One Thing Small Businesses Can Do Just as Well as Walmart

Walmart Facebook Tactic Looks Like a Home Run

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Take a look at what Walmart’s doing on Facebook. The retail giant has put together a Groupon-like model for driving sales via its Facebook page, with a Facebook called CrowdSaver. Hat tip to The Next Web for pointing this out

Walmart’s fans can look at the possible deals Walmart has come up with, and if any one deal gets a certain amount of likes (pre-set by Walmart), the deal will become a reality at Walmart.com while supplies last. 

"We’re putting you in charge of lower prices," the company says in the heading on the app page. "If enough people Like this deal, we’ll make it happen."

Right now, they’re displaying an Element 42" Plasma TV with Wall Mount with an 18% off discount price of $398. The deal required 5,000 likes to take effect, and the goal has already been met, as Walmart says, "Congratuations! There were enough Likes to make this deal happen. Come back later this week to purchase this deal."

Walmart Crowdsaver on Facebook

Walmart already has close to 2 million Facebook fans, so there is a pretty good chance that any deal they post will get enough likes to become real. That is unless they set the goal ridiculously high, but I doubt they will do this, because they want people to buy this stuff. 

The tactic is not only going to be good for driving sales of select items, but it should help Walmart continue to boost its Facebook fan number as more people catch wind of this, which should happen fairly quickly, given that the strategy takes advantage of Facebook, which is obviously social by nature. People will see others’ likes through their news feeds. 

As Chad Catacchio at The Next Web says, more brands will likely start doing this exact same thing. The good news is that you don’t have to be a big brand to utilize this kind of strategy. A smaller brand might want to keep the like number goal a little bit lower, but there’s no reason why a business of any size can’t try this. It could be a good way to increase sales as well as fans. It’s also a good way to keep fans engaged with your brand, and the more fans you get, the more news feeds you’ll get into. 

Just keep in mind the goals for your strategy and know your limits. Make sure these clear to customers when applicable. 

Of course you can promote this on and off of Facebook.

One Thing Small Businesses Can Do Just as Well as Walmart
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  • http://www.flint-webdesign.com James Robinson

    Thanks for posting this article. Walmart’s success on FB is a great model to follow for other business, Internet Marketer and web designers. I plan to go there and get some ideas that will help me and my clients.

    They are taking the term social networking to another level by allowing customers to influence prices.

    • http://byebyemold.com George Hatcher

      So, if we offer some kind of discount on our http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=95218817776″ facebook page offering air quality testing at http://byebyemold.com, then we should see a huge increase in our customer base? I am skeptical.

      Bye bye Mold is a Mold inspection and mold testing service company.

      • http://byebyemold.com George Hatcher


  • http://www.lerentech.com Lerentech Solutions

    Love it, thank you so much for sharing this idea. “Liking” WPN on facebook was one of the best moves I ever made.

  • http://www.socialfeet.com Michael Weiksner

    James, I agree 100% with your comment. Walmart is trailblazing here in two respects: (1) the particular functionality on Facebook and (2) raising awareness of this tactic for retailers.

    Chris, I’d like to thank you for your post too. My startup, SocialFeet.com, offers group buying for retailers. Our solution is easy to integrate (requires only a single line of JavaScript), charges only affiliate fees (e.g., no set up or recurring charges), and we are live on 30+ sites (check out TechForless.com for example). So, I hope that your post inspires many retailers to dip their toe in the social promotion waters.

    Walmart’s move is just the tip of the iceberg! Feel free to contact me if you want to learn more about our story, see a demo, & hear about our vision.

    And keep writing about this stuff!


  • http://str82u.co Str82u

    That’s pretty slick, I barely got a “How To” page up. That really just tells us to think a little more, stretch the imagination, be inventive. All the stuff we hope or wish we are. Studying the FB scripting to see what you can get away with isn’t what I imply either.

    At the very least, it seems easy enough that most site owners could use that as a second “Poll” feature, let users decide on site upgrades or just post questions for attention. The creative part is what’s cool to see.

  • http://www.grand-island-serene-gardens.com Josh Smith

    They really must have a team of brains over there. Great Strategy.
    I wonder how long it will remain effective though if everyone starts doing it? It might be popular in the short term though.

  • http://wsidigitalweb.com/ Simon Miskimmin

    Wow! This is social media marketing at it’s best. Simple, effective and letting the consumer take control. Why do more businesses not employ these tactics. It’s a no brainer!

  • Keldon

    I can’t stand Facebook.

    • http://www.terryreeves.com Terry

      Don’t let your personal dislikes get in the way of your success. I have a client that has gone from 0 to over 15,000 referrals from Facebook in less that 90 days. It has become their number one source for website traffic and their sales have hit all time highs.

