Nigella Lawson Leaves Husband After Abuse Photos Leaked

    June 16, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Nigella Lawson, the popular English cook who found success both in cookbooks and with her own Food Network show, has reportedly left her home after photos were leaked showing her husband choking her as they engaged in heated discussion at a restaurant.

Lawson married millionaire businessman and art dealer Charles Saatchi in 2003 after her first husband died of throat cancer, and the two have reportedly argued in public before; Saatchi allegedly put his hand over their mouth while they were having dinner together last year. She’s spoken of his fiery temper before, but there haven’t been any indications that her marriage is in trouble.

In 2007 she said, “I’ll go quiet when he explodes, and then I am a nest of horrible festeringness.”

Onlookers were horrified as they watched Saatchi put his hands around his wife’s neck no fewer than four times during their argument, and that Lawson was trying to pacify him to avoid a big scene.

“I have no doubt she was scared,” an onlooker told The Sunday People. “It was horrific, really. She was very tearful and was constantly dabbing her eyes. Nigella was very, very upset.”

The incident was captured on film and the photos, which were published on The Mirror , are being investigated by Scotland yard. Lawson was seen leaving her home on Sunday with her son, and both were carrying suitcases. Sadly, Lawson was the victim of abuse as a child at the hands of her mother and has said she has a “relentless need to please people” as a result, because she never felt good enough.

“While it is shocking to see someone as high-profile as Nigella Lawson linked to an alleged attack by her partner, it is vital to remember that domestic violence is actually extremely prevalent, with one in four women being abused by a partner at some point in her lifetime. Many women do not tell anyone because they feel embarrassed or ashamed. Having this story in the news is likely to resonate with many women currently living with abuse, and it is important to remind everyone that there is help and support out there,” said Polly Neate, Chief Executive of Women’s Aid.

Neither Lawson nor Saatchi have commented on the incident or their relationship so far.

Image: Nigella.com

  • kacki

    Pretty unbelievable. She’s beautiful, she is an incredible cook, she makes lots of money. Most men would kill to have a woman like this.

    • Sueby

      This man didn’t even appreciate her cooking – he’s disgusting.

  • Narvelan Coleman

    My prayers for her strength and courage to do what’s best and right for the safety, peace of mind and well-being for herself and her children. It’s a shame that so many women are victimized by their husbands/partners just because their egos and self-esteem is in the toilet! Men are suppose to protect and love us…yet they never fail to always disappoint us!

    • Alan

      Please do not judge all men by this scumbag husband of hers. Millions of men are wonderful husbands, fathers, brothers, etc.

  • mike rome

    My first thought is why no “onlooker” stepped in. Sorry but I can not stand by while a man is grabbing a woman by the neck. Actually I can stand by while a man does that to another man. Just me though. Not a hero just a human.

    • Tiger Al

      I have never seen anybody grab anybody else by the neck. Have you?

  • http://yahoo Linda

    I hope she and her son will leave and never look back, she has everything going for her and doesn’t need an abusive husband.

  • http://webpronews.com Mina

    I’ve noticed that a lot of [shall we say] homely/ugly men [especially those linked with beautiful women] are abusive. In my younger years I was in a similar relationship [I had a Mother that was emotionally abusive]. Fortunately, I grew up very quickly and left the ugly SOB AND NEVER LOOKED BACK. It’s their insecurity about their looks. Instead of being happy to be with someone attractive, it makes them more insecure and they become very possessive and abusive. But, that’s their problem. I’m glad she left. One more thing – when they say they’re sorry – all that means is that they’re sorry you left and will have to find someone else to abuse now.

    • Jillinois

      Plenty of decent looking men are abusive. I don’t think it’s quite as superficial as appearance. They have ‘jerk’ qualities long before they know how they’re going to look as adults. Some cute kids turn into adults that aren’t that attractive, and some ratty looking kids grow up beautiful…. plus it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. But to say that a guy smacks someone around basically out of jealousy is pretty simplistic.

    • Tiger Al

      You’re a beautiful woman, are you Mina, if you do say so yourself? And I doubt you are qualified to make any of the other ridiculous you’ve made here, but that clearly hasn’t stopped you!

      • Toni

        Well put, Tiger Al–I got the same impressions you did. Mina was taking her own experience (which is only one side of a story, not necessarily the truth) and trying to make it universal. Mina needs help, and she sure isn’t getting it spouting off here.

    • Sueby

      Yes, sadly even the most handsomest or richest man can be abusive and I hope that Nigella becomes an advocate for all women in this situation when she is strong enough, I’m sure that she has family and friends support to help her through this horrible time.

  • Rachel H

    so no one saw fit to intervene on this woman’s behalf. many people saw as they have been running their mouths about it for online stories everywhere. and at least one person took some pictures. but NO ONE went to help this woman while her disgusting husband attacked her. awful statement about people in general.

  • Maria

    If there was a decent man in that room, he would have gotten up and cleaned that guy’s clock!

    • Tony

      Wrong!! More violence isn’t the best solution, and why couldn’t “a decent woman” intervene, either? We need to stop violence and sexism.

  • rich1008

    bet he would not grab a guy like that coward

  • Mario

    Maybe he should use his money on a therapist, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and every other method of relaxing known to the human race. She should have made him some “special” brownies to get him to chill out.

  • Helen

    Am I the only one who thinks that this has been blown out of all proportion? It looks, to me, like he was checking her neck glands. Has anyone considered she may be having medical issues and that’s why she was upset? I think all judgments should stop until we know what’s what, and not just go with the sensationalist flow. The truth will out.

