Newtown Shooting Report Reveals Shocking Details

    December 28, 2013
    Tina Volpe
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The final reports are in from the Newtown shooting from police – where Adam Lanza went into Sandy Hook Elementary School, and before killing 20 children and six adults with a semi-automatic rifle, he shot dead his own mother at the family home before turning the gun on himself, and committing suicide.

The report defines Adam Lanza 20, is said to have suffered from mental health issues.

In a published summary of police findings about the Sandy Hook shooting – they discovered that Lanza had “an obsession” with the 1999 Columbine massacre, during which two teenagers killed 12 students and a teacher.

The Newtown shooting report also discloses the killer’s upbringing. An Adam Lanza baby photo showed him as a toddler, posed by his parents surrounded by guns and ammunition. The toddler holds a handgun, gnawing on it as if it were a teething toy.

He was also brought up as a very young boy, to admire not fear guns, of any kind.

One of Lanza’s former teachers said his creative writing was “so graphic that it could not be shared”. The student would “write 10 pages obsessing over battles, destruction and war”.

There was also evidence that Lanza’s mother had just discussed with a friend, Adam’s disabilities, the day prior to the shooting.

Reuben F. Bradford , commissioner of the state’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, described the investigation as “unparalleled in the 110-year history of the Connecticut State Police.”

In a letter accompanying the report, Bradford also alluded to the opposition by many Newtown residents and state officials to the release of the information. Several victims’ families, and some officials, have said such information should remain sealed out of consideration for survivors.

Bradford said he hoped the details in the report, “though painful, will allow those who have been affected by it to continue in their personal process of healing and will provide helpful information that can be put to use to prevent such tragedies in the future.”

It was the Newtown shooting that prompted a renewed US campaign for stricter firearms controls. When innocent children die at the hands of a gunman, there isn’t anything more devastating.

Image via Connecticut State Police Report

  • Oh Please

    Oh Please. I saw the Newton Video….. it is 45 minutes of a blue screen that says things are redacted. It doesn’t show you a damn thing.

    I also heard the 911 tapes where you can clearly hear the word “fake” and the supervisor yells at the woman that says that and tells her to get off the phone. Also, in other tapes, you cannot hear guns at all. Over 140 shots were fired inside a school. You should be able to hear something. In one tape, a woman who was supposedly shot in the leg is talking as if nothing happened. I have been around wounds. People are not calm. They are in utter agony.

    Something is not right about Sandy Hook. You don’t see one picture of the killer, they destroyed the school, what the kids said happened and what the report says happened is two totally different things. For example, the police said Lanza killed himself once immediately when the police entered the building, well the kids said cops came into the room looking for a shooter. There are so many inconsistencies. Then there is a comparison of the the kids who were killed and the kids who were at the SuperBowl show. Look that up on YouTube. It is eerie as hell.

    Until I see a full video tape of Lanza walking around in that school —- for all I know nothing happened. Don’t take my word for these things. Start researching yourself. Listen to the tapes. Look at the video. All you will see is 45 minutes of a blue screen. The writer of this article brings up Columbine. Go look at the Columbine tapes and compare them to Sandy Hook. Look at the differences in what we are told.

    All the rest of the stuff in those reports can be made up. How do you know if they are not?

    Something is not right at Sandy Hook.

    • Jack Rowe

      First, I wish it were a complete hoax and no children died, however, it did happen.

      Now that witness statements are out, it is very clear that there were at least two shooters: 1) Natalie Hammond describes the shooter as 5’8″ wearing a mask and camo pants, boots; 2) Halstead and students describe shooter as 6 foot, skinny, wearing a hat with sunglasses; 3) Lanza supposedly shot himself in the BACK of the head; 4) teacher in a closet in room next to room 8 hears angry, screaming shooter yelling obscenities at children, yet kids in room 10 state shooter never uttered a word; 5) Officers first finding Lanza are scared because he does not fit description given by Hammond; 6) APB put out for the purple Van on the police scanner tapes…lasted for 10 minutes…the dispatch had enough info to tell police to be careful b/c the driver had a “carry permit”…abc even reports that police surrounded the van, seems more than just a fake lead, and then the story disappears.

      There is no disrespect to those little kids and the agony for their families…they deserve better…they deserve the outrage of society to bring all those culpable to justice.

  • Go Outside Major Media

    Go outside major media and do some research. You will see just how much doesn’t make sense. Here is a start. Go out to YouTube and type in the following:

    1) Sandy hook 911 Operator says Shooting FAKE in background
    2) Sandy Hook 911 Recordings REMOVED From Net

    If you watch all those videos and still think everything is being told about Sandy Hook, well God Bless You.

  • Phil

    I watched the video. Just like the person said above. It is a whole bunch of nothing. 50+mins and 90% is a blue screen that says “redacted”. Victims names have all been blacked out of the report which I can only assume is to not have people question holes in their story. All you need to see to understand that this was a staged event are, 1) Gene Rosenthal’s twisted acct of what happened, 2) the people playing merry go round out and around the fire house, 3) NOT 1 pic of a body bag or Adam Lanza at the school that day. This stinks to high Heaven and people believe it happened because of what they were told on TV.

    Face it America. Just like the Pentagon you were told what to believe. What you see with your own two eyes does not support the claims! Did you see a plane at the pentagon? No. Did you see Lanza at the school? No. You were only TOLD those things happened. TOLD is not the same as SEEING.

    Why on earth would authorities not want to show that !!! I mean those things are the basic things. It is because those things weren’t there. Remember it was your government that said they were not spying on you. Snowden showed just how wrong that was.

    • Casey

      What are you talking about? I saw the video taken from the gas station across the street and it clearly shows the plane sliding right into the Pentagon. Have you not seen this?

      • jack rowe

        The video shows no plane, no plane parts

  • T.J.

    I am tired of being told things happen and having no evidence given and when the evidence is given everything is blacked out. When I would tell my daughter to clean her room and she wouldn’t let me see her room after she said she was done, well I knew she didn’t clean her room. It is that simple. It is that basic. People that don’t show you things are lying. Don’t give me this nonsense it is to protect the public. We saw people jump off the towers. That was shocking and we survived.

  • Corruption

    There is a lot of corruption in America. Innocent people go to prison and guilty people never even get investigated. If your bank sent you a bank statement and 90% of it was blacked out, would you trust that bank with your money? No, because they could be robbing you blind. Well, 90% of the Sandy Hook video was blacked out. Face it America you are being lied to. You know it. What is worse is you feel it. The anxiety withing you is even raising as you read about this. But you continue to deny it. You have been lied to since 9/11. That is the day your government changed.

  • Fake

    Sandy Hook is fake. Everyone knows it. Why do you think the major media has started mentioning the conspiracy theories? Because they know there are millions of people talking about how fake it is. The major media knows people are actually going to the internet and getting information from other sources. They no longer have control over people’s minds. The video was a joke. A joke on the American public. Then they destroyed the school. That is material destruction of a crime scene and it also covers a lot of tracks.