  • http://www.wpidx.com Nic Turner

    This is creativity at its best, Gather participants, offer discounts and keep the momentum in full gear.
    Thanks for the timely post as always!

  • http://www.pushbikewear.com steve

    I can see how this would be a great tool for my business.
    What would be useful though is if you could give some pointers as to how other businesses could get started with something like this. We don’t all have the IT budgets that Walmart command.
    I would love to give it a try.

  • http://www.b-seenontop.com/ Donna

    Interesting tactic, but not one I’d suggest a small business jump on board with until they think through all the possible outcomes. For example, a “like” won’t always translate into a sale. I am sure Walmart had no trouble coming up with a business case to support testing this idea. I doubt most small businesses have the budget, sales volume or number crunching expertise to do the same.

    • Jackie Mackay

      Yeah right – it’s like polling. Easy to say one thing and do another.
      Do the same people who clicked ‘like’ have to do the buying? if so you
      have the pain of voucher comparisons etc. Do they get to find out the
      email (and probably birthday) of the happy likers? If so they gain more.

      If so I predict 20% max will convert. 18% discount is peanuts anyway.
      Walmart stand to make handsome profits from this sort of discount
      given their buy-in rates smapp players don’t have.

      This has been tested before as has every marketing promo in the book
      and out of the book. That Walmart was a facebook first is a big publicity
      stunt. They can get a higher % of public ‘eyeball’ anyway than they could
      with normal skank advertising.

      Anyway who’s to know if there WERE as many ‘likes’? Since the entire
      Facebook sheeple population are heavily dependent on how many others
      like something before they do…. it’s as good a way of pushing any steer
      bum or otherwise – as any other hype as to how ‘popular’ something is.


    • Jackie

      no smapp is not some foreign slang 😉

  • http://marketingmasters.blogfa.com Rahim Nazari

    thanks for posting this great idea. I’ll do same things for all project I’ll participate.
    Mr. Rahim Nazari

  • http://www.keymultimedia.co.uk David Lakins

    What a great crowdsourcing idea for Facebook – it’s social media driving the price!

  • http://www.couponshouse.com Carl Olms

    It is a good idea but it doesn’t suit my type of business!

  • http://www.siskiyouwebdeisgn.com Siskiyou Web Design

    Very Creative way to use Social Media, has a call to action and takes it another step where they will run the sale!

  • http://affiliate82.blogspot.com zein

    this something make me think a better about my small business,
    thanks for this info

  • http://www.thechasescene.com Chase Adams

    Consider this:

    You sell building supplies and you’re a single-location supplier. You can’t sell across state lines, and the margin to deliver outside of your set radius is close to 0.

    Then throw in the fact that most people in your industry don’t even USE computers, internet or social media. How do you make it work then?

    Chase Adams
    The Chase Scene | Chase Your Passion
    Do you have a gravatar? See why you NEED one.

  • http://www.jasonfox.web864.com Jason fox

    Kudos to walmart for coming up with a social, social media tool. And thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  • http://www.blueprintprep.com Jodi Triplett

    Great idea for increasing FB likes and traffic. Contests can also work well, and we recently offered our client base who post on our FB page advice from a real consultant, which increased our likes.

  • http://www.mbcinteractive.com don

    I love that idea! Its stuff like this that makes social media work.

  • http://www.Electric-Reviews.org Mark

    What an excellent way of engaging your fans on FB. WM has some pretty smart marketers for them to come up with this. I bet there is more good things Walmart will be doing in the future ,keep an eye on them .I will.

  • http://psmoveaccessories.com Jamie

    This is definitely a genius idea! Thanks for sharing this…..

  • http://myparnasa.com/ Naomi

    I love the idea but it seems that I would have to be careful in applying it for my audience. You definitely need a critical mass of enthusiastic likers to make it work.

  • Tristan

    This is a great way to get people to evangelize for Wal-Mart. It’s a bit ethically gray, I’d say, though because it’s getting people to Like something that doesn’t exist (the discounted price) until enough people do it. What if only 4000 people Liked the TV deal. Then there’d be 4000 people who Liked a deal that doesn’t exist and that they don’t get to take advantage of. You can’t really take back a “Like” either. I mean, you can, but it’s posted real-time, it’s been on your wall, people have seen it, etc. by the time you take it back, it’s meaningless and buried.

    For instance, I just went to the Facebook page, and this weeks offer is a $128 Kodak Easyshare camera for $99.98. It needed 3000 Likes, but only got 2,753. so the offer wasn’t met. That means 2,753 people liked an offer that doesn’t exist.

    Their time would be equally well spent Liking Unicorns.

  • http://www.search-engine-optimization-specialist.net search engine optimization specialist

    how the heck does walmart have 2 million fans on facebook?

    who is their fan? why? im confused lol

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