NYC Serial Killer Has Police Stumped

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New York has had to bounce back from a lot of tragedy, including the recent devastation that Hurricane Sandy left behind. But when news gets out that the city has an unknown killer lurking in their midst, it’s difficult for even the most hardened New Yorker to wrap their mind around.

Police are now searching for a man they believe is responsible for the shooting deaths of three shopkeepers, which began in July with 65-year old Mohammed Gebeli and left off with 78-year old Vahidipour Rahmatollah last Friday. 59-year old Isaac Kadare was shot in the head in his 99 cent store in August. As more and more evidence points to the murders having been committed by the same person, a motive has so far eluded investigators. While they have acknowledged that each shooting has similar characteristics, officials don’t want to erupt the city into panic by dubbing the killings the work of a serial killer.

“The same gun was used in all three murders…it’s too soon to tell,” Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said. “There are similar things in each case, but that determination hasn’t been made yet.”

Each victim was covered up and moved away from the windows of their respective stores, possibly to buy more time for the killer. However, there are factors in each murder which don’t seem to add up to serial killer: one victim was stabbed in the neck as well as being shot in the head; two of the victims were robbed, while police say they aren’t sure yet if Rahmatollah was missing money from the cash register. Those inconsistencies could add up to a break in the case. For now, investigators have released a sketch of a suspect they found on surveillance cameras, saying he is a person of interest and that they would like to talk to him.

So far, the most unlikely clue seems to be the fact that each store address contained the number 8; police say they are treating it the same as any other piece of the puzzle.

“We’re definitely looking into the number-8 angle,” a law-enforcement source said. “But we’re not any closer to solving the case because of it.”

Image: NYPD

NYC Serial Killer Has Police Stumped
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  • DNA

    The killer is targeting elderly folks in small shops and by their last name maybe immigrants. Serial killer has to be in his mid 20’s early 30’s. Strong enough to hold someone down. Using a knife a military background or gang related. The victim that was stab maybe because it is too close to another establishment that might hear the shots. Depends on the time of day. The number 8 in Asia is a lucky number, not for the victims but for the killer. He has not been caught! Maybe he is Asian?

    • Bella

      He was shot as well as stabbed, so the theory that he was stabbed to avoid being heard is not correct. If the storekeepers were all older, and all shot, the person did not have to be in his 20’s or 30’s. Guns do pretty well in keeping someone down, not to mention the fact that there are plenty of men (and women) in their 40’s and above who could subdue people of that age. But again, with a gun, it is a moot point.

    • No Hope

      DNA, you watch entirely too much television crime shows.

    • Corax

      *returns to watching Criminal Minds and CSI marathons*

  • Me

    The victim that was stabbed was also shot. Therefore the murderer was not concerned about noise and the establishment’s proximity to other establishments. Every establishment in NYC is in close proximity to other establishments. The number 8 has significance for many different cultures not just Asian. Police have released a sketch of a person of interest taken from surveillance video that should help to jog the memory of possible witnesses.

    • Dee

      #8 is an infinity sign.

  • Samantha

    All victims seem to be Middle Eastern, at least their names are. His head is shaved – a skinhead? Might be hate crimes. Double the 8… 88.. HH… stands for Heil Hitler. might be an angle to look at.

    • Justin

      Clearly it’s a black guy you moron. Hate crimes?? Shutup with your stupidity.

  • Chicago

    8; 8 years that Obama will be in office.

  • Dee

    Looks like President Obama to be honest.

    • rich

      Looks like your joke wasn’t funny to be honest!!

    • ros

      LMFAO i haven`t giggled so much in ages …
      It does though doesn`t

  • http://yahoo ariyana

    I hope they catch him it scary to he’s still out there be safe

  • ana

    I’m sure there is alot we are not being told. This person did not commit his first murder July 6th. Walking into a shop in a busy area and shooting or stabbing takes some “confidence building”. He will be caught because he wants to be caught. He has a message and he wants to be heard. If not he would have retrieved the bullet casings. I’m certain there are “fledgling” crimes he has committed. Police need to find other crimes that .22 was used in. Vicap will be helpful, but not the end all.

  • Frank

    A lot of people like to try and play detective. they all have interesting theories, but that is all they are. And it is a capital mistake for one to theorize before he has heard all the facts. Because then a person tends to base facts around theories, instead of theories around facts. But I will say this,all but DNA’s and Dee’s make since. But I can’t give a comment on the killer because I don’t have all the facts, just whats in the report, and that means, that the readers are only on a need to know basis, we don’t need to know no more that they want to give us.

  • Witch

    It is my theory that the killer is an 8. (numerology)

  • Nancee

    Where is John Reese & Harold Finch when you need them? LOL

  • Chris

    The victim that was shot and stabbed was his first victim due to the two ways to kill. He wanted to know how each one felt before killing again. The number 8 is either a coincidence or he is making markers for others to find his work. The fact that he has only targeted older people means that he does not view himself as strong nor powerful, killing is what might give him such. The names of the victims seems more important than the number 8. The names suggest immigration or at least the immigrant status society puts on people. This is more important because immigrants who are working in their own shops typically can’t afford the best security systems and do not have a silent alarm. If he does kill again, he will make more changes to try and make the experience more enjoyable for him.

  • jesse

    looks like drake

  • Alice Taylor

    Is it strange that my first instinct was a sigh of relief that it wasn’t sexual assaults against women?

  • Sara

    Got to love how easy it is to spot peeps who watch all these CSI-type television shows and think from watching they’ve gotten the skills to criminally profile serial killers. Too-Freakin-Funny!

  • Chase

    How close in proximity to each other were the shootings? If they were within a few square miles of one another than ts possible he lives in the area closest to the shootings. It is unlikely he would use money he had just stolen to pay for a cab, and he most likely would not waste any fuel to drive 10 or more miles just to shoot someone and take a few hundred dollars (or however much was stolen, could not have been much,$.99 store and shopkeepers). What types of “shops” are these. One being a $.99 sent store, whats the other 2? Are they similar? If so, how many others are close by (a couple square miles) with an 8 in the address? How many have similar keepers with these similar names? I know it could be many, but hey it could be few. May be a few weeks or even a couple months before another shooting, but its something worth digging into. I know I’m not a investigator, I’m not a detective, but law enforcement does not release this info to the media just to entertain people. They are asking for help. That all I am doing is offering suggestions. They may help, may not. I can say I tried though.

  • Jaime Adams

    Goren and Eames better team up with Benson and Stabler and get this solved!!

    • ros

      if they brought in Grissom and Mac, cant remember the ginger one the case would be solved in the matter of an hour ..

  • jorepi

    I find it interesting and sad that no one has mentioned the people who were killed or the families affected. 3 people have randomly been murdered. 3 families have lost loved ones and their lives have been changed forever. I find it sad that the only thing people are talking about are crazy theories about a madman and not how to help the families who are suffering from their loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones. Cherish every moment you have because you never know when it will be your last. Our neighbors are our greatest allies. Help each other, watch out for one another, stand strong together and pray for each other. RIP

    • Matt

      @ jorepi :

      Not to take anything at all away from the families and loved ones who are mourning their losses, but the families and loved ones are not affecting the case/helping to solve it. Yes the family part is very important but you have to realize that the police are trying to catch this guy, and that is their way of helping out the families. I am sure they have been mentioned outside of this article and I am sure that they have receieved emotional help. Not trying to argue but if they put something in that article that was in reguards to the family, how would it help to solve the case? What facts or clues would it give?

    • WJF

      Because it is America and we are free to think and comment any way we choose.

    • IsaBella

      2 thumbs up jorepi

    • meelee

      The 1st murder happened right across the st from my house. The victim was the nicest man, always said hello when he passed you on the st. His daughter works at my local coffee shop. I feel for the family, especially as this is the 2cd time its come up in the news since July. Each time is like reopening the wound. I hope that they catch this madman before another family/community has to deal with this….

  • imran ali

    have they looked at the reason that out of three, two were muslims.Muhammad and rahmatullah were muslims….. how many muslims u can find in a city where being muslim means a terrotist……..!

    • john

      you are an idiot

  • ros

    love the comment saying it looks Obama ,does though don`t it .I haven`t laughred so much in ages reading this comment

  • adarc

    Serial killer? Serial killer implies that the sole reason for killing is to fulfill a psychological need/desire, and yet the article clearly states that at least two of the men were robbed. These were violent, deadly robberies, and the victims had similarities between them because MOST of the convenience store clerks in NYC are middle eastern.
    I don’t see Serial Killer here.

    • Alex

      Come on, you know what they mean. No one cares how you identify the murderer, that doesn’t change the fact that this person is a murderer. Priority over identification

  • Vegabern

    “officials don’t want to erupt the city into panic by dubbing the killings the work of a serial killer”

    Yet the headline reads “Serial Killer Has Police Stumped”. Nice work media.

  • anon


  • Reno Conner

    Someone said, “Clearly, it’s a black guy.” Maybe, it’s a Hispanic guy?

  • jason

    as this story released 79000 calls came in identifying jay z as the killer, what kind of freakin sketch is that.

    • Madison

      Haha, oh my gosh. I was literally going to share this story on my FB page with a caption along the lines of, “Apparently, JayZ is killing senior shop owners in NYC.” It TOTALLY looks like JayZ.

      • MrAwesome

        IT CAN’T be JayZ
        If it was JayZ, the lips would be a lot bigger

  • http://yahoo.com brendan

    I looked up the two of the three victim’s last names, one is albanian, which they look pakistanin and the other is pakistanian. it’s obvious that this guy is hunting muslims or look alike muslims

    • Infi Del


  • barack obama

    Fellow US citizens, i have figured out who the killer is. Its obviously Mitt Romney, hes trying to scare me into leaving office because hes killing Muslims

    • detective bob

      barack obama you are absolutely right and number 8 has everything to do with it 8 yrs in office. he isnt going to let that go he has cracked.

  • art

    gosh. it’ll be hard now just shopping for my favorite cereal. this cereal killer scares me. wha? my wife just told me that it was a serial killer. not a cereal killer. nevermind.

  • IsaBella

    It’s all chitter chatter, we are on a “need to know” basis and the
    sketch could be anybody. Unfortunately most of our (USA) 7-11 & .99c stores are all owned and operated by foreigners. So if this is a seriel killer, he has lots of work left to do.
    We all need to mind our business & keep a vigilant eye out for our families, neighbors and friends.
    The idiot is probably reading all of this and laughing his ass off

  • http://webpro EGH129

    He looks quite alot like at least 8 of my colored friends.

    • Blue

      who the hell says colored anymore?? what are like 90

    • Jody Strickland

      Your an idiot.

  • Jaelynne

    OK is he SERIOUSLY picking on older people? He needs to find a better and more constructive use of his time than killing people. Maybe knitting or dancing or something.

  • Jason Davis

    Better call up Dexter Morgan, he finds every serial killer he searches for.

    • bla bla

      He looks like Jami Fox playing the Ray Charles role

  • http://www.nyctalking.com Angel Rodriguez

    Wow, a lot of sarcasm and witty statements on this post. Quite interesting, quite like yelp in that sense, you ever gone on the talk threads there?

    In any case, I hope they catch this guy before he hurts more people. I’ve never been one to support killing innocent hard working people.

  • kimosabe34

    Looks like a job for the Bay Harbor Butcher!

  • timmy

    That looks like Jay-Z

  • http://webpronews Jodi

    He could very well be a down and out homeless drug addict. Always on foot wanting to lash out at someone who is weak and vulnerable, but still has more than the predator does. He walks by these places all the time, and eventually addiction, hunger and poverty take over. He possibly lives right in the area in someones shed or basement. Three people dead in four months in the same place, (I know nothing about the location), but if it is a residential area it could very well be just crimes of need and/or convenience. It amazes me the lengths that some people will go, to not have to work for a living. The familys of the victims are way better to stay out of the lime light. Lets face it crimes of this nature are happening to individuals everyday somewhere. This one is just drawing news attention because of similiarities. Where the first two in the news? Maybe more attention will stop this guy in his tracks. We’d probably be shocked if we knew the numbers of individuals walking around the planet that can kill without the slightest remorse. There is a lot of rage and mind altering abuse out there. SAD BUT TRUE!

    • Bill

      Jodi, if he is a serial killer media will make him withdraw for a bit nut they live off hipe. It an adrenal rush. To say this guy might be hungry well that’s a whole lot of people in the U S. Unfortunate but true. There are only a million reasons that we all can say but we will never know unless he is caught. And then maybe not even then

      • Emily

        @Jodi: Mm, not necessarily. Serial killers usually don’t kill people because they need something to keep them living. I mean, sometimes they do, but usually it always expands past that.

        @Bill: Not necessarily again. Serial killers may or may not pay attention to the news. Even so, no matter what they do, they may or may not keep killing. There have been instances where the police all over the country knew what person they were looking for yet the killer kept killing.

  • timmy

    looks like jay-z only has 96 problems now.

    • One who wishes she knew

      Pretty clever, Timmy!

  • the one who knows

    Obama is that you!?

    • Obama

      Silence…. I am your LEADER! nods

  • Bill

    So I hate to say this.the number 8igjt have to do something with this. But I think that there should be another look at it. Don’t get me wrong here but it might be a homeless vet just back from the war. He is a pretty clean cut guy but 75 percent of all homeless are vets. The point I am triing to make is if these people even look middle eastern it might be triggering things in his head. I don’t blame vets I could be total wrong. But when I for back in 91 it was an. Sometimes still is a trigger. I am lucky I went for help. God help this man either vet or not.

  • Lynne Moran

    Seems to me there’s a motive by the names of the individuals. Doesn’t seem like rocket science.

    • Pat

      Ok, then. Why don’t you go help the NYPD solve it if it’s not rocket science?

  • http://webpro EGH129

    I’m sorry he looks like a few negrows I know.

  • Phil

    Title of Article: “NYC Serial Killer Has Police Stumped ”

    Quote from same article: “officials don’t want to erupt the city into panic by dubbing the killings the work of a serial killer.”

    It appears that Ms Crum would like to “erupt the city into panic”

    Cheap, deceitful way to get hits. You win, I read your article. Continue with eruption.

    • Tess

      Winner winner chicken dinner.

      A “Crum”my job

  • john

    Police aren’t sure if there was money missing from the register??

    Nice to see the NYPD is still hiring the best and brightest…. Did the cash register have money in it or not?

    Also, the same gun was used in all three murders, but they think it’s too soon to call him a serial killer? Unbelievable…

    NY cops have got to be the most useless in the world.

    • Bill

      ya can’t call him a serial killer because there really isn’t a shown pattern NYPD is doing a good job. And who knows ,but the guy who was shot, if there was money in the register. Slow down on the criticism. They are beating on the doors they need too .

    • chris

      Its not that simple. They need to figure how much was in the draw and go through receipts.

    • Jb

      Shut up you idiot

    • Jb

      You don’t really know anything about this case. You are a complete moron and loser, and you’re just talking out of your butt. Have a nice day.

    • Pat

      Clearly, there WAS money in the register which is why they’re not sure if he took it.

      Please look up the definition of a serial killer before you assume you are an expert. Three kills is a minimum requirement of one, but there are many other aspects which you have no idea of.

