 2,500 points above its 52-week low.  Unfortunately, whether due to the recession or for other reasons (note: this occurred before the market started crashing), Digg laid off about ten percent of its employees this morning.

Google Goggles Gives Translations Via Camera
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Late last year, Google introduced a very cool mobile product called Google Goggles. While only an experimental labs release, it is looking more and more like it will be one that actually graduates to a real feature, and a useful one at that.

DMA Says Privacy Bill Would Hurt Online Advertising
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The Direct Marketing Association has voiced its opposition to a draft of a privacy bill introduced this week by Representatives Rick Boucher (D-VA) and Cliff Stearns (R-FL).

The DMA says the draft bill has potentially sweeping impacts for direct marketers working across every marketing channel, from direct mail and telemarketing to email, Internet and, mobile marketing.

Murdoch (Again) Threatens To Stand Against Google
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It’s been about five months since Rupert Murdoch first claimed that he would block search engines from News Corp. content, and even if not a lot’s happened as a result, Murdoch hasn’t let the matter slide.  He issued another warning yesterday while at the National Press Club.

Do you think Murdoch will follow through on his threats?  Let us know by commenting.

ChaCha.me Now Mobile
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Question and answer social network ChaCha has added mobile functionality to its ChaCha.me service that launched in March.

Users are now able to ask and answer questions from their mobile devices and see the activity posted live to their ChaCha.me page and other social networks such as Facebook. Users can also get instant mobile alerts when someone else asks them a question, allowing responses while on the go.

Google Goes On The Attack Over Infringement Claims

Time and time again, people have shown that Google is just as capable of tracking down copyrighted songs as sites like the Pirate Bay, and it’s seemed inevitable that the music industry would confront the search giant sooner or later.  Only now, Google’s cut to the chase by pursuing a small label called Blue Destiny Records.

Yahoo: We’ve Got a Left-Hand Navigation Bar Too
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It seems like Yahoo is reminding people that it is still a search company a lot lately. In what I’m guessing is a response to Google launching its new search features, Yahoo has once again reminded us of its own features.

"As you know, Search innovation continues to be a top priority at Yahoo! – that’s why we have been working hard behind the scenes to continuously evolve the search experience for our users," Meagan Busath, Yahoo’s Director of Global Product Communications tells WebProNews.

Facebook Measures More of the World’s Happiness
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You may recall Facebook’s Gross National Happiness project, it which it tried to measure happiness around the U.S. based on positive and negative words used with status updates. Now the company has taken the project on a more global scale.

They didn’t measure every country. They just measured the ones with the highest volumes of status updates in one of the languages they support: English, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish.

Believe it or Not, Self-Promotion Can Hurt You
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The interesting thing about online self-promotion is that it can be vital to your success, but can also make you look horrible, tarnish your reputation, and alienate people. There are good ways to promote yourself, and there are bad ways. Some of the bad ways are often looked upon as spam – things like blog comment spam, forum spam, or of course Twitter/Facebook spam come to mind.

More Than Usual, Google Dominated Search Market In April
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Statistics regarding search engines’ market share can be difficult to interpret; it’s often necessary to gauge the importance of a gain or loss in comparison to a companies’ size, how Yahoo and Microsoft have performed in relation to each other and with respect to their rivals, and several other things.  But Experian Hitwise’s April data tells a straightforward tale: Google won.

Google And SBA Team On Helping Small Businesses Grow Online
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Google and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) have formed a partnership aimed at providing resources and tools to help small business owners grow their businesses online.

Google and SBA introduced "Tools for Online Success," a website featuring tutorials, videos, and tips from small business people who have used the Internet to become more efficient, cost effective, and successful.

UC Davis Faculty Snub Gmail Over Privacy

Privacy Awareness Week is perhaps not working out the way Google would have liked.  There’s word this afternoon that officials at the University of California, Davis have decided not to deploy Gmail on a campus-wide basis due to privacy concerns.

Google’s New SERPs Come in Mobile Too
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Google announced today that it is rolling out its newly redesigned SERPs (search engine results pages). In a separate announcement, the company noted that the new results go for the mobile version of Google as well.

Battle.net To Integrate With Facebook

Blizzard Entertainment said today it will integrate its Battle.net gaming service with Facebook in an effort to improve the social side of the company’s online platform.

The first step in the integration will allow "StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty" players to add Blizzard gamers who are friends on Facebook to their Battle.net friends lists.

Facebook Announces Seattle Expansion
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Less than two months after Facebook made its decision to open a sales and operations office in Austin, Texas official, the company is on the move again.  Facebook’s announced that it next intends to open a small engineering office in Seattle, Washington.

This will perhaps not be a huge deal; Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said in a statement that Facebook’s only looking for an office that will accommodate 30 or so employees.  On the other hand, any expansion out of Palo Alto is a sort of new and exciting thing at this point in the company’s history.

Google Officially Rolling Out the New SERPs
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Update 5: Now Marissa Mayer, VP Search Products & User Experience has officially announced the new design, and included the following video: