News Crew Attacked by Upset Parent in Rhode Island

    June 5, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A Rhode Island news reporter was attacked this week while reporting on a recent shooting.

Abbey Niezgoda, a reporter for Providence’s ABC 6, reported this week that she was questioning the mother of a girl who was shot at a weekend graduation party when the attack occurred. When asked how she felt about he daughter’s shooter being caught, the woman, named Melissa Lawrence, became violent and threw a rock at the the ABC 6 cameraman. Lawrence then brandished a baseball bat at the news crew before sending two dogs to attack Niezgoda.

Niezgoda’s report emphasizes that the news crew was never on Lawrence’s property, and that they were attacked while standing on a public street. Niezgoda received medical attention for a dog bite on her forearm before filing a police report against Lawrence. The ABC 6 report states that police are currently obtaining a warrant for Lawrence’s arrest.

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  • pondscum

    she needs to be charged with assault, kill the dogs, and not let out to attend her child’s funeral.

    • MMAGoonie


    • ron hanforth

      Where’s Reverend Al?
      you can hear her racist comment at the end of the video. So where’s the outrage?

    • Pete

      Dogs were only doing their job, protecting their owner. Humans are at fault here.

  • MMAGoonie

    LOL @ these news idiots trying to play the victim. What a joke. These news people are nothing but leeches. “We were on a public street”… you were two feet away from the woman’s house, harassing her. GTFO, idiots.

    • Faraway Laughter

      How are they not the victims? I’m sure the reporter and cameraman were a little aggressive but that doesn’t give the dumbass the right to release the dogs on them. I think the rock and baseball bat were fine…well…maybe not the rock but the reporter wanted to know her reaction to the person turning themselves in to the police for shooting her daughter. She pointed her anger towards the wrong people and will pay the price…can you use food stamps for bail?

      • Pete

        The reporter is smiling when her cameraman is hit by the rock. Not so funny when it’s her turn.

  • Rich

    Black on Black violence and a angry black woman behaving badly, that is local news gold. Abbey Niezgoda (which she wants everyone to know is correctly pronounced niz’GOH’dah)could win a local daytime Emmy for such important reporting.

  • Name

    The news people are not the “victims.” Why couldn’t they leave a grieving mother alone? Oh, yeah. That is right. Ratings.

  • Lawrence Imbono

    Stay Classy Providence 😉

  • http://newbizshop.com derek

    The reporter deserved what she had coming. Leave the parents alone and let themm greeve. If this happened to me, i’d attack the reporter after warning them to leave several times. If they didn’t listen then I’ll attack them and be happy to do my time.

    The news reporters look for ways to get ratings so they can keep there job or get a bonus, they will invade your privacy, keep bugging you till you do the interview. It’s time to fight back.

    • Not Tom

      And you are a bigger idiot because you would go to jail also! They had every right to be where they were! Based on the “un-civilized like behavior” of the mother, makes you wonder why the daughter got shot in the first place… hmmm…

  • http://yahoo Robert

    I am truly surprised these parasites of human emotion don’t get attacked more often. Something happens to one of my kids and somebody sticks a camera or a mike in my face I’m gonna put a bullet in them.A Russian sub with nuclear missiles just spent a whole month in our Gulf of Mexico, and nobody ever knew they were there, you can hardly get a blip out of our news agencies on news like that, but personal human suffering? News crews are out like locusts for that stuff.

    • Kevin Wiggin

      Robert, I don’t think you have the nuts to put a bullet into ANYBODY! Why don’t you re-phrase your comment and come back with something closer to reality? Russian sub? In the Gulf? Why were we not notified of this? Because maybe idiots like yourself would attempt to take it over, hold for ransom, and accidentally push the wrong button. You thought you were ordering breakfast or something huh? Have a good day.

      • William

        The only idiot is you, you scouse someone of not having the gumption to shot someone then say they’d take over a nuclear russian sub, if only stupid people could just go elsewhere.

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    “hey hey we’re the monkees!”

  • Jack


  • Kevin Wiggin

    That girl(the mother of the victim) needs to be put in an asylum! Obviously she has issues way beyond the help of NORMAL folks. Hope they catch her soon, if they haven’t already. Off the street is the best place for her

  • Kevin Wiggin

    PS: Wondering why we have not heard from the Martin folks in Sanford Florida? They should chime in on this! And to make myself clear, I believe Zimmerman is guilty as hell, and should rot in jail, OK? But I am not there. I do however post my views!

  • Valerie

    I understand her grief and sympathize, right up until the point where she pulled the dogs into it. This POS probably just got those dogs put down for being viscious because she used them as weapons.

  • Tom Daily

    Who the hell does that reporter think she is. Kudos to the mother and the dogs. I guess little miss princess anchor babe will be working only n the white hoods from now on.

    • Not Tom

      Kudos? She will be arrested, her dogs impounded and maybe put to sleep because that fat ugly hog attacked someone with justification. But you can visit your mom in jail once a week!