      Please, I know you think you’d make a super detective, but you’re a bit on the ignorant and dumb side. Stop assuming garbage because while they’re doing their job, you’re whining.

  • william legard

    I didnt realize watching CSI and Criminal Minds made so many people proffessional investigators. I watch alot of nbc and Fox, i must b a comedian.

    • Emily

      When will police realized serial killers don’t exactly do the same thing every time? I’m currently reading a book on hundreds of serial killers and there’s been a lot of cases where police were thrown off by a twist in the case because a victim died differently.

      • Tim

        I know. Why don’t the police just pick up a book at the local Barnes and Noble and it will tell them exactly what to do every time.

    • jhrayne

      I didn’t realize ‘professional’ had more than one ‘f’…lol. Just teasing; your point is well taken.

  • Ani



    • Phil

      Hello Village?? I found your idiot. First of all asshead, Vahidipour is an Indian(India as in the country… not Indiana) and Issac most certainly is a name directly associated with Jewish roots (See Bible) Why the Jew hatred and paranoid conspiracy theory?? When you start assessing the world by way of right or wrong instead of rich/poor male/female black/white Jew/Muslim and so on, you will begin to contribute to the well being of our country. Until then, you and others who think this way give me little hope for the future of civilization. You are a blight on society.

  • Mr.Milwaukee

    He probably scopes the stores out or even enters the store to do some recon and then attacks. he shot all victims but used the knife to not draw attention to finish of the one victim. he attacks middle eastern stores because more than likely the owner will be older and not put up a fight. most middle eastern stores employ family members. he does the killings to get a gift or collectable from the store to give to someone. hes drawn to the number eight because it is made with one constant line and can never end.

    • chuck m

      Middle eastern store owner that don’t put a fight when being robed. Never heard of that one

      • dave

        Robed????? Where did you go to school??? Did you mean “robbed”. Just saying….

    • Pat

      great suggestions, however no substance to any of it.

    • chuck

      Someone from NYPD investigate this guy lol

    • alan

      I think Mr. Milwaukee is the guy.

    • pami toll

      Maybe you should ask the hackers that attack me when they are going to lure you offline and tell you its for the good of the country so they can WACK you in the mob houses over in STEGER.. cause thats where the SERIAL KILLER LIVES. .but local police doesnt want his address..or any evidence in STEGER IL. Cause the mob likes all the deaths..

  • chuck

    If you are that early into an investigation, you are now further behind since everything you had on this guy was written in this article. Idiots

    • Alex

      LICK ME!!! HA!! HA!!

  • dj

    It is about time we got a new serial killer. Makes for good movies!

    • JSK

      You are disgusting, dj. Are you that cold hearted that you think of nothing else??? Maybe YOU are the serial killer, asshole.

  • asskick

    holy shit thats JAY Z

    • Barbie

      Naa the nose is way too narrow lol

    • Lance

      The definition of a serial killer is someone who kills 2 or more people with a cooling off period in between the murders.

      The article definitely sounds like a serial killer to me, all 3 victims were at stores that had the #8 in the address and all 3 victims seemed to have a middle eastern or muslim name.

      I am not an expert but from the basic information given, there is definitely a pattern forming and could soon be labeled a serial killer.

  • Barbie

    They need Morgan, Reed, Hotchner and Emily. But all jokes aside this sounds like a string of convenient store robberies. When I think serial killer I think man lurking in the dark corners of the city, snatching people up and making riddles or something. Not as interesting when it’s just some guy robbing men and killing them. I know it only takes a number of murders to be dubbed a serial killer but the title made it sound so much more interesting.

    • Emily

      I absolutely agree with u Barbie, convenient store robberies/killing (which is horrible, there’s never any reason good enough to take a life for maybe a couple hundred dollars sick.). The headline makes it out to be more than it really is.

  • Ray

    That’s Gay Tony from GTA

    • dave

      youre gay

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