NFL Cheerleader: Former Ravens Cheerleader Charged With Raping Teen


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A former NFL cheerleader is facing serious prison time over an alleged sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy. According to The News Journal, 47-year-old Molly Shattuck was charged Monday with two counts of third-degree rape, four counts of unlawful sexual contact, and three counts of providing alcohol to minors. She was arrested on Wednesday and later released on $84,000 bail.

Shattuck is a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader and was once the NFL's oldest cheerleader. In 1997 Shattuck married businessman and future Constellation Energy Group CEO Mayo A. Shattuck III. The couple have three children together. According to a Baltimore Sun report the couple were separated in March of this year. Shortly before the split Shattuck released a self-help book titled Vibrant Living.

According The News Journal, Shattuck's contact with the alleged victim started online. Shattuck had posted comments to the teen's Instagram account in May. Shattuck's phone number was later provided to the victim by one of Shattuck's sons, who is quoted in court records as saying his mother was "obsessed" with the victim.

Court records obtained by The News Journal show that the relationship between Shattuck and the victim became intimate over the summer, eventually escalating to incidents of kissing and groping in Shattuck's vehicle. The teen has stated to police that Shattuck requested and received photos of him shirtless and in his underwear.

Over Labor Day weekend Shattuck allegedly hosted a get-together for her children and their friends in a rented house. Court documents state that Shattuck provided alchohol to at least three teenagers at the event. Court documents allege that Shattuck performed oral sex on the victim that weekend. The teen has also stated to police that Shattuck offered to have sex with him, but that he declined.

According to a TMZ report, Shattuck has been banned from her children's school, which the victim also attends. TMZ reports that a letter sent from the school's headmaster to parents states that "additional security" has been implemented.