Nurse Stabbed, Yet Remembered for Being a Good Nurse

    November 26, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Gail Sandidge was working at Good Shepherd Ambulatory Surgical Center in Longview, Texas, when 22-year-old Kyron Templeton moved about the hospital wielding a hunting knife. At 7 in the morning, Templeton ran through the hospital screaming, “You’re not going to kill my mother,” before stabbing and killing Sandidge as well as wounding four other people.

According to eyewitness Chad Jackson, “He had a death grip on the knife and he was just muttering and his eyes were kind of wild-looking. It was just, he was very confused.” Authorities were able to locate Templeton along a road close to the hospital to bring him to justice; however, the loss of Sandidge is something that has caused the whole community to grieve.

Sandidge’s sister, Debbie Pritchett, spoke about Gail as a loving person who was fulfilling her calling to help others through the nursing profession.

“From the time she was about 7 years old she knew she wanted to be a nurse. I think a lot of it goes back to living in a very dysfunctional household growing up and holding my baby brother before he passed on the way to the hospital and I think at that young age, that was something that she wanted to be, was a caregiver.”

Steve Altmiller who oversees Good Shepherd Health Systems echoed the sentiments of Pritchett. “Nurses are protectors by nature. And Gail, she fit that profile. She was protecting her patients in an act of courage today, and in so doing, she lost her life,” he said.

The community has tragically lost a valuable member. Pritchett explained how her sister used her unique, innate skills through a career that ultimately resulted in her tragic loss of life. “We often talked about, anybody could get through nursing school, but not anybody could be a good nurse. She was a good nurse,” Pritchett said.

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  • Robert L. Quade, R.N,, M.S.

    Everybody yells about patient’s rights and I do not believe in patient abuse, but what about staff rights. Had this nurse grabbed the patient’s wrist to protect herself and left a bruise mark on his wrist in doing so she would have faced patient abuse charges. I was lucky working in a nursing home. I was only run down by a wheelchair patient, had dishes thrown at me, hit over the head from behind with a curtain rod. Two of my cohorts wound up with broken arms, black eyes, and gashes all over their body. Except for a claim of occupational hazard there is nothing the staff can do even if there are numerous witnesses of an attack. Unlike the patients, the staff has no rights. I no longer practice because I am no one’s personal maid and punching bag.

    • Donna Snyder, RN BSN

      Working as a psych nurse for over 30 years I have had my share of bruises. However, every nurse knows the risk he or she takes when they become a nurse. I am retired as of July, 2013. I was frightened many times. I chose to be a nurse and would not have
      changed my career for anything. So sorry for the family of Gail
      Sandidge. May she RIP.

      • Nicholas

        I agree. ALL jobs are dangerous these days. Some have more risks than others. They all have their dangers. I don’t know why this “Person” did what he did. He must be an evil SOB.

  • nythawk

    Terrible tragedy. I wish websites wouldn’t have autoplay commercials and if they do why do they need the volume so high you can hear it on the moon? I know never to come to this website again.

  • gary

    hate crime????

  • ron

    We should seriously rethink segregation.

    • Yaggie

      Sure, you can rethink it. Let me know what happens

  • Please

    What I don’t understand is the statement “You are not going to kill my mother.” What is all that about? What is behind that?

    Rarely — very rarely — does a person wig out and just randomly start stabbing people. Was he on drugs? Did he have a bad reaction to some treatment he was getting? Was his mother’s life really in danger?

    No one does investigative journalism anymore. It is like Sandy Hook. All you really saw is a bunch of photos and a story line. Then when you did see interviews, they all sounded scripted and the reporters coached answers. In all my life, I never saw a tragedy where a) kids were interviewed in mass on the day of the shooting and b) where parents and children who just went through a massacre stood in line to be interviewed.

    I have been around death and the last thing you want to do is a freaking interview. None of that made sense.

    Journalism is dead in America.

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  • Nicholas

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    • Sarah

      Race has nothing to do with it, there are plenty of people of all races that kill people! There is no excuse regardless of what race you are to kill people and there is no excuse to try to lump everyone in a certain race to the crimes that are committed. People need to grow up! This is sad and her family needs to be in our thoughts, not people trying to make a race issue out of it.

      • cuthean

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    • Yaggie

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      • cuthean

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  • http://Yahoo Michele

    My prayers go out to her family and friends at this time. Gail you are a true hero!!

    I do have a question, where does it say in this article, the guy was a patient?

    The other people who want to bring racism into this, please grow up and do that if and when it is appropriate. Which this isnt. This is about a woman who has dedicated her life to helping people and made the ultimate sacrifies to protect her patients.

  • http://yahoo Sunshine

    This is a tragedy, but this was a poorly written story, the grammar was terrible,the title of the story was somewhat confusing, why did they say “yet” she was a good nurse. It is very sad when the adults in charge of submitting these stories do not take enough pride in their work to do it properly.

  • http://WebProNews lyn

    I work in a hospital in the emergency room in a high crime city. We do not have metal detectors, armed security guards or a police force that has ample officers to respond to an emergency due to the city budget……In fact, our security guards are not allowed to restrain anyone without the RN present. The hospital doesn’t have armed security because to hire armed security would cost more and our hospital doesn’t merit it because the clientele do not for the most part have insurance so the hospital doesn’t make money. It will take a tragedy at our hospital before the CEOs opens their eyes that this type of tragedy can happen anywhere, at anytime….So sorry for the loss of a fellow nurse…..

  • Janet

    I have a special place in my heart for GSMC. In !972-73 I trained at the hospital for my nursing degree. I am shocked at what happened, however it happens everywhere. In Florida I have witnessed a man pulling a knife on a nurse, seen snakes in the ICU as well as brawling and other behaviors.

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  • http://rajuadhikari100@yahoo.com Raju Adhikari

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