New Trailer For 'The Evil Within' Looks Crazy, Disappears Quickly


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The fact that Shinji Mikami, who created the Resident Evil series, is making a brand new horror survival game is, of course, worth any gamer's attention. Hence the collective geek scream of joy that was overheard when The Evil Within was announced. While it isn't scheduled for release until next year (2014), the delay only gives the anticipation more time to build. It's that, or the impending feeling of doom as more and more footage is released to the public.

Speaking of which, there's a new trailer for The Evil Within that popped up at Sony's press conference in Japan, and it, too, looks impressive/daunting. The problem is Bethesda, the game's publisher, isn't ready to release the footage to the public, and so, they are pulling copies that show up on YouTube. Case in point belongs to and their embedded video, which has already been booted by ZeniMax, Bethesda's parent company. While we've managed to find another upload, it's doubtful it will last too long.

Get it while you can:

You'll notice the game being previewed was called Psycho Break, which represents the game's title in Japan, much like the Biohazard/Resident Evil Japan/Non-Japan title switch. If you navigate to the Twitter account being publicized in the trailer--@PsychoBreakJPN--you'll notice the tweets are primarily in Japanese, but the look and feel uses the same theme as its Western counterpart.

As for the what we saw in the trailer, I'm sufficiently freaked the hell out, especially during the trailer's closing sequence. I can imagine many pants being soiled when that part plays out in 50-plus inches of high definition glory. The game is being developed for all current and next-gen consoles. PC gamers will be getting a version, too.

[Lead image via Bethesda]