    • Helen

      I’m guessing that “thumbs down” means we all just believe what The Mirror and papparazi scum tell us and go ahead and judge.. sad

      • PLM

        Have you seen the photos? People actually took pictures while it was happening and there’s no way he was ‘checking her glands’, for heaven’s sake.

        • Helen

          A pap took photos, not lots of people. Not ONE person, nor staff, intervened. They are holding hands. She is not backing away, she does not look “terrorized”. We’re all entitled to our opinions, and that’s ALL they are because you, nor I, know exactly what happened yet everyone jumps straight on the bandwagon that The Mirror set in motion. As I said, the truth will out. I’d be as disgusted as anyone else if this does turn out to be a public battering/choking. However, this viewer of the photos is not convinced.

    • barb

      Looks like she hasn’t been the only one abused! If you forgive THAT (choking ) your are abused or have been ! There is NO reason to put up with crap like that! Love doesn’t HURT like the song says!

    • http://webpronews.com Roger

      It is the ignorant mindset of people like you that try to sweep domestic violence under the rug. It is the ignorant people that think like you that always try to excuse the acts of the abuser by blaming it on the abused or “down playing” the act. You need to stop defending this abusive monster. The pictures and the eye witnesses do not lie.

      • Helen

        You’ve got special access to what was going on other than milli-second in time photographs have you? Honestly, the judgements on here are what is disgusting – hung before the jury is out. As I said, IF it is abuse, it’s disgusting, but when I look and analyse the images, and not just react to tabloid junk, it does not look as they are describing. You don’t know what the timescales of these images are. You don’t know what they were saying (even the ‘un-named onlookers’ aren’t say either), you don’t know in what order these were taken. You know nothing apart from what the scum pap are letting you know. I’ll reserve judgement thanks. This happened a week ago, and she left the house today with a suitcase.. and? She travels a lot for her job. Or, maybe they’re disgusted with the accusations and she’s gone off while he deals with the fall out. Maybe she’s unwell. YOU or I do not KNOW, we are merely onlookers being shown what a scumbag pap wants us to see.

      • Juliana

        She is not sweeping domestic violence under the rug at all. What a ridiculous comment. She is saying that in this case, it doesn’t look like violence is being committed and I tend to agree with her. You are making a hysterical generalisation. Domestic violence is appalling – of course it is. However, no-one actually knows what occurred here. If Ms Lawson comes forward and says it is true, then I will take it all back. At this moment, I feel there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. If you want to say that makes me in favour of domestic violence and it makes you feel that you are morally superior then so be it. A little bit of balance is called for methinks.

    • sanjana

      Wud u like to be attacked in public or behind closed doors? In that case u are abnormal….this is not a normal or acceptable way to behave.period, thers no two ways abt it.

      • Helen

        What a stupid comment, of course no-one wants to be attacked…anywhere/anytime.

        However, you are the one assuming it was an attack. That’s all you CAN do, assume, just as I am assuming it wasn’t, based on photos some scumbag photographer who, despite believing he was seeing a woman being attacked, just took photos and trotted off to the newspapers…

        So, I fail to see why you have decided I’m not normal.. I don’t think it’s very normal to make v. quick uneducated, unsubstatiated, assumptions when you’ve only seen one side of the story, and even that side of the story is advantageous to only one side.. the media.

    • peter

      who gives a sh@t

  • Sueby

    Shocking, she has admitted that she was abused already by her mother as a child and sadly has chosen a man who continues to abuse her…if he has done this in public what abuse has gone on behind closed doors…it’s soo sad, but I hope she comes out in public one day and becomes an advocate for women who suffers abuse-it’s good to hear that she has left asap, and I’m sure the world is behind her right now.

    • Helen

      You know she only “left the house” after the pap photos were aired, don’t you, not after the ‘supposed’ abuse.. this alledged abuse was photographed over a week ago… so, what was the trigger for her leaving again?

      • peter

        she,s obviously carrying on behind his back so what do you expect

  • barb

    two have reportedly argued in public before; Saatchi allegedly put his hand over their mouth while they were having dinner together last year. She’s spoken of his fiery temper before, but there haven’t been any indications that her marriage is in trouble.

    In 2007 she said, “I’ll go quiet when he explodes, and then I am a nest of horrible festeringness.”
    NO Woman should put up with this!!!!!!

    • peter

      who really gives a toss.

  • http://oooo lucygreenwood

    dump this rotten man. He has shown no respect for you in public
    so you should do the honourable thing and dump him before he does real serious harm. Money is not everything.

  • Susie Q.

    When the story first broke, I had the thought that if Nigella’s husband has treated her this way, then, he’s done this to other women, most likely, his former wives. No-one should put their hands on another person, especially, around someone’s throat. Abusive people get away with their abuse when people remain silent, not standing up to the bullies. She is smart to leave the S.O.B.

  • peter

    i wouldnt worry to much about nigella lawson she,s got 110million and lives in a 7 million home to get over her small skirmish, poor thing.

    • Noel

      Peter I feel sorry for you what a horrible attitude to have. In future keep your sad little comments to yourself.

  • TOTO

    Nothing new. We are a little bit smarter “animals”. We will always be animals. Another thing, there is no God. If you think so, provide credible evidence. Don’t quote the bible. The bible was written at a time when drought was considered a punishment from a malformed tree. Not trying to start something up here, but I just wanted to make that very clear.

    You all have a good day.