Noah, Starring Russell Crowe, Debuts First Trailer [Video]


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Noah, Russell Crowe's long anticipated film has finally released its first trailer. The film tells the biblical story of Noah, who of course, was the one who was instructed by God to round up all of the animals and brought them on to his ark, before the world flooded.

Due to the complexity, and elaborate nature of the film, it has already been delayed, and is now set to come out on March 28, 2014. Ironically, what ultimately delayed the film's filming, and subsequent release was actually Hurricane Sandy.

The film is set up to be an epic adventure, just like the one that took place in the Old Testament, and with Darren Anofsky as the director, viewers have come to expect great things. Before this film, Arnofsky has done artsy films, and has already received an Oscar nomination for his work on Black Swan. He has also directed The Wrestler, Pi, The Fountain, and Requiem For A Dream.

This story also introduces audiences to Tubal-Cain, played by Ray Winstone, who is Noah's arch-nemesis, and reminds Noah where his allegiance should lie, and to respect his King.

Russell Crowe plays the title role of Noah in the film, but in addition to his role, there is an excellent supporting cast including Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, and Anthony Hopkins. Connelly plays his wife, while Watson plays the daughter of Noah.

Before the trailer debuted today, E Online also released a sneak peek for the film yesterday, in order to get people excited.

Now, if that didn't get people excited for the trailer, and its upcoming film, then it is hard to know what would.

Image via Youtube