Newtown Shooting: New Details Released

    November 25, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Nearly one year after the horrific shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School that claimed 26 innocent lives, officials are still no closer to pinpointing a motive. There are, however, new details that have been released that include what shooter Adam Lanza did on the days leading up to the shooting.

Police say that Lanza’s mother, Nancy, left for a 3-day trip that week and had just returned home to sleep in her own bed when Lanza shot her dead. They found the rifle used to shoot her in her room. Details from a GPS system on Lanza’s car showed that he took a trip to the elementary school the day before the shootings, although why is still a mystery.

The next day, on December 14th, Adam Lanza drove to Sandy Hook armed with several weapons and rounds of ammo, burst in, and shot 20 children and six adults within five minutes before shooting himself. The tragedy immediately made headlines around the nation and a public plea began to President Obama for tighter gun control measures, even as the debate raged on among social media users.

Now, a 48-page report on the investigation that includes details about that day has been released, and the family members of the victims were notified of its release days in advance, though they say that no report will ever answer everything they need to know. The pages were taken from some 2,000; much of it was redacted due to Connecticut Legislature fighting to prevent its release, as it also did with 911 calls made from the school that day. A judge has said he will listen to the tapes and decide if they should be made public.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Really

    1. Show me the shooter.
    2. Show me bodies.
    3. Explain to me why you tore down the whole building and made every construction worker sign confidentiality agreements and forbade them to talk to the press. What are they covering up?
    4. Explain to me how the same “witness” was at both Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombings.
    5. Explain to me how when I look at the raw Helicopter footage of the event, I see 75 vehicles, one fire truck, one police car, and about 25 people standing around. I do not see a single ambulance. I do not see people rushing in and out of the building. I do not see panic and confusion. I do not see any injured.

    My God, 26 children just got murdered!!

    A mass shooting would have trauma helicopters flying children out one after another while performing CPR the entire way to the hospital and patients would be declared dead at the hospital after extensive measures were taken to try to save lives. The one thing that baffled me…was an interview with the ER physician who said no patients arrived. I’ve been in the ER for 5 years and we get ALL code blue patients. We get 80 year old nursing home patients that have not been breathing for 20 minutes with no chance of survival.

    Things don’t add up in Sandy Hook.

  • @Really

    Lots of things in this country don’t add up. Since 9/11, I have totally lost all trust in what I hear on the news.

  • @Really

    Here is what also gets me. No pictures. All these tragedies happen and people are always withholding pictures as if that would spare people from more heartache. It is BS. I want to see all the evidence. All the proof. Don’t withhold anything. After all, if it is the truth, the truth will stand on its own and it will actually motivate people more to do the right thing.

    It is like when the Pentagon was hit. No pictures. Tons of film. Tons of cameras. No pictures. The reason? National security. We were attacked. Seeing the attack isn’t going to make us less safe. In fact, seeing the pictures will make people remember and it will rally the masses to fight back.

    Why the constant deception?

  • @Really

    Victoria Soto Facebook Page was created 4 days before the Sandy Hook shooting. Also “Our Heart are with Sandy Hook” was created 3 days before the shooting. The website “Sandy Hook Elementary Victims Fund” was created 1 days before the Sandy Hook shooting.

    Something is not right about that.

  • @Really

    If I go down to my local Pizza Hut, I am caught on a camera system. Yet, Sandy Hook had a state of the art camera system and not one picture has been released from it. Then they demolish the whole school.

    At Columbine, they had security footage and they showed it.

    All these conspiracy theories could be squashed in a second. But they won’t release the footage and one has to ask why? It is a legitimate question.

    Also, destroying that school is literally material destruction of a crime scene.