Nick Lachey Not Ready For Second Child


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Most parents do not know what to expect when they have their first child. Although the excitement is there, the thought of, "my life has changed forever", is always lingering.

Just ask Nick Lachey. He's thrilled to have a son of his own, but says his life has been "turned upside down" since his wife, Vanessa Lachey, gave birth to their first son, Camden. Nick was shocked at what a difference "one little guy" could make in his life. “I mean, honestly, it consumes everything you do, every decision you make. Everything in life is completely turned upside down by this little guy," he told PEOPLE during an interview on Monday.

Even though things are not the way they used to be, Nick says he couldn't imagine life any other way. “We’re incredibly blessed,” he said. “He’s slept through the night since he was three months old. I mean, he’s an angel. But really, everything you used to do — and you’ve done for the previous 38 years — now it’s all flipped around.” He adds, “You have to consider someone else first, and I think if you asked the majority of parents, they wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s the most amazing experience you could ever go through.”

When asked if any more children were in the near future, he responded, “My brother and I are two and a half years apart, so I think we’ll wait a little longer. It’s good to have enough separation that they can feel like they have their own identities, and they’re not right on top of each other.”

Vanessa feels the same way. She eventually does want to add the her family, but says they will do so when the time is right. "Of course! Yes, God-willing, it will be at the right time," she said. "Right now we're happy with where we're at. We're happy with having him. But in the future, we'd love to add to our family." She adds, “We talked about three. I’ve always loved having a big family and truth be told, when I’m old and gray I’ll need a couple of them to take care of me!”

In the meantime, Nick is focusing on Camden, and developing a strong father-son bond with him. “I get up every morning with him, feed him breakfast, we take a walk together,” he said. “Vanessa works during the week, doing Dads on Fox, so she has less time during the day … The thing I love about him is he’s a tough kid. I can wrestle with him even though he’s only 13 months old. We can wrestle and do the guy stuff.”

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